A large majority of Americans lack the option of sending their kids to private school, so public school is all that is left for them to subscribe to. Well, we may not all be parents, but public education is a serious matter. As far as I can tell, public school has never been all that great. I mean, we’ve all been through it, yet others and I came out with holes in our education. Now, after having viewed the video, you may be asking yourself what exactly happened. It’s understandable because it just seems to be a crazed man being taken away by the authorities. Tut tut. It’s more than that however.

Let me do a stepbystep breakdown of the situation: first, he stood up (Fucking amazing. How many people do you know who are able to stand up? Not in the physical sense, but in the social sense); next, he asked the true form of his question that wasn’t fully addressed by the Kings and Queens of the Maryland Public Schools (What’s that, he dared to ask a question? He’s seriously asking to be lynched by the SS); thirdly, he was then shutdown by the gustapo (Yes, unfortunately, our peace officers, authorities, policemen, however they wish to be addressed are the working hands of tyranny. Whatever the powers that be deem to be a danger, threat, etc. to their status, power, wealth will be shutdown, taken away, thrown in jail, maybe ever killed because they fear strong men and women); and finally, most of the people in the room remained seated, passive, indifferent (Sheep. People don’t understand the power they hold. If they remain silent, they are consenting to the horrible happenings around them. Even if it’s an inconvenience to you, please don’t let these things slide by. They will continue to happen until you speak up).

Although I appreciate our government providing “free” education, I do not appreciate their officials silencing the concerns of worried parents. We need more men and women like him. We meed to let these people know that we don’t take kindly to their bullshit. By the way, this happened in America. You know, home of the free and home of the brave?



  1. I kept hearing the speaker tell the man to sit down out of fairness to everyone else who had a question, well, how is it fair that this man was denied his right to an answer for the sake of others? The government thinks that it’s ok to disenfranchise people in the name of the majority, but is that what this country was founded for? So that the individual can be sacrificed so that the “needs” (and I use need very loosely here) of the many can be met? I don’t think so

  2. The sad thing is everyone around him let the security guard take him out. If they truly believed in the man’s cause they would have all stand up and prevented the guard from escorting him. Instead everybody acts like sheep and sit idle; they’re too afraid to stand up to injustice and are ignorant when it comes to their rights and laws.

  3. It is shocking to see the amount of people that just remainded seated and allowed the parent to be silenced. He had a legitimate question that deserved to be answered.

  4. The man did have a legitimate question, and was just trying to voice his opinion. Whether that question was ill timed or off topic is irrelevant, they should have gave him the respect of at least listening to him. And the fact that only a few people stood up for him is sad.

  5. I wish they all stood up and left. but we have too many chickens around.

  6. I thank the former student that sent me this note and video is “on the ball.” Community colleges are now getting thousands of young people enrolling who haven’t been taught the proper information in K-12 to get them through basic core 1st year transferable courses. The students who actually make their way into this class find difficulties with the assignments they didn’t anticipate. However, because RCC is an accredited institution, we must submit to U.C. standards. This makes adjusting difficult for many and many more hours doing homework than students who lack sufficient knowledge. The fact that I received this video is proof that people can catch up.

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