Subject: Batteries

Never heard of this before but pretty cool,watch to the end, only goes for 90 seconds.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this but I’m glad I have now. This would definitely help when I’m looking around for batteries. I always tend to just put the bad batteries back in my drawers which end up getting mixed with the new ones, so this will definitely help me next time I’m looking for a good battery.

  2. Very useful because I never really know what to do with all my batteries. I’m always saving them too and end up with a lot of dead batteries.

  3. This is a clever trick i have never heard of, could definitely help in the future!

  4. Wow! This trick is really handy! Now time to test the box of left over batteries

  5. I had never heard of this trick before. I had just pulled out a random battery from my table to test it out. It is sometimes difficult to really tell if the battery falls over because it is dead, or because of my shaky hands. I might try again later with different batteries.

  6. I always buy new batteries but this can definitly be helpful in the near future.

  7. The “Easy Battery Test” was very festinating and useful. I defiantly will be using this test next time I need a battery. I appreciate when people help others by posting youtube clips like this.

  8. I’ve actually seen this done before but never tried it myself. I think I will conduct this experiment myself in the near future.

  9. This is a cool way to test the batteries. I’ve never known about this way of testing them. My dad always told me to test them you put your tongue to the end of the positive side and if you felt a small shock then it was still good. It is probably not the safest way to test them but oh well.

  10. I actually learned this trick from my high school chemistry teacher. It works like a charm.

  11. Oh my gosh! This is amazing! I am telling everyone I know how to test a battery. This is going to come in handy in my family because we use so many batteries around the house.

  12. Never heard of this. I feel like if I get the good battery I would probably still be able to knock it over. But if he says it works then I guess I’ll now be able to test if batteries are good or not.

  13. Katarina Ponomaroff

    How interesting that you can literally bounce your battery on a counter top to determine if it is still good or not. I never knew testing a battery could be so easy! I will most definitely be sharing this awesome theory with my family so that they can know an easy way to test a battery!

  14. wow never knew someone can test batteries this was very cool. crazy how you just st it by seeing if it bounces. at least now i know how to test batteries.

  15. I’ve never heard of this test. I wish that I would’ve know this earlier in life when I used to play a lot of handheld video games that require batteries. My game boy, portable play station, and even my bop-its! I used to just keep changing out batteries hoping some had some juice left.

  16. Christopher Rodriguez

    I have heard of this theory before and I did try it myself an found that it is true. What a cool way to check whether your batteries are useful or not.

  17. Yes! finally a simply way to check if the batteries I find are good enough for my xbox controllers. I will never go a game with my batteries giving out on me ever again. This definitely put a simile on my face.

  18. My dad likes to hoard batteries (he is so weird) so we never really know which ones are good or bad. How useful to know! I am interested in how this test would work on rechargeable batteries though.

  19. What a nifty trick. I went to try it just now, and even my new battery fell so maybe I am not dropping it right???

  20. This is interesting makes me want to try it out myself. I know il be using this method to determine if my batteries are still good or not.

  21. I like to put my batteries in the freezer. I am not sure if this test actually work but definitely something new to try.

  22. Thats pretty cool to know. I want to try this method on my batteries now.

  23. I tried this out as soon as I watched it. What a cool way to check your batteries life.

  24. That is so cool! Of course I’ll be trying it as soon as I get home!

  25. Wow I never heard of testing your batteries this way. Very interesting way to tell which are good or bad when getting batteries mixed up since everyone doesn’t have a battery tester at home.

  26. Very cool, I’m gonna go test my batteries now.
    Crazy how people take the time to figure stuff like this out.

  27. I saw this and it looked cool so I tried it and it worked hahahaha.

  28. I will have to try this when I get home. Batteries are usually one of the last things on my mind until the point when they die on me.

  29. I literally just took the batteries out of my remote controller and tested them. This video was totally right! I know what I’m doing tomorrow night, testing all the batteries.

  30. I tried this and it actually works its crazy!

  31. I’ve never heard of this test before. I’m not sure if it’s completely reliable, but I think I’ll try it the next time I need a battery for something.

  32. I wonder if the first person to figure this out was actually trying to find an easy way to tell if a battery is new or dead? I am definitely going to try this myself.

  33. Very neat. I’m going to have try this out for myself

  34. How interesting! I guess you learn something new everyday, just hope I remember that next time I am looking for batteries.

  35. cool! I am going to try this.

  36. i will be using this method to determine if my control batteries are still useful.

  37. That is very cool. I usually just mix match batteries until I find a combination that works in the TV remote for awhile. I am definitely going to try this out.

  38. A good and easy way to solve the problem of not knowing whether random batteries around your house are good or not.

  39. im curious to see if this actually works myself. interesting how something so simple can tell you whether its new or dead.

  40. Very cool.

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