Subject: The Obama’s behind-the-scenes blowout!

Thanks to the person who sent this tidbit.  All of these little facts have been showing up in the news.  I really don’t care about the Obama’s petty fights, but I don’t like taxpayers having to foot a bill for these vacations when citizens who pay the taxes can’t afford a weekend at the beach because of the waste in Washington D.C.!  Jan Kollitz

This is interesting.. does it surprise you?

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IN a major behind-the-scenes blowout, President BARACK OBAMA and first lady.  MICHELLE waged their worst White House fight ever over her lavish vacation trip to China!

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that Obama exploded when Mi­chelle refused to
cancel her pricey getaway – even after White House advisers warned him that
the first couple’s six-year string of extravagant vacations had already
drained the U.S. Trea­sury of a whopping $150 million in tax­payers’ money.
Instead of postpon­ing her trip, a furious Michelle – still seeth­ing over
the embarrassing “selfie” Barack recently snapped with a leggy blonde head
of state – announced that she was taking her mother along for company.
She further declared that she didn’t want reporters covering her activities

“This was a blowout of epic proportions – probably the nasti­est White House
fight they’ve ever had,” a Washington, D.C., insider told The ENQUIRER.
“They were both screaming at one another.  The president was infuriated when advisers told him that they’d added up the costs of all their ‘vacations’ and China was putting them over the $150 million mark.

“But he’s defenseless to stop Michelle be­cause their marriage has
collapsed. She’s doing what she wants – and that’s seeing the world on the
American taxpayers’ dime.”

The embattled commander in chief flat-out begged his wife of 21 years to
postpone the trip, according to a family insider.

“But she refused,” said the source.

“Then, when Barack asked why she had to take her mother along, Mi­chelle
ripped into him. She screamed that he was ‘lucky’ that she hadn’t left him
after that embarrassing ‘selfie,’ and then she stormed off.”
Michelle arrived in Beijing with her mother, Marian Robinson, and the Obamas’
daughters, 15-year-old Malia and Sasha, 12, on March 20 for a planned
seven-day, three-city trip.

They checked into the lavish presidential suite at the Beijing Wes­tin
hotel, costing a whopping $8,350 per night. The 3,400-square-foot suite
included 24-hour butler service and a steam room.

One published report quoted hotel employees grumbling about Michelle’s mom
“barking at the staff ” and added that the first lady’s party was
“inconveniencing pretty much everyone.”  And it quickly became clear that Michelle had apparently won the battle to avoid media scrutiny.
While she was scheduled to de­liver a speech to students at Peking
University, “The Weekly Standard” reported that “she won’t be accompa­nied
by the press” because “she does not plan to give interviews.”

As a result, the White House went into spin control, noted the D.C. insider.
“They’re defending Michelle’s trip by calling it ‘a people-to-people
exchange’ and emphasizing ‘the im­portance that both nations place on
education,’” said the source. “But the fact is Michelle specifically
demanded that reporters not follow her every move.”

Media were granted access to only two of the 22 events on the first lady’s
schedule, and sources say Michelle’s media ban hid her secret agenda to
split from the president.  Besides being humiliated by the president’s “selfie” photo with the sexy Danish prime minister at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service last December, sources say Michelle was further outraged when she learned the Secret Service had been covering up the president’s cheating.

The first lady has already met with divorce lawyers and is planning a
separate life after her husband leaves the White House.  “Obama’s advisers told him he must try and keep Michelle ‘under control’ until then,” divulged the D.C. insider.

“They explained that if Michelle walked out while he was still in office,
the impact on his presiden­tial legacy would be catastrophic.”
And Michelle isn’t doing him any favors by traveling like a queen.
Besides the family’s annual Au­gust vacation on ritzy Martha’s Vineyard and
Christmas holiday in Hawaii, Michelle jetted off to Mexico and Spain in
2010, and kicked up her heels at a posh ski resort in Vail, Colo., in 2011.

In March 2011, she spent five days in Latin America with her mother and
daughters. Three months later, they were joined by Michelle’s niece and
nephew for a safari in South Africa.

In June 2013, the first lady spent two days in Ireland. That trip re­quired
booking 30 rooms at an exclusive hotel for her staff and security detail,
costing taxpayers a reported $5 million.

According to one published re­port: “The president’s pricey travels have
become so controversial that ‘Judicial Watch’ was forced to sue the Secret
Service and Defense De­partment to get them to turn over records on the
amount of taxpayer money used to fly the first family all over the world…”
But Michelle couldn’t care less, said the D.C. insider.

“It’s clear to everyone at the White House that Barack has completely lost
control of his wife,” said the source.

“Michelle does whatever she wants and goes wherever she wants. It’s as if
she’s tacked up a map of the world and put pins on all the places she wants
to visit. The sad part is that taxpayers are paying for her bucket list.”

8 responses to “Subject: The Obama’s behind-the-scenes blowout!

  1. This goes to show us, that it does not make a difference who is in the White house. People get in just to spend the tax payers money. Booo on Michelle Obama, for setting black folks back 100 years. I’m ashamed of you Michelle.

  2. It is worrysome that tax payer money isn’t being allocated properly. However, I don’t think the Obamas are the only ones who are guilty of not spending money properly. There are also a lot of Congressmen and Senators that have used tax payer money for themselves.

  3. This is rather depressing to think about. I would expect some of the tax payer’s money to wind up going on lavish expenses, but this is ridiculous. $150 million may not seem much when compared to the debt of the nation, but that is still a large sum of money that should be used for other means than travel for the reason of travel.

  4. Wow I had heard something not too long ago about the first lady’s jealousy fit, but didn’t believe it was true. If president Obama was cheating, and taking “selfies” (God I hate that word!) with the Danish prime minister she does not have to act childish and blow all kinds of money. That’s tax payer’s money and she should have kept it classy. She has two young daughters to set an example for. And going on luxurious expensive vacations (at the expense of our tax dollars) is just not a smart move on her part.

  5. People in power will always be forever changed as so does the lifestyle. Hitler for example lived a lavish life while his soilders where deprived without food behind enemy lines.

  6. I think this is some selfish actions and as a first lady she should not be spending that money on vacations. Very irresponsible and inconsiderate.

  7. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    I cannot begin to explain my confusion. It is mind boggling that someone would spend so much money rather than spending it on necessary things. I had no idea any of this was occurring.

  8. William J. Gonzales

    Wow, this is just… unbelievable. I cannot believe that Michelle Obama would do such thing as spending tax payer money on her “vacations”. This is just crazy how some Americans are not aware of Michelle’s irresponsible actions as the first lady. If it were possible, I would want to have Michelle Obama removed from her position as first lady to relinquish her from spending any more of the tax payers money; she has already lost the respect from the American people who are aware of her uncontrollable actions, and it is inexcusable that the taxpayers are paying for her families vacations that the most people in America can hardly go on these days.

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