Subject: Judge Napolitano……..WOW !!!

Shocker from Judge Napolitano. Incredible!
Wait till you hear the story Judge Napolitano told in this clip.I don’t care what your political association is, this is pretty shocking.

7 responses to “Subject: Judge Napolitano……..WOW !!!

  1. Oh my I think I love this guy. He has a beautiful way of articulating the ludicrous practices of our loving government. We need more people to call out the government on its insidiousness

  2. Federal regulations of healthcare by obamacare, it is terrible that can just violate the constitution and get away with it.

  3. Napolitano’s illustration of the many government run agencies such as the post office, medicaid, etc., is what really drove his point home, in my opinion. The media doesn’t seem to talk much about the failures of government funded organizations which leads us to believe that the government is able to handle things like a national health care system. Mr. Napolitano did a great job of forcing me to think again about the capabilities of my (our) government.

  4. Obamacare the more I dig into it the more angry I become with it. Today in class Professor Kollitz mentioned that a person of her age average makes about 1400 a month. With these health regulations I do not even make close to that since I have been cut down to part time hours which are only 25. I have to live with my parents because of need not choice. There is no way with these healthcare laws that I can live a proper life if it were not for fasfa I would have probably had to drop school to get a second job to pay my bills. It is ridiculous what this country has come to.

  5. It is insane to see what happened to the 86 year old woman. The government has too much power because they can interpret the Constitution however they want to get what they want. There seriously needs to be someone who knows what they are talking about to reinterpret some stupid laws that are in place to help America get the freedom it deserves. Although, nothing like this could ever happen so it needs to be the people to be the ones to change it. I agree with what this guy says about this generation being the generation to inspire change but everyone is so lazy and preoccupied with video games, movies, and celebrities to do anything about it.

  6. I also forgot to mention my distaste about he FBI story and how they can serve self written warrants and shut people up. It’s terrible that they can freely violate the constitution and our amendments. What gives them the authority?!

  7. “Where is the constitution is it authorized for the federal govt to regulate healthcare. They will not be able to answer that question.”
    This is my favorite part of the video. I recently lost half of my job hours and took a big paycut because of federal regulation of healthcare by imposing Obamacare on myself. Not only that now I am forced to pay my own healthcare of top of taking the hourly cut or else I will be fined for not having it. Sadly his points on regulation and how bad they have failed to regulate are dead on. The federal government has a terrible track record of money management, leading to debt beyond debt. It’s a shame.

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