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20 responses to “StudentCam2013

  1. Its great to see kids are getiing well informed and that they want to help.

  2. I went on there website. Not doing that again.

  3. It is good to see such young kids be informed about such problems and voice their opinions and try to make a difference in society. After all, they are our future, so it’s such a relief to see this!

  4. I’ve never heard about this before. What a great opportunity!

  5. You must believe in yourself and speak up to be heard. If you are passionate about a subject then you should make a video! I may look into this. I could use a cash prize.

  6. I love how these students are voicing their opinions and are actually being heard. Through this video you can see how smart these kids are and how motivated they are to make a difference in society.

  7. Im glad some kids are on top of this stuff and want to make a difference. We are the next generation, and we have to clean up the mess that the politicians are making right now.

  8. Those kids are so smart. I’m going to show this to kids too. This is so cool haha I love kids(:

  9. Its nice to see that we are investing in our future, which is the children of the nation. It is refreshing that we have programs like this one. Programs like this will intrigue interests early and we can only hope that their interest will keep with them once they grow up.

  10. This is a good idea that teaches a foundation of government at an early age. It will be interesting to see how in the years to come these participants pan out.

  11. This is very interesting, I did not know that this even existed. It’s such an encouraging way for kids and students to learn. As well as expressing themselves and how they feel on these issues that we face today. It’s genius, really.

  12. I love how some kids do want to make a difference throughout society. It makes me think that we do have a chance to make society better. I hope that these kids to contribute in big and better things right now and in the future!

  13. I love this! Very motivating to get our youth to be informed and for them to have a voice. I’m going to share this with my kids to get their wheels turning. They can be the next winners of a documentary entry!

  14. we definitely need new fresh minds in the government. Im sure many can agree that some of these children may possibly have more common sense that delegates and representatives of the US right now.

  15. I agree with Malia; teach kids to think for themselves instead of teaching them to be lemmings–we’ll have a better world and a better country. We could start by kicking all the incumbants out of Wasington DC.

  16. Smart kids. Hopefully we’ll have smart and well rounded kids like these leading our country in the future, rather than the crazies that sit on Capital Hill right now.

  17. I don’t understand how this is making money? I must have missed something. I agree with George though, smart kids.

  18. Maybe I should try this.

  19. Smart kids.

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