Student Refuses to Answer on the 5h Amendment

A teacher informs his students that they don’t have to answer a school’s survey because they have a 5th amendment right. He informed them of their rights because the answers given could incriminate them. The teacher was then swiftly apprehended by the school officials because this information halted their scheme to acquire the student body’s personal information. It is apparent that people, organizations, and authority figures are more than willing to undermine the constitutional rights of a citizen.This trend needs to cease and desist. Children are protected by the Constitution, too. People seem to forget that.

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  1. I commend this teacher in helping his students with their amendment rights. What is the use of teaching kids about their amendment rights if they can’t use them. The school district should be ashamed of themselves. Boo to them on disciplining the teacher. Boooo.

  2. This is ridiculous government is breaking there own rules ,robbing people for there money that’s what there trying to do later on in the future by taking right out of the children’s future so the children have no knowledge on their rights in witch they have no idea how to react to government trying steal

  3. Awful. What is the point of the constitution if the government chooses when and when not to abide by them. I remember when I had survey’s similar to these in high school students would just answer anything whether it be true or false.

  4. It’s somewhat terrifying that this punishment occurred at a school. Educators keep telling kids that they’re here for us and to teach us but when a teacher actually informs us of what is legally true and they get punished for it, it sends out a really bad message to the kids.

  5. Elise G. Richardson

    It’s sad the this teacher is getting punished for informing his students what there rights are. He is basically getting punished for doing his job.

  6. If the education system were doing things right, the kids themselves would have known that they didn’t have to fill out the survey. That should be their concern, their concern shouldn’t be that this teacher let them know about their constitutional rights. It’s sad that a lot of teenagers and children are taken advantage of because they are not taught about what they can and can’t do under the law.

  7. I cannot believe that the teacher was punished for doing the right thing? There are so many teachers who don’t teach anything and just act like their a babysitter, and yet this is the teacher being punished? Absolutely ridiculous.

  8. I’m surprised that the teacher is the one getting punished for telling the students their rights. This is just another example of our government taking advantage of anything they can get.

  9. I dont understand why our public schools freak out over things like this. What the teacher was doing by informing students about their 5th amendment right is absolutely correct. I dont think that this teacher should be punished at all.

  10. Good. This teacher is teaching the children in the class to know their own rights but the sad part is being punished by doing so. Something is definitely wrong.

  11. Good for this teacher! He should not receive any consequence! He was simply protecting his student right. This just shows that cops will lie to you and so will school administrator its up to the student to inform themselves and it is up to the teachers and parents to protect there students from the shady government officials.

  12. The teacher was teaching his students the right thing. This is ridiculous, not only because he is being punished but also because they government school officials think that the students are stupid enough to actually tell the truth on this survey.

  13. I can’t believe teachers are getting in trouble for teaching students their rights. The government just want’s their tax money and wants people to be stupid.

  14. Teachers who can step up when they know that something is wrong and that the students would not realize what they are really letting the school hold them accountable for. The survey should have absolutely been completely anonomus because I have taken surveys similar to this except it was completely anonomus and therefore you woudlnt feel as though the answers which were filled out will be held against you. The teacher did the right thing in stopping his students from taking the survey because any person with common knowledge of the ammendents knows that this is wrong.

  15. I respect the teacher that took it upon himself to inform his students that they did not need to answer the surveys because of their 5th amendment right. Regardless of the consequences, he still did the right thing which is not always the easiest thing to do when your job may depend on it. I agree with the man reading the story that kids are smarter than that and have the ability to put the pieces together!

  16. This is outrageous, the government has a monopolistic hold on the use of violence! it is a civic duty to inform the students of their rights, if he hadn’t how could he deem himself a teacher, most teachers are nothing more than a glorified babysitter. I applaud this instructor, there needs to be more like him.

  17. The IRS can plead the 5th, but our children aren’t allowed to know that they also hold the 5th amendment right? Of course! The government is constantly breaking the law, and they want us citizens to cower to them because we have for the past few decades. We have not been taught our rights all throughout elementary so that when our rights are presented to us in this way, sure it seems suspicious of the teacher to inform his students at this point. I am aware of the Riverside County Office of Education and because of you, professor Kollitz, I feel it is my responsibility to my child to make that office aware of me! (to get involved in my son’s education) I plan on getting involved in the PTA but I feel I would have a stronger impact on the system if I went straight to the board. Thank you for you fearless tenacity, Professor!

  18. This is personal responsibility in action, the teacher felt personally responsible to inform his young unaware audience that answering these questions may cause them to incriminate themselves. Just to show how “messed-up”, for lack of much stronger words, our school system and even worse, government, really is. If you do something against them, they will use all their power to remove you, so you can no longer interfere with their goals.

  19. This teacher is smart and understands the real needs of the students. I remember high school being a place similar to a prison (in fact, my school’s architecture was based off of a prison) rather than a place of learning. The education system in America really needs a second look.

  20. I cant believe that the government goes by the law or by any right when its to benifit them. Yet when it doesnt or when they just feel like it they go all crazy.

  21. Good for this teacher. It is crazy that he is being punished for letting the students know about the rights that they have.

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