Stars Spangled Banner–Madison Rising Rock

These guys are a glimpse of 21st century patriotism.

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  1. I like how the guy gets lost on just singing the song great job. I feel like he showed his way on how he loves his country by the way he was Singing with so much emotion and beautiful pictures.

  2. Not bad, it’s actually very good and inspirational in a American patriotic way, not a bad interpretation of The Star Spangled Banner either, I like the visuals in the video too.

  3. This was a different approach when coming across the Star Spangled Banner. I really appreciate how they loved the song so much that they wanted to add their own twist to it because it’s easily a version that someone can listen to versus the classic. I love the passion of this song.

  4. It’s really cool to see people put their own rhythm into such a classic song. What makes it really cool is when it is the Star Spangled Banner.

  5. The Star Spangled Banner always tends to give me the chills when hearing people sing it for some reason, this was a very passionate performance and It’s always interesting to hear other artists apply their own twist on the song. The video was also very powerful.

  6. I really like this version a lot. Very interesting. The video added power to the words. The guitar solo was also a nice touch.

  7. I loved this video the way they put their own spin in it makes it interesting, I enjoy watching how others sing the Star Spangled Banner and how they bend the rules doing it the way they want rather than same old way all the time.

  8. I actually enjoyed this version, it gives a fresh spin on a old classical and it really helps to show off how diverese we as a country truly are.

  9. I liked this version of the Stars Spangled Banner. I’m not so much a fan of the screaming in the song but it was still a good rendition. The performance was powerful and full of passion.

  10. I love the vibe of the music in this video. It definitely is inspirational. All the pictures and the music does go together. I am all for this version of the star spangled banner. The passion in the video speaks volumes of how they do worship this song, or even more, our land.

  11. I would totally listen to this song. I like it a lot.

  12. I do not typically like this kind of music, but I respect it. Their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is different and their passion showed throughout the video. I like that they added their little twist on a classic song, it shows how our nation has evolved today. Shows that even while we keep the traditions and principles from our founding fathers we still added a little twist of our own. It shows the growing maturity of our society and great nation as a whole.

  13. Ive always been open minded and not very picky when it comes to music, but it was interesting hearing a new twist on something that many would not dare tamper with.

  14. I really enjoy this band rendition of this song, a modern twist on a classic. Honestly, I never really enjoyed this song, however this cover is very catchy and well done.

  15. I love this! I love to listen to different types of genres of music. This is even better, because it has truly shown how our society has developed and that we can use different types of genres of music to express ourself. Funny thing is that my mom was dancing to this while I was listening to it. Very catchy!

  16. This is very a inspirational video. I’m not really a fan of rock but I must admit this band may have changed my insight on this type of music. It definitely brings life to the song. It’s not annoying hard metal sounds but it’s passionate harmonizing sounds. I loved the small clips of different disasters that happend because it resembled that America is strong and still has it’s freedoms. I really enjoyed this video!

  17. Very great version of the Star Spangled Banner, it was extremely passionate. I think the drummer and singer pretty much carried the whole performance.

  18. This showed passion throughout it which really projects patriotism.

  19. The screaming was intense .

  20. They would all have to go home if ever they lost their drummer. He makes it all happen. I like it okay. I agree with Michaela Garrison about the screaming, but I did get a lump in my throat and a feeling of patriotism when I watched the video.

  21. I like it, a little less screaming would be nice, but at least it shows patriotism.

  22. Proud to be an American, Amen.

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