Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It

8 responses to “Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It

  1. I think its very true what he says, that most of us just sing the anthem without really knowing what we’re singing. I think this may come from our early ages. I remember having to learn the song in elementary school because we sang it every morning before going into class. But I don’t remember the elementary school teacher teaching us the background of the song, what the words truly meant.

  2. This is very motivational. It is quite compelling to feel the backdrop for some of the day in and day out things we carelessly do throughout our day. This emphasizes that alot of the repitious acts we do carry meaning far more valuable than some might think. One of those things is the freedom we have. We ALL should value it deeply! Especially when others have given their lives for it.

  3. Great video. i do remember doing an assignment about the star spangled banner in my elementary school. Watching this video was a refresher for me. It also gives you that proud feeling to be an American. (for a while until you realize what has become of America) Otherwise, it’s a great video! (again)

  4. This story is very beautiful and very powerful
    For the longest time I thought the words to this song were simply just put together because they sounded good
    learn something new everyday

  5. I’ve never new the story behind our national anthem. I’ve already sent it to a few friends of mine and they were equally amazed. After watching this I feel proud to be an American and my love and appreciation for this country is deeper than before.

  6. I remember watching this in class, what an awesome video. I only knew half of the story before I watched this.

  7. Amazing. To know the full story of tpwhere the words came from. I admit I did get some of the words wrong when I’ve sang it before. But now I know!

  8. A very powerful story! Having been in choir I have always loved singing this song, but to know this beautiful story is behind those words. I can never listen to this song and not sing along. Beautiful.

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