Snuffy the Seal

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  1. I honestly thought this was really the first time I saw the commercial! Then with the Shark Week advertisement after I then realized it was fake. I thought it was a funny commercial it made me laugh every time aired! I love shark week 😀

  2. I found this really sad and obviously it is fake, but it’s also giving people the wrong idea again about sharks. Yes it is in their nature for sharks to eat seals and what not, but also parody’s like this can be taken seriously by some people who revolve their life around studying sharks which could offend them.

  3. I really needed to watch this video! A little laugh is always healthy. I like this commercial specially because of the people’s good action towards releasing a seal. I found this part funny because there are tons of animals that are killed due to hunters or environmental change and these people are exited for one little seal. They think that by releasing a seal they are going to help their ecosystem. Well, they are clearly not especially when is about to be eaten by a shark.

  4. I thought this advertisement was rather comical, but in response to Aaron, I would have to disagree — animals should NOT continue to be held captive. Unfortunately, animals are maltreated in amusement parks such as Sea World. Being tortured and starved in order for these animals to follow the rules and do tricks for human entertainment is INHUMANE!

  5. Although I don’t find small animals being eaten by sharks funny, I found their facial expressions priceless. Obviously it’s not real but I love shark week.

  6. I knew it that seal was going get eaten by a shark. It was hilarious. I am pretty sure this is stage and not real.

  7. Funny parody, it’s not real. But it does bring naturalism to the public conversation. I grew up with Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and followed Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey. I also engaged with my daughter as we watched Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin. Leave nature be.

  8. This is a perfect example of why animals should be allowed to stay in Seaworld and not released.

  9. I have seen this before! Super creative with the editing. I am pretty sure this is fake.

  10. This video includes alot of satire. I can tell the footage was fake based on the peoples faces. Don’t get me wroung though its a Great trailer that actually made me want to watch Shark week. This is comical because a seal would never be put in the ocean on that type of harness.

  11. I found this very humorous and entertaining. However, i hope this is not real footage but whoever edited this clip did a really good job advertising this show. I just might check it out myself.

  12. Wow, I am glad this is fake because I would feel very sad for that seal , obviously it does happen in real life , sharks eat seals and other sea animals but that poor seal was just getting it’s freedom into the ocean back . I have to admit I did laugh a little inside ..

  13. I would never want anything like that to happen to an animal, but I have to admit it was kind of funny. I don’t believe its real, either way poor seal.

  14. O my goodness! Please tell me this is not real footage! I agree with Priscilla on the humor part yet sad. Well on the bright side sharks do not like the taste of humans. These curious animals bite out of curiosity to unfamiliar objects.

  15. Yippee!! Snuffy!! We are such great humans! Ignorantly messing with nature because it’s cuuuuuute!

  16. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    This was actually funny yet sad but this is certainly why I don’t go into the ocean sharks are crazy and I’m not trying to end up like snuffy the seal.

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