Smart Phones, Stupid People

I found this to be funny but true:



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  1. This is so true, unfortunately. I like having a smart phone because it has made so many things so much easier, but it has also made us lazier relying on our phones for almost everything. Today for example, I was trying to sum & subtract a few large numbers, and for once, in a very long time, I did it on paper, rather than just getting my calculator out and just getting the answer easily. I was honestly surprised I still remembered! This situation also reminded me of the story professor Kollitz told us in class about the time she went to the gas station and asked for a certain amount of gallons rather than saying “Can I have $20 on pump 7.” I think we just tend to rely on technology now days to help us at work, home, or school.

  2. Well i mean, throughout human history I think its fair to say the latter portion of this has been true. It’s just now we cool technology

  3. Hahaha Smart phones and dumb people. i feel that smart phones make people dumb. With language such as “lol”, “Omg” ,” Gloti ” or “Idk”, it gives people an excuse to not have proper grammar or spelling. What to show how lazy you can get! Then people focus most of their time on their phones these days. As i look around (like right now) i see like 10 people who are sucked into their phones. its crazy.

  4. I dont think technology is the “problem.” I think the ability to do less with more is what has allowed mankind to achieve such “greatness.” Almost everyone in America has a phone. This “disconnect” without having a phone seems to be a scenario that most will feel when not having their phone at their side. It seems as if some greater power wants you to remain “connected.” If you cannot afford one, guess what you can still get one for FREE! With this in mind why would one want to become “disconnected.”

  5. How is it that humans created technology and yet we become more dumbed down as our technology advances?
    I wonder if that was the plan all along….hmmmm

  6. We get more dumbed down as our technology advances
    I wonder if that was the plan all along

  7. Smart phones have both a positive and negative impact in peoples life’s. They are helpful because they are basically a small computer that is convenient to use. Unfortunately, they can be distracting and addicting at times.

  8. Smart phones ruin everything with friends and family. I can’t go out to eat with friends without them being absorbed by their phones and my words going in one ear and out the other.

  9. Technology surely slows people’s minds. When I studied math in China, there was no calculators accepted. I was pretty good at calculation in minds and in sketch paper. But now all my Math classes requires Calculator. Some of the math do need calculator, but like 1250- 985=? , I could figure out this question right away at the time I did not use calculator often, but now, ,my first reaction is to get my calculator.

  10. People nowadays don’t know what to do without their phones. I know I freak out if I don’t have my phone with me. I don’t know what’s going on in the world, with friends, Facebook, Instagram, all that fun stuff. I feel disconnected when I don’t have my phone.

  11. Idiocracy!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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