Sliders from ABC News

Sliders from ABC News

This is excellent advice for everyone, particularly the ladies.  Well worth the time to watch.  Please pass it on.

Sliders’ snatching valuables from cars!

Here’s a precautionary video…  Pass it along…a new way to steal from you.


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  1. Thats just crazy how could such a crime be committed theres no way to be absolutely safe and protected. It could happen unexpectedly this is really good video to be reminded to lock your doors because you never know what could happen.

  2. Oh my gosh and this is why I make an effort to lock my car even if I am two feet away from it. People are finding more and more ways to steal from innocent people.

  3. It is so mind blowing what somepeople think is ok. How can stealing someones purse get you ahead in life. On top of being a scummy individual they are also stupid enough to do it on camera with witnesses in a car with plates visable.

  4. The lows that these criminals go to just to get what they want. In a perfect world people could leave their valuables unattended with feeling that they are secure, but in on world, we have to be very cautious about protecting what is ours.

  5. WOW. That is exactly why every time I go to the gas station by myself, I always take me purse and lock the doors and when I pump my gas it’s always there beside me. I don’t trust anyone and I’m always on the look out. I’ve noticed that in this video, the victim is usually a lady, not a male because they don’t normally carry a bag. But it always seems frustrating to me how women always have to be on the look out and have to be overcautious about every action they make. It’s really sad to me.

  6. It’s Darwinism at work, guys. If you haven’t figured out how to use the lock button on your car, then you can’t really be surprised that your stuff is gone. I mean you don’t leave your car unlocked when it’s parked on the street, why wouldn’t you when you’re at the pump?

  7. We can never be to careful. I personally always have my doors locked while I pump gas. I try to be mindful to not but my purse on the passenger seat and rather put it in the back out of view. Also when I’m in parking lots walking to my car I always have my keys in my hand ready to get into my vehicle looking around at my surroundings. The last thing I want is to be fussing with my purse looking for my keys in a parking lot! We have to be very aware of surroundings. Especially women and during holiday shopping time! Predators are out there looking for easy target prey!

  8. I just witnessed this happen just the other day!! I saw a guy open the passenger door to an SUV parked next to me and grab an iPhone, I thought the car belonged to him. A few minutes later this guy walked out and started freaking out because his phone was gone, I of course felt awful. I had to give a description to authorities, but I felt absolutely horrible. I cannot believe that this is what the world is coming to, but then again I find myself saying that a lot these days.

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