Skateboarding Cat

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  1. I’m not a fan of cats but its pretty interesting how calm the cat seems to be on the skateboard. Its also so amusing how the cat jumps on and back onto the skateboard. Very well trained cat!

  2. Cats are smart. The same as dog. They will do things that shock every one. Fro example, one of my friends dog, she is so smart that she basically understand every word we say. Whatever you tell her not to do, she will never do it.

  3. This video was so awesome to see! How a cat can skateboard. I cant even skateboard lol

  4. Clearly the baord was being maneuvered by someone or something. But remarkable to see the cat doing all those tricks! Tough trainer.

  5. So funny to see a cat skateboard! Was really entertaining with great background scenery

  6. Best video in the world. Thank you.

  7. I thought this video was so funny. Okay so the kitty can do better than me, which is a lot. Hey is that his ole lady on the back towards the end. So cute.

  8. love the video. After watching this video I tried to teach my cat to ride my skateboard it did not work as planed hahaha. The cat in the video is probably the coolest cat in the world. I’m really surprised the cat likes to be around all the people and actually ride the skateboard plus all the cool tricks the cat does.

  9. This video is cute, regardless if it is fake or not. I really love cats and seeing one on a skateboard makes them only that much cooler!

  10. Yes, skateboarding cat! This one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Cats are real cool animals and are pulling off better board tricks than humans now!

  11. This cat is one funny animal, but seriously guys this video is fake. I mean all the credit goes to the video editors but c’mon no one is fooling me.

  12. Cats are getting so creative these days! They’re really using technology to their advantage, going to space and such, riding skateboards. I take it they’re been carefully watching human activity, mastering more and more activities, day by day. Something must be done! Think of the children!

    Whew. I needed a study break.

  13. There is no way the cat can push the skateboard to go forward. At around 2:51 in the clip, you can see there is a clear thin line was attach to the skateboard. The video clip was creative, and it takes a lot of time to eddit.

  14. After watching this clip, two thoughts came to my mind. The first thought was that there was either major editing job on this clip or the cat should be a human. I am not the biggest cat fan but I defiantly was impressed with this movie. It seemed as if the cat never pushed the skateboard so it looks like the person was just pushing or pulling the board. Although it is impressive that a cat can ride a skateboard, i was impressed to see how goo the editing was because now a days editing can make the difference from a great video and a bad video.

  15. Not really a cat person but this was pretty cool. I still would’ve preferred to see dogs do this instead of cats. However, still impressed by this video.

  16. This is so neat! It’s funny how the people in the background are pointing and smiling as the cat is just chillin on the skateboard. It’s also cool when the cat jumps off the skateboard onto objects then jumps back on the board as if doing different tricks. Such a cute video.

  17. I’m not a big fan of cats, but they are cute little creatures. I love how someone took the time to film and edit this video to show others that cats have talents too.

  18. I am definately not a cat person but this video was pretty cute. To be honset if you couldn’t laugh at this then you have no soul. 🙂

  19. Miranda B. Barragan

    I have never been a huge fan of cats. However, this video is super cute! I can’t help but think of how much time must have gone into training this cat. This must have taken weeks and weeks to make the cat adapt to being on the skateboard. I now see cats as much more intelligent animals.

  20. I bet everyone wants to teach their cat how to do this. Lots of time and patience for sure

  21. This video is a great example to show humans that animals are actually more intelligent than we think. I used to not like cats but my best friend has always had them and I have seen her cats do a lot of neat things. I remember when you played this video one morning in class and it totally made me smile and laugh! Animals are amazing creatures!

  22. I never liked cats but this is pretty kool. I wouldn’t mind a cat like that!

  23. its hard to train a cat to do something like this. This is really impressing, and whats the internet without cat videos.

  24. Cool video but I hate cats, that’s why I got a Wolf. Way better and you can play with dogs. Cats just sit their and take your money.

  25. Cool video but I hate cats, that’s why I got a Wolf.

  26. The first time I watched this video in class I thought that the scenes weren’t real but I just watched it again and I think that this cat actually did all it’s stunts 🙂

  27. i watched this in class and thought it was hilarious. amazing talent the cat has i must say.

  28. Christopher Rodriguez

    This is a pretty cool cat. Many humans don’t even have these skills.

  29. I’m a dog person but this video is cool. I wonder how they got the cat to do all those tricks. I do not think my dog knows how to roll over let alone jump on and off a skateboard.

  30. This is pretty funny video. It takes a moment out of my busy life to just kick back enjoy life. Although i don’t like cats this video was still funny and entertaining.

  31. Wow, who new a cat would let you train them!

  32. This video is so cool, I dislike cats, however this video was pretty cute and it definitely put a smile on face. I intend on teaching my dog how to do this. Wish me luck.

  33. This cat is way more coordinated than I am.

  34. I think it is pretty cool how well that cat is trained. Sweet video, just wish there was a better song for the video!

  35. Im surprised that cat would let himself ride that skateboard for that long and do cool tricks too. Although they are making that cat lazier than what it is already by not walking but still cute.

  36. It’s amazing that the cat actually stays on the skateboard for that amount of time. It’s also incredible the tricks the cat pulls off, especially jumping over a dog and landing on the skateboard.

  37. This was a pretty funny video, none of the animals I’ve ever met have been able to do tricks this cool.

  38. This video is so cute. I just wonder how they got the cat to do all of those amazing tricks. Lol.

  39. I love this video. I can’t believe that they got the cats to do all those tricks. I wish i could have my dogs do those tricks also.

  40. i cant believe this is real. i want to teach my dog something cool like this.

    i wonder if this cat has time to train me how to skateboard.

  41. I got to watch this video in class, really funny and entertaining. I definitely felt happier after watching this video. Its crazy how you can teach a cat to skateboard. Great video!!

  42. This video was very entertaining. This also reminds me of life. Sometimes you are skating through life when you meet a road block and you either jumpover it or find a new way around it.

  43. Seemed like it was going to be one of those stupid videos, but it was actually pretty entertaining. How did he get a cat to stay on that skateboard or even jump off and back on? It must of took a lot of time to train that cat. I definitely going to have my son watch this as he would enjoy it.

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