Sikh Temple Shootings: Waking In Oak Creek

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  1. This was definitely a sad video to watch. How can some people be filled with so much hatred in their heart that they can go on a rampage killing innocent men and women? I do not understand. Through the mist of everything that the community had went through they still found a positive outlook to remember those that were taken from their community. It is great to see that love still conquers hatred not matter how hard hatred tries to win.

  2. This just goes to show the power of a positive outlook. The way the community comes together to celebrate the lives of the victims. This positive outlook has greater power than the hate that one individual brings to create tragedy. Its great when people can overcome their differences and help and be supportive to others. Taking care of each other is what we are here for. Not for killing each other.

  3. It’s really heartbreaking to see that these kinds of tragedies occur, especially in a place of worship. It was pleasant to see the community come together to show their love and support in a time of great sorrow.

  4. It is inspiring to see a community come together after such a tragedy occurred. What one usually expects for there to be hatred for one another and more disaster in the making. It is just beautifuul to see faith bring all these differently cultured people together.

    • I totaly agree with Jessica. With everything that is going on, it is wonderful to see that people can overcome a tragedy with positive community suppoort. I really wish that the “bad guy” could see that hurting people will do no good. Excellent comment Jessica. maria jones english-1b

  5. This is very horrifying for anyone to go through, with any religion. And it’s the fact of life, that this is what some people really think. It hurts to see anyone go through this. There is a lot of hate in this world, just because someone isn’t the same as they want them to be.

  6. This video really touched my heart when I watched it, which is why I felt it was a must share. I am a peaceful person, but I have experienced hate and discrimination. Obviously not to this extent but as I was watching I couldn’t help but think “what if”. Just because it hasn’t happened yet does not mean it can not happen. People die everyday and over the smallest things. I just wish our world was more open-minded and tolerable of us living in a diverse world. We have to accept that everyone is different our country becomes more and more diverse each day.

  7. This topic is so very heartfelt. The idea of someone coming into my church, home or school to kill me just because of my religion. This would be horrible. I hate when I hear or see this, (some people) not all, can really be devils. I would hate to lose any one that was in my life, or even my own life just because an idiot wanted me to be something other than who I was. If everyone in this country, or even on this planet was the same, this place would not be called earth. Remember, when God created the earth, he made a diverse world. Not one things is the same. So why is an idiot killing people because they are not like him. (Idiot)

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