Shocking Report on Education–A “Must See” for All College Students



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  1. This guy makes me laugh every time I watch one of his videos. He teaches and proves his topic in such a way that it makes it very fun and easy to learn, if anything, it is making us more “unhealthy,” as a society to make us think that it is okay to give our children ADHD meds as a social norm.

  2. Education is so important to everything! So many people think that the solution to the economy, politics in our country, and whatever other social issues that plague this nation are not related to education but I genuinely think that education is the root problem to all. If people were more educated they would be more prone to make better life choices and in turn be better civilians in this country. Education is very very important. My brother recently had a baby. Whenever she comes over to my parents home we all read to her regularly. (almost a daily occurrence). We all want her to get as great of an education as possible.

  3. This video was refreshing but there’s a few key points that I would like to add. Yes arts are more or less lackluster, however arts in modern society does not push us further into development. Science, Math, and Engineering are the forefront of technological development that will create country superpowers. Yes it is a well known fact that as technology evolves it will dumb us down as it will be simpler to access data or information. The same thing happened with cars. When cards first came out you essentially needed to know how it worked to troubleshoot and maintain your car. Now unless you are a mechanic most people don’t know the basic function of car’s engine or why it needs gas. But this technology will also allow more jobs, money flow, health advances, and more.

  4. I love watching this video, I’ve seen it several times before. A lot of the points the man brings up are spot on. The education system nowadays is going to $¥!£. And the whole you get a good education, a BA, Masters, doctorates, etc; you get a job. Nope! It will be interesting to see what will happen In the near future. It took me a long time to really decide if school was even for me. I knew that with my career goal, I didn’t need a piece of paper to say I’m qualified. I knew that If I wanted it bad enough, I could teach myself. It’s all on the Internet. But, I did decide I want a proper education. There’s much more to my reasoning… But I will save that.

  5. I really enjoyed watching this video in class. I have thought about seeing if I could get my hands on Adderall when I was younger and it would have been easy for me too. I have tested positive for ADHD so all I had to do was show up to the doctors office. I just wanted to pass all my classes, tired of having to re learn subjects because i couldn’t pay attention in class. I ended up not taking it because my mother didn’t feel right about it. On the bright side, have been know for having very creative writing in my English classes so…there’s that.

  6. The video was amazing he didnt talk negatively or insult the education system but rather brought the fact that it is not compatible with the newer generation. He brings up the point about testing being focused on areas like science, math and english but completely disregard the art’s. I remember when first arriving at rcc I had to perform three tests ironically math, science and english but there were no arts. Then we go to coarses needed to transfer again general coarses are math, english and science. What I believe the speaker is sujesting is in our ever expanding global world were continuously bombarded with information from tvs, internet, books, cell phones, then we go to college where we feel bored uninterested leading to a student not having any interest and just does the class cause he/she has to. Yet we do not persue to unlock the mind of an individual and see where their passion trully lies where added information is absorbed and genuine interest in the subject follows.

  7. i love this guy.
    & this video, it gives you a really good visual of how as time goes by and our technology gets smarter we as people get dumber.
    lack of knowledge is whats destroying us as a nation.

  8. Yes, I believe the current idea of public education is out dated. It’s modeled after the industrial revolution, which required tons of worker that operate product lines in factories. Public education is itself a process of mass producing new graduates with degrees in per-defined disciplines. Through current public education, people gradually lose their abilities of becoming a truly creative person. His or her creativity are sabotaged by canned knowledge taught by people who went through the exactly same process.

  9. This video touches on a key point: college-educated men and women are no longer guaranteed a sustainable career right out of college. It is no longer realistic to say “I’m going to school, getting a degree, and starting my career.” That is a very positive attitude, but the time between the degree and the career is omitted (if you can even get on that career path.)

    But moving onto the shunning of the arts, that is pathetic. In high school, I took Honors and regular English. Honors English was all about writing essays. Regular English was more about creative writing. As someone who wants to write for TV, I opted to take regular English. So now, on my record, it will forever show that I “demoted” myself to a “lesser level of English.” Writing essays and creative writing require different skills, thus neither can be deemed less demanding than the other. Seems like the people who made this system are not that educated themselves.

  10. After watching this video, i believe that we need to rethink our whole approach on education. We need to look at people’s talents and skills, and we should put them into the direction they might enjoy. i believe that it would also get future students more interested into their career path. I understand that getting a degree now would not assure myself or any other student a job in the future, however, i do believe its better to have it than not. If we put enough effort towards our goals and career. I know that i will be working at some measly job for some time, but i am determined to get my future job.

  11. This video is on point about what is going on with our society. There are some points on where I disagree because it states on how you need college for a good job. With the way the world is right now they want people who have some college to work at fast food environments now. Also with the new laws that are going on (Obamacare) there aren’t many full time jobs left. So in most corporate companies even one with a degree cannot get a good job. There needs to be a new way to organize this system.

  12. I agree with many of the points he makes, but I was a little thrown off by his suggestion that we should not be evaluated as individuals. I understand his reasoning behind it, but I also think that it is beneficial to have some sort of measurement that tells you what you’re capable of. As a child I was a solid A/B student until I switched schools in seventh grade. From there all the way until I graduated High School it was a struggle to get passing grades. There were many factors – more demanding classes, old friends leaving, making new friends, as well as dealing with puberty. You know, the usual. This downward trend followed me into the first couple of years in College. As it turned out, I just didn’t care about my education. Eventually I found an internal motivation to get my act together. One of the things that really kept me going, aside from the grace of God, was the knowledge that I was capable of getting A’s and B’s at some point in my life. All I had to do was put in a little effort. It’s rewarding to know that you, as an individual, are capable of success.

  13. Very True video. A family of mine has a degree and still works in a fast food place. No body ever told us our jobs are guaranteed, but growing up people sure made it seem like that. Reality strikes!

  14. This video was great to watch because it’s sad how its true that just because adults have college degrees doesn’t mean they will get a job and get paid good. Like when my parents were growing up they were taught at young age if they go to college they will get a job and get paid good, but that’s not the same these days. Sometimes as a college student its hard to stay motivated and determined to work hard towards my career and hoping that ill get hired and paid what I’ve worked so hard for.

  15. This is a must see video because the narrator speaks the truth about society’s standards nowadays. Doctors are quick to diagnosis children with ADHD and pump them full of drugs to calm them down. I agree with him when he said instead of giving them anesthetics that cut off their senses we should be giving them things that excite them and make them feel alive inside. It is a scary fact that young adults getting out of school with college degrees can not find a job. Back in my parents teenage days (a million years ago) a high school diploma would qualify you for many jobs. Today a AA degree from college is not worth very much and a Bachelors degree is slowly becoming obsolete. Society has raised its standards to where a Master degree or Dr. degree is needed to guarantee someone a job. I agree that it is good standards are being risen but when will enough be enough.

  16. I strongly agree with this video! I know that a lot of young adults my age are not as motivated to go to school and to get a degree compared to those students in the previous years. Even if you do attend school in present day, graduate with a degree there is never that guarantee of a good job. Or if you do get a job, it’s in a career that has nothing to do with the degree you graduated with, and you are stuck with a job and/or career that you never wanted in the first place, it’s just something to pay the bills and take care of your finical responsibilities.

  17. It is always good to highlight the flaws that create an obsolete education system. The part that stood up the most was when he talks about kids getting drugged up. I personally “suffer” from ADD and dyslexia and I have never taken a pill. I find it fun how students take pills like Ritalin to concentrate. My mom has the same trouble while studying and she was telling me that pills and medication excuses are that just excuses. Back then ADD and dyslexia was never diagnosed to anybody. She also pointed out that this same people that have a hard time concentrating is no ABLE to pay attention in class (that lasts one hour) but they are able to pay attention to movie ( that lasts around two hours). Of course kids nowadays are going to have a hard time concentrating specially is they are surrounded by electronic that pulls them away from really.

  18. I love these little animated drawn videos, they just make every subject more interesting. The topic of education is probably the most talked about thing there is. The way the education system is set up know is ruining the future for a lot of young people everywhere. The common core education videos definitely prove that. I think their needs to be a new way that the education should set things up. I agree with a lot of the views the man speaks about in how students are clumped by age and packaged off. I just hope something comes along to really put an end to this education crisis.

  19. How this movie was made was very interesting and amusing. The man brings up many great points on education, in how todays education is design differently for today. He makes a simple point that the education needs to progress with the age and learning of the particular generation. Overall, I agree a lot of what this man argues and points out, I hope this video will get to some politicians and influences a new educations system for the millennium generation.

  20. Education systems tend to change over time. I have seen the differences between my brother and I. We both went to the same middle school, he is now going to high school. I can not say that all the education systems are similar, since they do change over time. I believe. My brother has mentioned that in some tests, there are no multiple choice answers. ( The majority of classes he has taken.) I say that this is great! He gets the chance to use critical thinking instead of using cross elimination in tests.

  21. I can clearly comprehend the mans ideals of America’s educational system written over 200 years ago for a totally different age. Over that time the world continually changes,however no educational reform has been done. Common Core which guides our public education should be the first aspect investigated. This video is great at adding satire to bring humor to this downfall. As American education continues to deteriorate, meanwhile we should look more into the actual education ,rather then the industrial sides of schools.

  22. This video is an eye opener, but ok what now? I loved it but what can we do about this? We have been inform now the next step is to take action! But how? The Educational system in the United States is getting worst by the minute. I feel we have been corrupt intellectually for centuries. How can we progress as individuals when we all have special abilities in the way we learn? I believe this video was made for people who care to take initiative to change the system. This is why i want a minor in education and later get Masters in higher education to be able to have the power to change the rules in education!

    • Get a MA in a discipline, not education–gives you better job opportunities and you could really make some changes, but for now call your CA state legislators and follow the ideas to stop this dumbing down of children.

  23. Education should be more practical, teaching students how to do practical work. It would be so awesome if during recess children could choose different productive, hand-on activities to work on, and see the fruits of their work. A garden where students could grow their plants, and see how they grow would be so refreshing and intellectually stimulating, as well as practical for life. Education should steer minds to what actually matters.

  24. Watching this video opened my mind to the argument on education. I’ve always thought it was a black and white conversation, but the people that stand behind it, like the speaker in the video, are extremely passionate on the topic of education. One thing that caught my attention is when he brought up the idea of the production line. The way he explained it was directly related to one of our issues in education nowadays. There’s too many kids that are learning the same lessons, subjects, fields, etc. that don’t primarily affect the children in a way where they could benefit. Every person is born with different learning ways. For example, there are often people who study the arts and are enthusiastic to learn it. Other students don’t make a connection with the field of art, therefore placing these students together based on their “date manufactured” can’t effectively educate these students to become the best they can be which is a downer considering the fact that when one is passionate of what they do, they excel and they enjoy doing it.

  25. ADHD is a cop out . it is a tool used by lazy teachers and administrators who don’t want to deal with certain children. what parents dont understand is that the minute their child is labeled ADHD, it translated to ‘difficult’. they wind up in special education classes with an IEP. Once this label is attached it follows their child throughout the education. Here is a hint: if your child can spend hours watching television, playing video games and/or on social media, they do NOT have ADHD

  26. Very informative video, I agree that the education system has to raise the standards. Now learning in groups, collaborating with other students seems a great way to learn better. This is because students would be able to share each other’s ideas other than doing an assignment by yourself and not being able to grasp any feedback.

  27. It is interesting that he said there is a view of smart people and dumb people. Many smart kids are led on to believe that they are dumb. It is very cool that he gives the example of how kids are so distracted by all of the technology in society. There are so many new things that distract kids that didn’t exist before. It is also interesting that he suggest that the school system is like a factory. Everyone must be the same age and learning the same things when some are ready to move forward. They need to stop turning to drugs to make kids pay attention.

  28. This video brings up two really good points, and i think the two biggest problems with education and the attitude towards it in America. The first is about the over prescription of ADHD medication to kids. The video brings up a lot of good points, but I also believe this has something to do with the parents. I think a lot of the time parents look for the easy fix for the kids, or are quick to blame anything or anyone for their kid academic failures instead of taking an active roll to help the kid succeed. The second is how we view academics as a uniform process for all students. I don’t believe we do enough to foster the unique traits that each kid has, this in turn makes kids feel inferior which makes them give up on trying.

  29. I have seen this first hand. Many of my family have been placed on drugs to help whith their ADHD. My parents were told that I was ADD and instructed to place me on drugs. My father, to my ever lasting gratitude rufused. Instead he forced me to discipline my mind by helping me find new ways to study, engaging my mind every night befor bed. Over time I learned to over come my ADD.

  30. I think everyone should get their education regardless if they land a job or not. In the long run, it will help them think critically and act mature. However, our education school system are lowing the standard which is not good. Children learn quicker if they were taught at a young age. It will only make them better in the future. I can see how the American school system is like a factory. The ADHD part is so true. I also think that kids are not focus in school because of distraction. I mostly blame the parents for this because they are the one that expose them to video game, texting, television, and the internet.

  31. This video provided a lot of facts that we refuse to believe. We want to believe that college is the answer in order to succeed in life and have a well paying career. However, the current system today, is lacking to provide what students need in order to get through school. I also think that there is no such thing as smart and non-smart people. I believe anyone has the capability to be considered smart. They have to have the desire and interest to focus their attention on absorbing as much information as possible.

  32. This video perfectly describes how dreadful the education system is in the US. The educational system has been outdated for many years, and a new structure is necessary in order to expand our knowledge — children for example must be allowed to reach his/her full potential. Now, childhood is being treated as a mental disorder and doctors are medicating children with drugs that have long term effects. Schools need to wake up and aid children in improving individual learning skills rather than drugging them up when they behave exactly as children do.

  33. It’s very unfortunate that we as a society have to watch so many kids struggle with their education, and almost feel at loss to what we can do b/c its so abundant by now. I’m young myself but I know that decades ago, if the priority for a kid wasn’t about work, it was about earning an education to become something. In this century we’re fighting a losing battle against the distraction of technology. Like the video said, is it really the drugs the kids need or is the information just boring, and technology more interesting? How can we prevent this when society now functions around having a computer? Much of what we see today; fads, technology, games, clothes, t.v. shows, etc. is held much higher than the value of education. Maybe that’s why kids at such a young age have the potential to know so much but they dwindle down as they grow, b/c the interest to pursue an education is just not there.

  34. I really enjoyed watching this video, it opened my eyes even further to something i see all around me. I really agree with the fact that our educational system is letting the children of this generation down. I was shocked at the fact that children who are tested at ages around 5 or 6 tend, to do much better at that age then when they get older. We would think that our level of education increases , but sadly that is not true. I also agree with the idea that children used to believe that if we would go to school, work hard, earn a college degree they would be able to find a job. Sadly children don’t think that way anymore because of what we see in the economy, people are struggling to get jobs, college educated or not, many kids are thinking education is useless. Realistically that not true having an education is crucial to having a bright future.

  35. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I agree with this video so many things said are on point and a couple things like looking in the back of the book I’ve done even though i was taught not to, in the end it does bite you back though because in the end I didn’t learn nothing, should of listened to mom. I find it interesting yet not surprising how America over the years had dumb down education I think its sad. It also makes me think because I do have an 11 year old brother and it makes me wonder about his future everyday he goes to school. My mom did put him in a charter school I have no idea if its different but it worries me about my little brother’s education.

  36. I think it’s true that some students are being dragged down and getting lost because they are placed with other students that are not at the same learning level. Sadly, that is how the education system works, but maybe placing students by learning level might be something to take into consideration for the future. I found it funny when the narrator mentioned the answers in the back of the book because I found myself looking at the back of the book many times to “help” me solve a problem. I can see how the answers in the back are helpful, but it might be a reason why many students don’t put in the effort to actually learn the material.

  37. I believe I was a victim of the education systems inability to treat me as an individual while still grading me as an individual. I hope we experience an evolution of learning, how we learn, and how we apply our learning as we enter adulthood. I want my future kids to feel empowered to go to school and excited to learn. I don’t want the future school populace to have the same lack of motivation, or questioning why are we learning this. I believe in this message and feel a revolution is long since overdue.

  38. This video is really interesting to me because I couldn’t agree more with it. It blows my mind how over the past decades the education system has been dumbed down over generations. It is leading the Untied States future for ultimate failure. It shows us how the education system is controlling children’s minds to think a certain way and when they don’t then they think they have failed. I hate the fact that education is said to be easier today than it was back then because wouldn’t it make sense to build up an education throughout generations instead of dumbing it down? This video made me really think hard about what os in store for United States and the future of the education system.

  39. We will be discussing this video on Monday and exploring how the Englishtenment, The Industrail Revolution, social structure, ending slavery (the feudal system, the foundation of a new kind of classless society under the freemarket economy designed by Enlightenment economist and philosopher Adam Smith, and the friendship of Adam Smith and contributor to the design of the United States of America Benjamin Franklin changed the world. You will write an inclass essay about this discussion. This discussion is very imperative to understand to be successful in writing about Atlas Shrugged and postmodern films.

  40. Okay, so what’s the point? He convinced me our educational system is broken. Now what? He kind of leaves us hanging at the end of the video with no solution being offered other than some vague notion about how collaboration rocks. Do I have to sign up for his program to get the answer? Ah! That’s it. I bet I have to see his next video where I learn how to purchase some “New Age” course in super-human cognitive development. However, he does make a good point that I can take with me.

  41. Growing as a young child in the private school system I was always classified as one of the kids that had too much energy. In a parent teach conference my teacher bluntly told my parents that I have ADHD. She was not a doctor and believed that she was intelligent enough or in the right place to diagnose me. So I can relate. Growing up tho I did learn that I have ADHD and instead of dealing with my diagnosis with drugs I deal with differently. It may be hard for me sometimes to finish things because I get so distracted or it may be harder for me to remember things. For the longest time I used to deny that I had a problem and still to this day I deny it. Denying has not help me. When I was younger sports was my outlet (even though I still play in college) and it helped me to release my hyper activeness. I played sports ever since I could walk from gymnastics to softball (which I still play). Sports used to help me deal with my ADHD, but now that I have gotten older I having medication such as adderall would help. Someone with ADHD can only truly understand my pain that I go through on the daily basis. So I am not fully opposed to providing children with the certain means to deal with their diagnosis such as drugs.

  42. This video was actually very interesting. I wanted to see more because it pointed out a lot of things that I have never thought about that are going on in the education system.

  43. Awesome video, but my head is still spining.

  44. I agree that many people might believe that they are not worthy of an education or intelligent because of the standard that they are being judged against. The growing number of children who are diagnosed with ADHD every year is not hard to believe because their behavior is not accepted, therefore they are drugged as an “appropriate” consequence? “We all have this capacity…mostly it deteriorates”, leaving our creativity behind. I personally loved the creative design of this video and it really got the point across. The arts are not looked at as the best way of getting a kid to come out of their shell, primarily due to the fact that we are so strictly controlled even in the last years of our K-12 education.

  45. This is a very good video to see. I believe most of he talks about. Its a very factual video that stats things that are very true about the school system really works. I believe that ADHD is not an epidemic, but it is something that is out there.

  46. this video was really cool to watch. I would have to agree with him and say that learning isnt the same for every person. You dont have to be a genius to figure that one out nobody is the same, so why make us learn the same way? I think that everyone would be successful if they could learn in a way that they will feel motivated too.

  47. This was a very good video. I agree with most of the video. its on point about ecomics and education. I believe ADHD somewhat exists, but it is not an epidemic. Drugs are not good for thses young children.

  48. I’m glad a picked this video to watch because it’s right, the way school is organized and the way things are taught are destroying the beautiful minds of smart children. I understand that it is hard to teach everyone the basics but, maybe the problem is that, like the video stated, we are trying to use the same system of education that was used 20 or 30 years ago. Same thing goes for how people raise their children, I have always heard my dad say, well in my days… But reality is we are no longer in the industrialization age, we are in the information age and things HAVE and will continue to change as we progress. And the bad thing about continuing with this system is that one day it’s going to collapse.

  49. The most unmotivating thing to child is to be told that it is not a guarantee they will get that job. Why put all the work and effort in if it’s impossible to achieve the goal they want? We need to reform the ways we educate children, stop with the standardized testing and really figure out how each child learns. Another problem is that children are taught not to ask questions. When they are 2-5 they ask so many questions trying to interpret the world around them, then they get to public schools and are sat down and taught to just listen and not ask questions. Then they get to college and some professors are really good about bring the creativity back out and some are not.

  50. This video is very intresting. I think that the doctors of our day really need to stop jumping the gun on things like this. Some kids just have a lot of energy it doesnt mean that they need medication.

  51. This was a very interesting and true video. The man was spot on with everything he was saying. The part I liked was when he was talking about how kids are being medicated to go to school and not being allowed to creatively think. That is no way to get a kid through school. The school system is failing students at every corner and kids should not be shut down. I also enjoyed how the lecture was in drawing as he was talking.

  52. I was intrigued on the part about ADHD. recently read this thing on how Doctors are giving almost anyone that they think who have the “symptoms” of ADHD need to be put on pills, which is not true. We shouldn’t be categorized into something because we cannot control it, it just isn’t fair.

  53. The speaker in this video makes many valid points in which I also believe to be very true about the society and how we are educating how young minds of the future. The way that the public education system teached the children how to do everything the way that they think is the right way isnt necessarily always the correct way. Not one person likes the same things or is as good as others at the same things, so why is school this way? This video describes in very good detail about the changes that need to be made in todays society.

  54. This video really put me to think how we are controlled in many ways. It is true how there are students that are in tha same range of age that are more intelligent than others. These type of students should be put in higher grades and not wait for the rest of their classmates to catch up to what they already know. I believe schools are teaching to the lowest dinominator without noticing that our school system is falling behind other countries. Our education has changed over time, not for the best but for the worse. Before it use to be a goal for students to get an education and their reward was a guaranteed good job. Now that educated peole can’t even find a job, I believe that fewer people will try harder to get an education.

  55. This video is extremely interesting. Some of the points the man brought up are really true. I like that people should not have to take pills constantly to be healthy. if anything, it is making them more unhealthy! I really like how the video was prepared because it kept me interested. This video makes you think!

  56. ADHD? Give them something to do :] not drugs. Art, creativity, science, and math are so beautifully intertwined, it is hard to describe. I am an artist, a student, and when I must be, an activist. We need to build reward-based systems into schools, that are not like today. We also, as people, need hands-on experince. We need electron-scanning microscope-building projects in elementary for those who can grasp or aeven interested in the knowledge. I do not believe I have ever really been challenged in school; but I find a a way to challenge myself at any rate, that is because the brain stagnates without proper stimulus, which is all based on a neurochemical reward/punishment mechanisms. Let’s run with that. Group learning is the best, thats how we build social skills in the world.

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