No, Seriously, How Contagious Is Ebola?

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  1. The problem with ebola is not necessarily its communicability, but the lack of concern that people have regarding its transfer. A lot of people on this page are saying to just treat it like anything else and using examples of people around them going to extreme lengths to prevent ebola to show how out of proportion this is. The reality is that they can think the response is ridiculous because of their proximity to the outbreak. Its the sort of natural apathetic response you would expect from people in no clear danger, but the actual threat is present in the world. The people who are actually in contact with ebola are the ones concerned with its ability to transfer between people.

  2. Pfft. Screw that. I don’t care how contagious it could be, i don’t want it. Yea the media goes a bit over board with the Ebola crisis, and so does everybody else on a social network, but its still a concern. just like any other disease.

  3. it does not make it any better that these people are not taking the livelihood of others into consideration (those that know about their airborne illness)
    people are so self-centered and selfish they do not think about the people they can infect while they are out in public instead of being quarantined

  4. Definitely Ebola has been over exaggerated by many media stations and news sources. Many people have started to take totally unnecessary precautions in their life to avoid ebola. I think the best remedy right now is to keep living life normally. I believe it is really only spread through bodily fluids , but the media has made is sound much more contagious than this. In the end, sometimes it would seem that things like this are blown up to give the government a reason to take away some freedoms, or for some profit to be made in requiring us to take more shots.

  5. After reading Maria’s comment, I would have to agree. I consider myself a realist as well, but Im not one to go out finishing for facts. But I can also be gullible. It’s just overall a scary vision on paper if this were true.

  6. This is posted by “MICHAELEEN DOUCLEFF”, my personal opinion is that this is incorrect. I consider myself a realist, and the actual visual fact and proof says “it all”. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to print unreal dishonest print. As though, everyone who reads it is going to agree and say to themselves. I am an Idiot, feed me more. *First the press said “no can get childhood illness again” but many have. Now what! WHAT!

  7. This chart actually makes me laugh. Earlier today I had seen this icon that is taking over instagram which states, “Ebola been here for one day and yall buying mask and hand sanitizer…but AIDS been here forever and yall still won’t wear condoms.” This statement maybe funny but it literately is sad how true it is. Ebola is another illness it can spread but people need to stop making it sound like the ultimate illness.

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