Selling America to China

A Spring 2013 student worried about the nation’s economic woes sent this.  Another website I didn’t even know existed–I love learning from students.  Jan Kollitz

6 responses to “Selling America to China

  1. It’s true though. We keep spending money we don’t have, and who are we going to owe it to. Nonetheless a lot of the products we purchase are made in china.

  2. This is one problem that many americans have as individuals, they buy a lot of things on their credit cards then not having the money to pay it back. The debt just continues to increase after that.

  3. Borrowing money knowing we are unable to pay it back. The American way. 😛

  4. We need to stop borrowing and start making our own resources.

  5. Ya we should probably stop borrowing money from the Chinese…

  6. It is true.

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