Schindler’s List

This is a trailer to the adaption of Thomas Keneally’s Shindler’s List. If you wish to earn a 1% extra credit for this film, write a 500 word thematic analysis on Word and paste as a comment after you have proofread your short analysis.

Watch this testimony from the little girl in the Jewish ghetto:

‘Red coat girl’ from ‘Schindler’s List’: I was ‘horrified’


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  1. Movies like these can be hard to watch but I liked seeing how Schindler changed from a greedy man to becoming a savior to the people .

  2. The holocaust was one the worst atrocities in human history, but some people have to realize that this can happen again. Learning from history is like learning from past mistakes.

  3. The singular thing this movie does best is to make the viewer feel disgusted. It perfectly depicts the tense conditions that the Jewish people endured in the concentration camps, and really makes the viewer feel that tension and wonder when the next bad thing will happen.

  4. This movie is definitely a good movie, and Steven Spielberg did a really good job. Oskar Schindler just likes a hero without superpower and has saved thousands people from the Nazi’s hands. People can be inspired from his story that even a normal people can against the evil and save innocent lives.

  5. This was a good movie even though it was hard to watch sometimes. Oskar Schindler risked his life and stood alone against the Nazi Party. The powerful idea that one man can save the life of others is prominent in the film.

  6. Shindler’s list was about how a man named Oskar Schindler was very greedy, German businessman who becomes an unlikely Nazi that feels that he needs to turn his factory into a Jew factory house. This movie reminded me of the other movies I’ve seen about the Holocaust, for instance, I watched when I was in 6th grade “The Diary of Anne Frank” that was just a great movie. I feel like I could relate this to Shindler’s List as well.

  7. Though this movie was depressing and hard to watch at times, it was good movie. It had a really good theme surrounding it. What Oskar Schindler did for the Jews was absolutely amazing. he had the heart to save all those Jews! and to think he was a part of the Nazi party. this just goes to show that personal beliefs will not be clouded by the agendas of an influential organization.

  8. The most obvious example of this theme is Schindler’s list and his effort to save over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust. The ring that is presented to him states this theme, and the end of the film, when the survivors place stones on his grave, shows the lasting impact he had on these people’s lives.

  9. Personally, I had a hard time watching this movie. Even though this movie is based on true events. I just felt depressed when I watched it.

  10. There are many movies on Holocaust, but this one has to be the main one that catches my attention. When watching the video of the gentlemen that escaped from ISIS and found shelter with some of the people in the area I thought of Schindler’s List.If it weren’t for people like this in the world, there would be countless of more unjustified deaths. It is stories like this that lets me know that the human race still has a chance to get it together and turn things around.

  11. This film was tough to watch. I’ve had my share of slavery movies being of Black nationality but watching this excellent depiction of the Holocaust was stomach cringing. To see an entire race of people intentionally being wiped out is chilling. For one man to have the authority to make something like that happen is even more horrifying. The starvation, murders, cremations, and painful scenes were most realistic and you can feel the actual story as its happening. Thank God I never had to endure such treachery.

  12. I love that this movie displayed the reality of what the holocaust was about. This movie was also centered around Schindler who saved many Jews by giving them work. Although it was heartbreaking to see people being treated as animals, it was nice to see someones interpretation of the event.

  13. When watching this movie in class I couldn’t believe my eyes , there was so much death and sadness in this movie. The Holocaust is truly the worst thing mankind has done , how could someone let this happen it truly breaks my heart to think about all of the innocent people that didn’t survive this time. I felt like Oskar Schindler was a good man deep down , yes his main concern was to make money but at the end he did save many lives and acknowledged that the nazi party was evil .

  14. Schindler’s list is a story that is marked with the ideas of hope and redemption. The Jews exhibited hope and optimism for their culture by having a traditional Jewish wedding in a Nazi labor camp. Schindler exhibited redemption when he stopped caring about the money he was making and more about the people around him. This just goes to show that despite whatever situation a person is in, they will always have the ability to hope and to be redeemed.

  15. This movie represents the true sin behind certain people. I first watched this movie when I was a freshman in high school and at that time I was just a little kid and i didn’t really understand why someone would do something like that. but now that I am a littler older I can understand the concept behind the movie. People are born monsters and its our job to change that for the better

  16. Watching this movie makes me cringe, because in 2012 I went to Poland and got to see the concentration camps. Because I having jewish cousins this also make this movie more scary. I could not imagine what to do if I had to hid my cousins or se them go. I look up to people like Mr. Schindler and the Germany community that hid Jews.

  17. The first time I got a chance to watch this movie I was shocked. They portrayed Schindler’s evil and madness very well. It’s crazy to think how one man wanted to kill all those poor innocent souls.

  18. When a human start committing this kind of sins you can tell that the evil still exist.

  19. This movie is something that made me a little bit dissapointed in mankind. thats because to think this was okay is something that i just cannot comprehend.

  20. I truly believe this is a very touching film. It’s very upsetting how there’s actually people out there who do not consider a humans life or even respect a culture also included religion. People should stand up for there beliefs and rights.

  21. When I watched this I was so sad and mad. Its just something that is unbelievable. How can human beings do those type of things. They had no emotions. You cant do those things to people and have a heart that pumps blood.

  22. When a country equates its culture with its military force nothing good happens, a direct example of that if Germany in 1930s. Now, seen how United States promotes its military force it makes me wonder it legitimacy. Why would a country spend about a trillion dollars at year, while its bank is broke and the national dept increases exponentially, when there is no imminent threat? With so much weapons it makes me think that we are preparing for am Alien invasion.

  23. I will never forget the first time I got a chance to watch this movie. I think the movie does a great job in showing what that horrible experience was for those people. I remember tears falling down my cheek bones because of the cruelty that was done to these people.

  24. I remember the first time I saw this movie quite clear. It is one of those movies that stays with you. I think the movie does an excellent job at getting the point across at how horrible the holocaust was. Thankfully as depicted in the movie some people fight back to save people from what they know is wrong. We need more people like this today!

  25. Change should always be for the best, and to not affect people by bruatally being so inhumane. Some people are really ignorant and deny that the holocoust did not exist or have no idea what the holocaust is! People should be aware of the previous history so history won’t repeat itself!

  26. This is by far one of my favorite movies. I love the compassion Shindler showed towards the prisoners.

  27. This is such a great movie! It portrays the holocaust very well.

  28. great movie that shows a man that was all about money, changing everything to save some of his own people, we need more of these people today to risk their lives to save others.

  29. I remember my first time when I watched this movie, “Schindler’s List”; it was in my World History class in high school. It has been quite a while since I first saw it, yet one image that stay with me was when a group of children hid inside of what it appeared to be a pool of human excrement so that they could avoid been capture by the Nazi S.S. I still remember the way some classmates, mostly girls, were overwhelmed by such scenes. Yet despite of being just theatrical performances the images where too painful to watched. Also, what this movie reminds me of is about the groups Germans that resisted their own government and risk their lives to preserved freedom, justice, and dignity; thus, this singular group of Germans does not bear the shame as their counterparts. For that they truly honored their country which makes them true patriots. Sometimes dissension is the greatest form of patriotism.

  30. This movie does a good job in portraying life during the holocaust for the Jewish.

  31. The holocaust is among the worst things to come out of humanity. I have been to the holocaust museum in Washington DC and it was a life changing experience. Walking by the train cars that used to haul living and dead bodies of Jewish people and seeing the actual gas chambers was definitely an experience to say the least. I still remember the feeling of the presence of mass death and the shiver down my spine after seeing such things. Bless those who had to endure such cruelty.

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