Scenes from Atlas Shrugged Part One

Dagny Confronts James Taggart

Dagny Contronts the Union

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  1. Jim Taggart is really terrible. He uses his political connections to shut down other businesses and relies way too much on the opinions of other people in his decision making. I’m pretty sure this was Rand’s idea of the worst kind of person

  2. Dagny is the type of person who gets things done and well too. I do not see the point of stopping such people of producing and manufacturing such an effective metal. It comes to no surprise when the intelligent leave and create their own utopia.

  3. Atlas Shrugged has a lot of characters that only care about power. The world is collapsing and no one is doing much about it. There are a lot of examples of apathetic people who either have no power at all, or have power and choose not to use it, or don’t use it effectively.

  4. Atlas Shrugged really showed how important it is for an individual to hold an open perspective. Understanding that there will be manipulation and corruption within power, taking the words of those who are higher up to heart can be dangerous, not necessarily for individuals themselves, but for society as a whole. Although maintaining balance within the social statuses and helping those less fortunate sounds like an attractive idea in the forefront, implicating this policy means that those who have truly worked hard to earn their just pay will be uncompensated for their innovative creations. Two major characters in this film are Hank Rearden, a self made entrepreneur, and Wesley Mouch, a politician who stands for the people. Throughout the film, it becomes clearer and clearer how little concern Rearden has for the state of the economy or the other businesses who stand little chance against his Rearden Metal industry, as well as how much power and corruption Mouch had intended to use in order to distribute the wealth of the hard working to the less deserving. Depending on the perspective a person has on the matter, either way can be unfair yet fair at the same time, and because of this it is difficult and almost impossible to say if anyone truly is in the wrong by their actions. Should a person be left to their devices to feed a “selfish desire for wealth” that very well could benefit the society as a whole based on its implications, or would it be better to have a nation filled with overwhelming mediocrity and with little to no motivation for innovative minds to mold a better tomorrow?

  5. Dagny is my favorite character in the movie because she is strong and dedicated. Especially in a company where women wouldn’t be seen as much as men its nice to see her at such a high position and very dedicated to her work. I seen her dedication in the scene with Hank Rearden when she goes to get an investor and she is confident and she is able to close the deal and get exactly what she wanted.

  6. Dagny to me is a strong and independent person. She is a person that will find a solution for a problem. She is a real business associate unlike her brother. All he cares about is power. I did not see any evidence of him trying to do anything productive with his company. He is more political, in fact, i thought he was a politician! His sister is practically running the whole organization. Dagny should have his job!

  7. This move represents the dilemma in a Capitalism world full of and bureaucracy. It also shows the struggles and conflicts between individualistic and corporate thinking advocates. It’s hard to tell which side shall prevail in the end of the story, yet each character in the movie seems to hold firmly to his or her believe until later in the movie.

  8. Dagny’s brother is a weak person. I can understand a hesitance towards taking risks because it can affect business, but Dagny’s brother does not truly have his business in mind. Instead he’s thinking of politics and himself. Dagny is not afraid to take risks and trusts her own mind.

  9. I can’t help, but love Dagny. She is a perfect example of what it takes to be a powerful woman in the workplace. She is confident, cool and collected, smart, and fierce. Dagny isn’t afraid to take risks because she doesn’t attack obstacles blindly!

  10. I really can’t relate to this movie, but I can relate to Dagny. She represents a woman of the future. My personal opinion is that, this woman is focused on the future and how the metal can help society.

  11. Wow, what a well written scene from a well written book. The movie really nailed the tension in the room same as how the author wanted it to feel when he wrote it in his book.

  12. I love the how strong willed the characters are in this film. This shows a more realistic end to our economy than what we saw in Idiocracy. Also I hate the people that Henry has surrounded himself with.

  13. The movie was pretty good. My favorite scene is when Rearden’s wife is not impressed with the bracelet he gives her, he is proud of his accomplishments, but she makes no attempt to hide her disappointment. Later at the party when Dagny trades the wife diamonds for the bracelet.

  14. Watching these four movies gave me more information about the film in terms of critical thinking. I appreciated these four insiders view and discussion because it narrowed down the more important scence. I really enjoyed watching this movie because it open my eyes about the business world and how the business society functions.

  15. The movie Atlas Shrugged was a Movie that truly shows how when an economy comes down it is very hard to rebuild it . We can see how in this movie there are many selfish people who are only in it for the money. We can see a depression in the movie that has left the citizens of this country in a financial crisis. Many people were not trying to help all these people , but rather were trying to make themselves more powerful and rich . There was one main character that actually did care about the people and that was the women behind the ,”John Galt Line “.

  16. I have a better understanding of the movie after i watched these four video clips. However, there are a lot more scenes that are not address in these 4 video clips. The movie was very good. I enjoyed watching it in class.

  17. The more freedom is lost, the uglier the battle for freedom becomes. Digging in our heals as we slide down the slippery slope of apathy and dependency is a NECESSARY action. People may call me stubborn and politically incorrect, but I care about my future and the world I leave my children.

  18. I love this movie and the book, but it truly scares me to see how close we are to living this reality. Atlas Shrugged was written as a cautionary tale, a call to action to protect our economic and social future. Freedom is delicate. Give it away in increments and the loss may not be noticeable. A major fight is required to regain every easily lost part.

  19. Out of all the films we watched in class this semester I think this was my favorite. I really want to know who John Galt is and where he is taking the men that disapear. After watching part 1 it made me want to see part 2, part 3 is actually going to come out September 12, 2014, can’t wait to see it!

  20. Never in a million years would I ever think that I would enjoy a movie about railroads. In all honestly I really enjoyed it, I can’t wait for part II and not only does this follow the book but its also very true and it reflects the business world and what actually goes on with all of these major companies.

  21. Great movie. The directors did a great job basing the movie off the book. I really liked the whole plot of the movie. My favorite part would have to be when Everyone doesn’t want Dagny to run the train across the bridge so both Hank and Dagny ride in it across the bridge. Great movie! Pumped for the 2nd part!

  22. Amazing graphic and story. I think what makes the movie more interesting is the characters and thats what this movie had.

  23. i loved this film and think it is something that everyone should watch. was really something that got me thinking.

  24. David Kelly was very helpful throughout the films, he would specifically explain every detail and meaning. Well technically what this was about was how business men and other people would try to get metal out of Henry readen and he would oppose to their offers. Since he would say no as an answer, they believed he was selfish. In reality he really wasent bc it’s considered individual accomplishment. He was so proud of his accomplishment and wouldn’t change a thing from it.

  25. This movie grabbed my attention because of how well it related to modern day problems in the United States. It is crazy that Ayn Rand wrote about these modern day problems so long ago. It is like she knew that the United States was going to get itself into trouble but she predicted it to be 2016 not 2012 so she was just a little off.

  26. Great film! I hope to read the book before watching Part 2. In my experience the adaptations leave out much of the underlying details. I like how the film starts off with background information as opposed to jumping into the story. This allows for the film to hold on its own for those who have never read the book.

  27. I like this movie because it is so much of what the times are right now. I kind of find comfort in the movie. It opened my eyes and made me accept the current state of our economy. It truly brilliant how someone was able to predict what is happening while also pin pointing the feelings of some people.

  28. Great movie, even better book! I had to read the novel for my ethics class and I really enjoyed it. The movie is well done it does not stray from the novel very much and still encompasses Rand’s ideals.

  29. I really enjoyed this movie, however the beginning was the most interesting to me. I love the concepts that were presented.

  30. I enjoyed this movie as a whole and would like to read the book. The scenes above are really important parts in the film. I was sickened at how Rearden’s family reacted to his metal announcement and more so with his snobby wife. My favorite character in the film was Dagny especially the two scenes above. She is a strong woman and can handle confrontation as well knows right from wrong. I am looking forward to part 2 of this movie!

  31. I enjoyed this movie since we saw it in class at the beginning of the semester. Since then, i have watched it a few times again on Netflix at home. I end up catching scenes and parts that i had previously missed every time i watch it. I think these clips are very important parts of the film and sums it up great in short scenes.

  32. This movie is a great movie in every aspect, it deals with so many diffrent political views, and made me see things diffrently.

  33. I like this movie so much. It was interesting because it changed my prospective in how I see things. I cant wait until the second movie comes out and I would really like to read the book.

  34. David Kelly’s explanation of the movie was very helpful. When I saw this movie for first time, I thought Dagny was just trying to against the government and public. But she was achieving what she believed in. like other comments say, we need to be careful and pursue what we believe in.

  35. I can’t wait to see the second film. This movie is wonderful to see that the world is exactly turning out like this movie reveals. If Americais not careful we will no longer be a land of the free and home of the brave…Go Atlas

  36. I don’t like how in the second movie they have changed the whole cast to different people. we get use to the characters of a series usually as the same person and when they change it up it makes the storyline harder to follow. Part 2 will still be good though!

  37. great movie, the cast was great and the plot was great not much to say when everything seemed like it was meant to can’t wait for number 2.

  38. this is such a great movie and it conveys a really powerful message that we should not ignore, our economy will not getter better if we are not careful or are ignorent of the situation that is goingo on in our economy.

  39. This movie was quite interesting because it presents a whole new scenario of an economic recession in United States. One in which is not the true case of the recent economic trouble that this country is going through. This is so because this country is far away from being a socialist country even though we have Democrat president that wants to invest in social services which are excellent for the recovery of the economy of this country.

  40. As I mentioned before, I absolutely LOVED this movie! It contained solid characters who were played by brilliant actors and actresses who portrayed their parts well. I especially loved the message that this film had to offer: If we are not careful, our economy can end up in a downfall worse than the one we are in at the moment; and definitely don’t want that!

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