A Scene from Sicko (2007)

Scene name: Hospitals Drop People Off

This film has been exposed as a fraud.  Michael Moore is a mulch-millionaire hoaxer who likes to influence the low information voter.  The entire film is a big lie.  This first scene proves the point?  This hoax is from 2007 and has nont related in any way to what happened to the Ebola patient.  Just ask who? what? where? why? and when did this occur?  The situation in Texas is non-related and had nothing to do with the foreign patient not having medical insurance as was proven the day after he patient was admitted.  See if you can pick out the fallacies for a little critical thinking exercise.  This is a reference to Brandon’s comments by Zachary about Jesse Jackson’s made up story about racism in Texas and an Ebola victim from Liberia who died,

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  1. I really dislike Michael Moore. He uses yellowjournalism to intrigue people into watching his absolute crap and take it as true just because it’s a feature film. Anyone at anytime can make someone look like a saint or an absolute monster by spinning a story in a way that’s either half-truths or lies. Also he has such a political agenda and biased towards his beliefs he probably has the innate ability to believe his own lies.

  2. I remember watching this movie close to the time that it came out. I remember reading and hearing alot about the lies and misinformation that was being given from Moore. If you watch the video at approximately 1:29:00 the “cab” dropping off the lady is an Oldsmobile Acheiva. I have NEVER seen one of these cars as a taxicab in Los Angeles! LIES AND MISINFORMATION!

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