Sad Cat Diaries: A Must See

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  1. Cats are funny animals. I wish I knew what they were really thinking.

  2. Haha this is hilarious! Even though I believe that cats are spiteful creatures, it’s funny to hear “their side.”

  3. This is just hilarious. I really want to know what cats area thinking.

  4. This is hands down the funniest cat video i have ever seen, I couldn’t breathe i was laughing so hard listening to the narrator. He has the perfect voice for this video.

  5. I appreciate this video. thank you Kolllitz for sharing! it made me love cats!

  6. Who ever made this video is honestly my hero and i appreciate the fact that you found it and posted it here for us. My favorite was “Dear diary, my food dish is now only half full, it’s certain i will die soon.”

  7. Videos like this defiantly “put a smile on my face”, although I am not the biggest fan of cats but this is funny. This bring so many questions to my mind like what goes on in animals minds and how often do we misunderstand them.

  8. I definitely needed this video last night when i was stressing out studying for my math final haha. It was so funny how the cats called their owners “the authorities”

  9. How funny was this viseo. If cats could talk i bet it would be something like that. Janice you keep proving me wrong with these cat videos but, I don’t think i would be able to own one still.

  10. I love how the cats refer to people as “the authorities”! This video is very funny and I love how sarcastic the narrator is throughout the film!

  11. The narrator is fantastic. I love his impression of morgan freeman

  12. omg this was way too funny. i love cats and their sassy attitude i wonder if this is what they actually think while laying there.

  13. Christopher Rodriguez

    I wonder what it is they actually think. Cats are such funny animals I wouldn’t doubt it if this was their actual thought process.

  14. This video was too funny. That is probally excatly what cats are thinking as they are laying around the house. I love how the cat’s voice referred to his owners as the authorties.

  15. This was a really funny video. After watching this video it made me hate cats even more.

  16. I really enjoyed this video.My cat always walks across my keyboard too!

  17. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    I now want to own a cat, just so that I could make it sad so I can read his diary. This video surely did make me giggle, way too much! I am going to show my parents this and try and convince them this would be the best thing that ever happened to us!

  18. If my cat could talk this would be her. The devastating voice and everything. This is funny but really sad because cats really seem depressed.

  19. I do not like cats,but this was fun to watch

  20. The part “I will let te attorities rub my belly two times, but if they do a thrid i will bit the shit out of them,” sounds so much like my boyfriend’s cat. The little stinker will let you pet him a couple times and if he doesn’t want it any longer he will bit you so you kick him off the couch. These are all great reasons why to never have a cat as a pet!

  21. This video is really funny, and pretty hilarious to anyone who actually owns a cat. Its all the things that my family’s cat usually does everyday.

  22. I absolutely love this video! I love sassy cats and this emphasized their attitude. It’s fantastic!

  23. This is funny. I don’t like cats and this is probably what they think all day. They are pretty depressing and mean. I also think it is true they bite and scratch too much.

  24. This is such a funny video! Personally i don’t like cats at all so its hilarious when people make fun of them.

  25. I am an animal person regardless of the species, and I found this to be ridiculously funny and will without a doubt be showing it to my cat loving friends.

  26. I’ve had so many cats and I think this is the exact thing they think about. It’s why I love dogs so much more! When do you see a sad dog? Never, they’re just so sweet and happy.

  27. THIS IS WRONG! Cats are the embodiment of Hell on Earth. They are truly evil creatures devoid of any emotion other than pure spite

  28. I’ve never put deep thoughts into what cats must be thinking, but if I did this would be it. Sophistication and all.

  29. I appreciated this video so much, I found it ironically hilarious because I really think this is how cats think.

  30. Ha ha at first i thought it was one of those ASPCA commercials that always has neglected animals and plays that sad song. The video was really funny and ironic.

  31. This video is the funniest thing i have seen in a long time! I am not a cat person they don’t like me and I don’t like them. That’s probably why I think this video is so funny.

  32. ha ha ha this video is great. Its so true I have three cats at my house and my cats do the same things as the video was describing. I love Cats their such good pets

  33. This was absolutely hilarious! who would spend the time thinking of everything to say, I do not know, but I’m glad he did! I’m not really a big cat person but I appreciate them a little more now.

  34. Having two cats my self I find this video Hilarious because it is so true. I always wounder what my cats are thinking and find it ridicules what they do sometimes. Like how they cry for food but the bowl is still half full! Watching this video made me have a new perspective on my cats point of view in a very entertaining way.

  35. oh the life of a cat, must be nice! this video is entertaining and i love how it presents the daily thoughts that a cat might have they seem to be pretty accurate.

  36. This was entertaining and I’m glad we watched it in class. I wanted to show my friends this so I went back to this website to find it.

  37. I’m a cat person under the guise of a dog lover. I love dog’s too, but cats are something.

  38. Dear Diary…this further fuels my hate towards cats, ha I am a dog type of guy. cats creep the hell out of me.

  39. This was so funny I love the dialogue! Cats are just so cute! Pretty funny thinking what if they actually think like this.

  40. I love the sad cat diaries! I love ZeFrank1 (the person on youtube who makes these videos). They are funny, and unique thinking, not the general youtube crap that gets uploaded every second of every day that no one could care for.

  41. This is hilarious. I do admit that I sometimes voice over my pets in my head and give them voices and insane thoughts like these.

  42. I thought that this video was going to be sad as well but it is so funny it had me laughing the whole time.

  43. I thought this video was going to be sad. But in the other hand I was laughing through the entire video. It makes me think that cats usually act or think like us. This is the funniest video I have watched on cats.

  44. are you kidding me?!?! funniest cat video i have seen in a really long time! still laughing about it hahaha!

  45. I thought this was going to be a sad animal cruelty video. I prefer dogs over cats but these cats were cute and funny. Cats don’t usually show emotion but you still get vives from their attitudes.

  46. This is a funny video… If the sound was muted, someone would think that this was one of those animal cruelty commercials. I was laughing the enitre time.

  47. This is really cute and funny. It’s great because the cat’s faces look somewhat sad and guilty. The narrator has a serious voice but it still makes me laugh!

  48. This is hands down one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. It had me tearing up the first time I watched it, and still puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

  49. I was laughing thee entire time I was watching this! Cats are the cutest animals and that is exactly what they are thinking all the time! This guy voice makes the video so funny hahaha

  50. This video was so funny! Cats are divas, and they are so mysterious. This video makes me want a cat even more!

    • I seriously can not stop watching this video. I think it is the voice that is so funny and obviously the dialogue . I am not a cat person but love this video. I think it does depict how cats may feel . We may never truly know but one can imagine.

  51. I love cats they have such sassy personalities. They are independent which is nice for pet owners like me who do not have a lot of time to be constantly attentive. They think for themselves and are adorable. It is hard to stay sad when you look into the face of a kitten.

  52. Although I do not like cats, I think this video is pretty funny. It makes me think if cats actually think like this.

  53. This video is so funny and I feel like this is exactly what cats think on a daily basis. I couldn’t handle when the narrator, as one of the cats called its owners “the authorities”. It’s just hilarious and these fake house cats need to be a bit more adventurous! I mean, they have nine lives, why not go out and explore the world?

  54. This video put a huge smile on my face. These cats are too funny.

  55. Poor cats. At the same time I love it because I grew up with cats in the house and this video seems pretty accurate as to what they are thinking all of the time.If cats could actually talk, im sure their voices would sound much like that of this narrator.

  56. This is so funny! I’m pretty sure it explains exactly what my cat is thinking.

  57. I thought this video was quite hilarious. I started to wonder exactly what goes through my cat’s head. He always has that look that makes it seem like he is up to something….

  58. I really liked this. I have three outdoor cats that stay in my backyard. Sometimes I let them come inside (I’m not suppose to though). Sometimes when they see that I’m about to go inside, they will run up to the door because they want to come in too. I can’t always let them inside though. I can see them making sad faces through the window and they are probably thinking “the authorities decide when I am allowed to come inside. It’s so unfair.” I feel bad if I don’t let them come inside, so I usually try and sneak them in for at least a minute or two.

  59. This video definitely put a smile on my face. 🙂 It reminded me of Henri Le Chat Noir, if you enjoyed this video, search for Henri on youtube. 🙂

  60. I love my cat so much and this is funny because I always wonder if my cat is happy since they don’t really show any emotion. This video is great!

  61. I’m glad you should this to us in class today! It was really funny and made my morning because I was really tired. Cats always have that grumpy face like they are mad all the time and I think that’s really funny. I really wonder if this is what cat’s think about when they don’t get what they want.

  62. This is the funniest thing I have seen today! I love cats so much! These are all so very true. My cats are always like this.

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