Rylee Wants to Share this Story and Discuss it in Class


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  1. In a sense, I can relate to this at a personal standpoint. It’s sad to consider what we consider wrong in society today, something so minor as your sexuality, which is not a threat to anyone, but for whatever strange reason, if you do not marry someone of the opposite sex, you’re basically scum in people’s eyes still. May it be the person you like, or the way you wish to express yourself. I mean, in other countries it’s a lot worse depending. Of course many will argue that there are starving children and so on and so forth. BUT, that is something that can be easily fixed. Food and water is easier to obtain than the acceptance of society for thinking you’re some kind of monster. Its harder to understand one’s situation if you have not been in their shoes.

  2. I come from an extremely Catholic/Christian family but I know for a fact that my family would still love any members of the family if they came out as bisexual, homosexual, or any other orientation other than hetero. God is about love and unity and I think it is absolutely horrible that Tom’s family would hide their own prejudices behind God. This is the 21st century. We are supposed to be more advanced than any other century so why are we still arguing about the right for gay marriage? Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege.

  3. This video was very moving. I would first like to thank Rylee for finding it and posting it. I am for equality for all for marriage, but to see a man find his true love and have himtakenfromhimat such a younge age is really heart breaking. But to go further as not only did he lose the love of his life buthe was not invited or metioned in his rememberance is a low I could never imagine. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years and I have been friendswith him for over11 years it would be like me never existing in his life. To have your would taken from you and the last memories of his life taken from you would be a new living hell. I am so heart broken when thinking a family would not mention half of their son’s life because they did not accept it.

  4. Coming out and praying for the acceptance of your family seems like one of the hardest things imaginable, I’ve witnessed it many times in my life from my parents friends all the way to close childhood friends. It’s heartbreaking to watch such a young, intelligent, great man cry because he’s completely freaked out by the fact that he’s gay. This issue shouldn’t be an issue in the first place, but it is, and it’s something our country needs to realize. I admit letting gay people get married won’t solve every issue, it won’t make all the hatred go away. However, it’s a start.

  5. Gay marriage shouldn’t even be an issue. In fact, I thought it was legal already, isn’t it? Just let them marry. What’s the big deal? It’s like saying we can’t bathe in oranges or look at a moose through an airplane. True, there’ll always be those tough guys and religious guys who are all like, “no don’t, it’s not in the bible.” Oh well! Does it have to be in the bible? Toasters weren’t in the bible. Does that mean I can’t have buttered toast? Bull hickey, I tell ya.

  6. I came across this video on facebook. I really like this video because instead of trying to shove an opinion on gay rights in your face it demonstrates just what gay partners must face due to societies inability to recognize them as a unit. Shane lost his partner Tom in a tragic accident, and instead of being able to say goodbye before the hospital takes his body away, or keep certain possessions, just as any regular married couple would- Shane was not allowed to any of those things because they were not “family”. Shane and Tom spent years together. They travelled the world and created a life together that any couple would dream of… but after Tom’s passing, Shane was merely viewed as a roommate. This is why this issue is important to me. Love is love. And i believe that it is important that our nation recognize that gays need to be granted the same recognition. It is not a gay thing, or a straight thing- its simply a human thing. And if this clip shows of any interest to anyone Shane did this because his new documentary entitled, “Bridegroom” (Tom’s last name) aired last sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network, it is truly inspiring and I would recommend that the class go see it. Shane is an angel for the circumstances that he has faced and all the ways that he has changed so many peoples lives.

  7. Yes suicide is sad, any death is, however I don’t see this as a major issue. I have no sympathy for people who are so weak that they killed themselves, we as a society have more important issues to worry about such as fixing this economy with has threatened the livelihood of many Americans. We have people crying because some people said hateful words towards them, but in other countries people are constantly getting killed because of their religious beliefs. Americans are becoming weak; people will always said hurtful things, doesn’t mean you should take your life. We are better off compared to most of the world, yet we complain about the littlest of things. Like I said before death is sad, no parents should have to bury their kids, but don’t expect me to feel sorry towards those who end their lives because people are making fun of them on Facebook, when we have millions of people who are starving in other countries.

  8. I hope to know what made Rylee want to share this video?

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