Runaway Slave

This commercial for an upcoming movie played on television today, March 11, 2012. This is the first time I’ve heard about the upcoming film. I was ready to vote for Herman Cain for President of the United States, before he was forced to drop his candidacy from media lies–his wife couldn’t take the pressure. Good, decent people like Herman Cain are being trashed daily. Herman Cain has stepped up to face his accusers and is now traveling around the country with Newt Gingrich to expose those who engaged in ruining Cain’s candidacy. Why doesn’t the media just stick to facts and stop making inaccurate accusations about those they believe are willing to stand up for the truth? This movie is a “must see” for white, black, purple, green, red, striped, plaid, or polka dot. This movie is a “must see” for everyone to understand freedom and our constitution. The difference between a democracy and a republic is what an English 1B student said to me the first day of this semester, “The law of the land (as expressed by our founding fathers as they created a balance of power in our constitution and in the bill of rights) is what makes America different from other nations. The constitutional law makes us free.”

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  1. America the “freest country in the world”. America has fought so much of equal rights that it will be rationale to think that freedom has been obtained. Nevertheless, it has not. In the 21st century America still suffers from racism. It is today and African-American cannot get a job because they are not racially qualified. This is the 21st century and “people are still mentally enslaved”.

  2. Racism is everywhere and most of the time it occurs amongst ones own race. I am a young African-American woman and I can walk by a group of African-American women and smile or compliment them and I will receive a frown in return or the women will place judgment right away. On the contrary I can walk past a group of Caucasian, Hispanic, or Latina women and do the same and receive a greatful and warm response. Sad to say but in this generation prejudice has evolved to competition. It’s a shame and that was only an example however it is not only with women of the African-American race sometimes it is women in general. Racism, Sexism, ISM in general just needs to cease. “Beauty is only skin deep however ugly is to the bone.”

  3. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    Everyone is racist. All types of people are racist. There are so many different types of people in the world and you can find so many different people in America because it is so diverse. We talk about equality and in reality no one is equal. We honestly all know that, but in my opinion African Americans are always acting like the victims, when everyone is an attacker and a victim.

  4. The only reason people are stereotyped is because they most likely make themselves that way. What I mean is, how you are brought up is not always how you should continue to live.

  5. As long as humans exist, so will racism. Even though we had slaves in the past and the majority wants to forget that. There will always be that one person or group that wants to relive the slavery days. This is similar to some of the neo-nazi groups that are still present today.

  6. honestly i wanted to laugh at this. This is ridiculous. there maybe some people who are actually racist and yes it is sad but all of this is just crazy. Blacks always want to blame everyone else for their struggles when they need to stand up and do something with their lives. If any of my family members ever told me any of this is would check them quick.

  7. This video is so interesting and has alot od true information. There are many people who say that there is still racism toward African Americans. Everyone should know that we are all equal and so everyone should be treated the same. I really do hate how people judge others just because of their color. You would think their is no racism but it is so cracy that it still exists in society today after all.

  8. There has always been racism here in America. I just recently read Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail and it explains how racism was back then and how they were treated. Today there is still racism but not as much as there was back in the day. I find it very sad for people to judge and hate others based on their color. I believe we are all equal and we should all learn to get along with each other.

  9. I wish we lived in a world where all we saw was black and white, no true color was shown. We have progressed from abolishing slave but I do not get why racism is still alive and sometimes we see daily horrid stories on racism. What is the point of degrading someone for their color or belief? I know that in reality it would be extremely hard to have everyone just be in peace with one another, but that day would be the day that we would truly be free, in our own skin.

  10. Wow! This video is very interesting. I also find it interesting that many of the people who commented on this video say that there still is racism towards African-Americans. Of course there are those few radical groups of people who are crazy racist, but people seem to forget that there isn’t only racism toward African-Americans. There are racists in every race of people, not just white people, and toward all races, not just African-Americans. Racism will always exist, but as the man in the video said that they are “poking at old wounds trying to heal.” We will never get over racism until everyone can let the past go.

  11. this just sounds like a culture against themselves. Sure i believe that institutions such as welfare and unemployment entangle people in a web of government dependency. But, race is an invention created by mankind. furthermore discrimination of ones own “race” only fuels the fire. One of the spectators in the video said something simple but profound, “you’re poking at old wounds trying to heal”

  12. We are all equal so I don’t understand what is in people’s heads when they say we arn’t. When it comes down to it there are little differences between each and every one of us. Racism needs to be stopped already.

  13. I hate racism so much! It’s really annoying how some people can just judge a person based on what color they are. It’s like the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You never know how a person really is if you are just judging by color. I don’t think that’s a fair way to treat a person.

  14. i believe the government isnt really out to get black people anymore. I see that in most cases we are all treated like americans.

  15. It sad to think that there is people who are still racist. I hate these types of people how still judge based on color. I think the movie is showing that in this time in history there is still racism in this country.

  16. I believe that even to this day our country is somewhat divided. We are the closest thing to free but we aren’t one hundred percent free. Or maybe it is that with freedom comes division; I’m not sure. It is somewhat frustrating to see.

  17. I’m not exactly sure what I got from this video. I watched it more than on e and I am still confused on exactly what they are trying to get at. However, I do believe racism is horrible. But also blaming someone in this time for something someone else years and years ago did is a bit ridiculous.

  18. Racism is an issue that will never go away. In our society many people don’t believe racism is still a popular issue. But it really is. There are still hate groups out there who hate African Americans. Though, nobody talks about them, the ignorance is still there.

  19. Racism is ignorance. I feel it was said best in the trailer, ” Racism is like digging into an old wound that is trying to heal.” I don’t feel it is a big problem in America today. I think all races are treated fairly in America with great diversity in our modern times.

  20. I am a black man. Raised as a black man and treated as such. My experiences may be different from others in the country but I feel like I am treated as an American. Now these men want to say that blacks are being oppressed once again as we once were 400 years ago? I say that this is a load of crap. The government is not out to get black people anymore, it has bigger fish to fry. Surely living in Southern California is a different view than in the southern states, but I still think the racial tensions as a whole have decreased and will only continue to do so as more and more races make there way into the foundation of our nation. Hey Runaway Slave, who are you running from?

    • I hate racism with a passion. I went to diverse schools from the time I started school at age 4. There is more cacist “junk” in today’s media than 70 years ago. And, there is more black on black rcism than there is white racism. People like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee, Louis Farakan,and even President Barack Obama are always criticizing white citizens. And now they are picking on the world’s most famous Surgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson. This disgusts me.

  21. I found this to be pretty interesting. They are saying that liberal Democrats are keeping slavery alive through government programs. I never looked at it that way, but I guess if the government got everyone dependent on its programs, then it seems like maybe everyone would be the slaves of the government, but I am not totally sold on this idea.

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  23. these people are ridiculous , because there only holding back this country for keeping the progress going forward. i don’t believe that anyone different from me because of are skin.

  24. I really disagree with these people. I mean, racism is not gone completely, but people have grown and have become more open minded and diverse. Most people have moved on from the hatred against the horrible times of slavery and racism against those with colored skin, but some do not let go. I believe that a psychological aspect may also be in play. People that are african or asian or any other race that is not white have an insecurity. I am not generalizing this to every colored individual, I am talking about those that will not let go and feel everything has to do with race. If they get into a disagreement with a white person, it is because of racism, if they are asked to show ID, it is because of racism, and then this turns into hatred and is passed on through generations, keeping the unnecessary battles between racial groups going. ( On a side note, I am not being racist towards any race, I am simply stating my opinion).

  25. I watched this runaway slave. All about the slave are in the past. Should not allow to doing again never ever happen again period! This is people are having theirs colors different in the skins, not need to be racism. We need to learn show respect to each other even in the colors the skins. Show respect their cultures no discriminated! The black people, who wish to blame only for whites people should not because black people, African America, English, and varies to the country should not to be blame like this. My point is don’t point to who wish to blame to any of colors. We already knew that America already set up by the law are not allow to have own people for the slave. This is good news. Make sure that people need to learn to move on and show respect any varies of colors skins. Same with the disabilities are bad the treat from the hearing people. Don’t be surprise that a lot of hearing people are judgments to the disabilities. They are wrong anyway same as we feeling about the judgments by the people. I am sure all people will realize that we should not do by judgments even you don’t know their disabilities same with the colors skins. I have a lot of friend black people who grew up with me at Elementary School. I still have friends with them smile.

  26. I could not believe this is still against racial, what we do ? sorry I am black, it make me so furious. I watch “ROOTS” and it was true story how much they hurt black people and trying to run away slave, and also I watch “HELP” it was very sad to see this, have separated bathroom that black woman can not use their bathroom for germs thing this is human not that something serious, and work with them in household to take care of children, cook many thing that black woman suppose to do. They have to follow what white people telling them to do and they pay for them to work. let me tell you what it made me very hurt and cry and why they have to do this ? That was very stuffer painful.

    • The point of this film is to show how the film’s black producers are being attacked by liberal black activists who hate whites. This film was produced by professional successful black conservatives to express their frustration over the liberal black activists who undermine them. The pastor who identifies himself as the runaway slave, is demonstrating how he and his ancestors successfully escaped slavery and he and many others are resented today by others who only wish to blame whites. Racism in the United States is not limited to prejudicial whites.

  27. Why does racism still exist? As if the world wasn’t already hard enough to live in. People are so dense. They should leave the grudges of the past behind and realize that what they are doing doesn’t benefit anyone. It traps them in an endless cycle that will never cease until everyone ends racism.

  28. You would think that after all this time we’d be past racism and its crazy to think that it still exists in society today. Its really sad that its affecting politics.

  29. It sucks to see how much racism is still in our society. As soon as someone disagrees with a person of different skin color, its switched to racism.

  30. It is so sad to say that racism still plays such a huge part on society and politics today. We have already made so many suffer for no reason and we should be past this. However for some unknown reason, discrimination is still alive and well in America today.

  31. In my anthropology class the teacher touched on racism and what we perceive and the typical stereotypes, the fact is that people are always going to judge based off of skin color, hair color, and any other phenotype. People need to drop the whole he’s “white” , all we know he may be german or he’s african american when he’s cuban.

  32. It looks like an interesting movie to watch. I agree with other people that have said that this is just for the money. It’s sad to see that racism is still alive in some people. However, even though the movie looks interesting i think they’re taking racial tensions to the next level.

  33. Once we stop identifying people by their skin color or by language and start identifying others by their actual name, then racism will go towards the path of being eliminated.

  34. I must have missed his film on TV. It looks like an interesting film. I don’t know how accurate the film is but it looks very interesting and CL Bryant looks like he did a good job. Some points are true, many people are still imprisoned in their minds.

  35. There are may factors that hold minorites back; prejudice, racism, discrimination, yes those evil devices still exist and not everyone will be able to overcome them. That’s just a fact of? life. It may be that those still stuck on the racism merry-go-round will never get off because they enjoy the conflict. They may always be a slave, but mostly to themselves.

  36. People pretty much have who they are instilled in them from there young days growing up. Americans fight over race like they own this country. The only people that truly own this landis the native American Indians. They should be the only ones complaining

  37. the world is becoming something different again, after all these racial fights and scares riots etc, life is just becoming something else and who can honestly make this better? no one.

  38. When bigotry mixes with profit, it is an ugly thing. It is so sad that a race has to turn on each other (let alone people on each other) over one’s political views, and the way things are perceived. Many people feel they are owed something…but why? Yes, the past was hurtful and it shouldn’t have happened…but we are so far beyond that!

  39. I don’t know much of what happends through out the world beside what is right here in front of my eyes. All these petitions and everything I don’t personally witness, but racism is just not acceptable. Ofcourse it still exist and probably always will. Every race has it’s own stereotype but I believe some people make it a bigger deal then what it really is at times.

  40. I think we only see the world as we do in Riverside, California. Or just the southern part of California. Of course it doesn’t seem like there isn’t any racism around. But I believe there still is racism is very much part of the world, especially in the United States. I lived in Texas for 6 months and I was friends with blacks, hispanics, asians and so forth. I seen it at hand. People would look at me funny because of my color or a friend of mine because we weren’t white or black. It’s crazy if you really think about it. There still is so much racism and I just think he is bringing up that issue.

  41. As i see in society today there really isnt no racial tension. Until someone brings it up like in this movie you can really tell it is there. In the most part I think this generation people are not racism but there are quite a few people that are. It is not totally gone but people have grown from how it was.

  42. Author! Author! A piece of work that should not be misinterpreted, misunderstood or used in any way other than how it is intended. We cannot allow our past to dictate our future, the time to heal and put old issues behind us is past due.

  43. I believe this film can be beneficial to the american people. However, i think people are going to have a different interpretation of this movie that may cause some tension.

  44. i believe this will be a great film to present to america! maybe it will open peoples eyes as to how we, as a whole, need to put an end to this problem we are still facing in modern day! i do not know if it will “end” rasicm, because i think that only the people that are completely for ending rasicm will be the only ones watching the movie! but then again, who knows! this may just be a turning point in our time 🙂

  45. I believe that this film will be a good stepping stone for our country to truely put an end to racism once and for all. It should be a must see for our citizens because of how major of a subject that racism is in our country. Im curious to see how this movie is going to turn out and it if will make a difference and help the racism in our country.

  46. It is sad that some people who tell the truth are kicked out of politics. Also people who are judged by their skin color. I like this movie trailer and I agree what they say in this video. But would it end racism? I think that as time goes by, it will get better eventually. But it will take a lot of time since we can’t erase the history.

  47. I feel that this film will be extremely beneficial to the success of ending racism. Although many may agree that racism has been on a steady decline in the past years. Its still the fact that racism still lives amongst us. Everyone is entitled to the right of equality no matter what their skin tone or background is. I hope that many will donate to this cause and help to bring the rest of the racial tension abroad.

  48. I think the movie will be a good idea to let people know that there is still racism going on but there will always be that little bit of racism going on in the world.

  49. I believe that we should not see people as divided by a skin tone or other differences but see people as a race of differences.

  50. I want to tell you why I think this is an important film to watch when it comes out this summer. I hate stupid racism. This is not the racism of whites against blacks; it is not an example of the racism of whites, but more about the racism of black liberals against black conservatives. A black man could never have been elected President if whites were bigots–they are the majority. This is about blacks who call black conservatives Uncle Toms and worse. People like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee, Rev. Al Sharpton, Attorney General Eric Holder, the New Black Panthers, and Acorn activists pick on successful black conservative people like Herman Cain, Congressman Adam West, Star Parker, Daneen Borelli, Dr. Arveda King, General Colin Powell, former Secretary of State Condaeeza Rice, economists Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams. I heard General Powell make a statement over the radio this morning; he said, “Political correctness is destroying this nation.” Thinking back about 20 years ago when poet Quincy Troupe came to RCC and read his writing to students, who absolutely loved his work, said “I am not an African-American; I am an American. I think we should all give up our hyphenated names and join the larger community and understand each other.”

  51. Racial tensions are still prevalent but not to the extent that this man would make you think. It is very true things are not perfect and in the economic depression we are still in tempers are flaring. However the classes are becoming more and more divided not the races. The middle class is fading into the lower class and the upper class is sky rocketing. If anything as American’s we need to pull together and address the real problems facing our society such as poverty, home loss, unemployment, and the increasing gap between the upper class and everyone else. If the top 1% of society control 80-90% of the nations wealth how can anyone truly feel that they have a voice.

  52. i feel like this movie is going to bring up unnesscary problem that have been put in the past there isnt much racsium going on soo why make a movie about it.

  53. I agree with Matt. They’re just doing this for profit. I mean did you not hear what the guy said at the end of the video? “If you can dig a little deeper into your pockets for 500 or 1,000 dollar contributions” It’s all about the money to him. But they’re just taking racism to the next level by elevating the problem and making it seem more worse than it already is.

  54. It is true that throughout American History we’ve had issues with racial tension. But that was exactly that, in the past. America now is a free country. Like Matt says, there is no segregation. I believe that some people think that white supremicy still exists due to the fact that they may be going through tough times. Life isn’t easy for most people as we all can agree. I do think that some individuals can be racist, but saying that America is subject to white supremacy is a little over the top.

  55. This guy is just trying to keep racial tensions up to profit as much as possiable from his mind tricks. It is true that if your born poor you will most likely stay poor and if your born wealthly you will most likely stay wealthly. Racial tensions are going down throughout this country not rising. Try finding a bathroom segregated by race or color.

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