Received Today from a Classmate: An Amazing Analysis of the 2nd Amendment and “Best 7 Minutes I Have Ever Spent”

Received Today from a Classmate: An Amazing Analysis of the 2nd Amendment and  “Best 7 Minutes I Have Ever Spent”

This is from a classmate.  Do you agree?  I think this is pure logical thinking, Jan Kollitz.


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  1. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    I liked his example of the leopard and the gazelle. People are scared and don’t make any sense. I would agree with everything this guys says and people who believe in gun control need to watch this video. Gun control will have no effect on crime rates. It’s all about the person behind the gun.

  2. I don’t personally care for using weapons but that doesn’t mean that others don’t. The more you deprive someone of something, the more that they want it. My dad has bought more guns recently just because he can, as the 2nd Amendment allows.

  3. i remember watching this video i thought i commented but i guess not. i agree with this guy he is speaking the truth. My moms friend said In Canada more people own guns than those who dont and they have a really low crime and murder rate. its not the guns killing people its the people pulling the trigger.

  4. He brought some very good points about gun control. People without protection can be easy prey. Just like his example of the college student who was attacked, it is her given right to protect herself and if that means carrying a gun for protection then let her because everyone in this nation as the right to bear arms and protect themselves.

  5. This is a great video because I really do agree with him. He makes a really good point about guns and violence. I also think it is really important to own a gun, so that you can proctect your self. As of today many people think that guns will just bring more violence but it is not true. But as of today violence is the number one issue and still people blame the guns for the reason of more deaths.

  6. The Gazelle example is in valid, they are born with their horns, and it’s natural. Guns are not natural. He said doctors and hospitals are never bothered with malpractice. That is not true! Doctors are constantly sued for wrongful death; just this week there was a story in Philadelphia about a doctor and his staff being charged with at least 7 counts of murder because he was doing 24+ week abortions. Doctors lose their licenses all the time for wrongful deaths! He brought up children being killed because they didn’t have the right to protect themselves in other countries. Children have never been allowed to carry guns in this country! And should not be allowed, that’s how young children mistakenly kill themselves and teens commit suicide, because they have access to guns. It’s also not violating innocent people by doing back ground checks before they obtain a gun because innocent people would pass them anyways!

  7. I really liked his opinions in this video towards guns. Of course violence and murder is mainly from human condition, some people don’t seem to understand that. That is like saying a gun itself kills people and that is totally false. In order for a gun to work you need a person behind that, and in order for a murder to happen you need an insane person behind that gun.

  8. I think that guns are a good way to protect ourselves and the right to carry a gun doesn’t always mean violence. sometime a person cant prevent a violent situation from occuring.

  9. Being able to have the freedom to own guns was made so that we could protect ourselves in times of need. It was made so that we would be able to keep ourselves safe. Taking the guns away from the people would be taking their freedom away and also taking their safety away. Gun control is a violation of our 2nd amendment and the points made in the video are incredible.

  10. I agree on sertain points. It is our right as Americans to be able to protect ourselves from other nations, and our own. Many say we live in an era in which we do not have to worry about oppresion from our own government. We can argue wether the right to bare arms is necessary to protect ourselves or an exaggerration caused by fear of our own history. Yet to me, this conversation always reminds me of a saying ‘its better to have, and not need, than to need and not have.’

  11. I agree with him! He makes very valid points about guns and violence. I believe that guns are a part of the violence in the United States but aren’t the main reason. Theres so much fighting and violence. No one pays much attention to the Constitution anymore and still bare arms even if they are doing it illegally.

  12. He makes a great point that guns isn’t the number one reason for death. It is violence. Vilance is a huge huge problem in America. I believe if people could just find the courage to talk thing would get better. But people are so scared of lossing their pride they inflict violence. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

  13. Great Video! Very strong points he had backing his argument that gun control should not be allowed.

  14. I don’t understand why people can actually say “guns do more harm then good.” when the evidence in America clearly shows that guns prevent 100 times more crimes. Although in these enraging political times, it doesn’t surprise me that Congress may want to disarm the people before we have time to get up and revolt.

  15. He had a lot of great points that he talked about. When he talked about how many deaths are associated with gun violence and how must of those deaths aren’t from assault rifles but from knives and fist, he made an interesting point. Violence is the number one issue in America, but people blame guns as the reason why there are so many deaths in America, but yet there are so many other contributors that people don’t like to talk about, one being Violence.

  16. Very nice video on gun control. He stated some very good facts. We need to protect our people and Constitution. The right to bear arms is our right. Disarming the nation would be a epic failure.

  17. The 2nd Amendment was created and enforced for a reason, without protection from the predators in the world, there would truely be more predators. One incident that caught the eyes from all of America changed the view about the 2nd amendment but disregarded that there are more cases of guns protecting people, rather than killing people. This was a perfect example of how the power of the media can influence the opinions of so many people, so much that they want to change an amendment that has been laid out for so many decades.

  18. This guy keeps it real and I think more politicians need to do the same. His comparison to countries where the people were disarmed and killed is simply alarming. Mr. Virtual President was direct and got straight to the heart of the gun control issues, which is violence. Violence is not something that can be outlawed or avoided but perhaps prevented. If politicians aren’t going to respect the Constitution set before us by our founding fathers, than why should we?

  19. Guns are not the cause of violence or the number one issue in America. The right to bare arms is the second amendment in the United State’s Constitution and the Bill of Rights does not state that this amendment will stop violence, but it could do a good job at preventing it. The people “want gun control instead of crime control” and this is true because after the most recent massacre tragedies, the public blames the guns instead of the people using the weapons. Mr. Virtual President makes an excellent point about how the politicians would have to violate the oath they take and tell the American people that they can no longer be trusted in order to have their ideas contradicting the second amendment passed. Another valid statement that he makes is when he says, “You say we’re protected? By what? By the Constitution that you’re in the process of destroying?” and I believe that if Americans keep trying to alter America, and what has made this country what it is today, the United States could possibly be on an ongoing decline to failure.

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