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  1. These videos brought a smile to my face. But like Torrie, I researched it and this couple was not just random chosen people. They weren’t paid performers, but they were not picked at random. Sometimes TV makes things seem more spontaneous than they actually are. Especially reality TV. (Trust me, I know)

  2. Wow that is so awesome. Seeing this couple vibing out like that at a Costco gas station in person would be cool to see. If they probably needed another singer I would’ve volunteered as well!

  3. How cool who would ever known you find some one with skills in a gas station. great couple.

  4. This is a great video.The couple went along with it very well, and they made it into a good time. It is also amazing that they got them to go on the show and sing as well.

  5. I adore these two! They looked like there were having such a good time. I give props to the Jay Leno show for exposing such a wonderful couple.

  6. This was so great to watch! They’re such an adorable couple! I like how they just know how to let loose and goof around. You can just see the chemistry between the two it’s so cute.

  7. This is the best thing I have seen all day! Some people are so great! It is also amazing that they got them to go on the show and sing as well.

  8. I have seen this video over and over again. I love it! Its so cool how happy they were. After watching the video about going through the motions and changing the way you think its nice seeing this video and how people aren’t so in the motions like that professor said they were, they do fun things like sing at the gas station. When I grow up I want to not forgot to do the fun little things that make the day better.

  9. This video was very funny. The couple went along with it very well, and they made it into a good time. The good thing is, they can actually sang really good.

  10. I love this couple and it is lovely to see two people who genuinely enjoy each other’s company after years of marriage, even at the gas station! Pumpcast News is a great idea because of how unexpected it is, but that didn’t mean a thing to this couple, who clearly did NOT shy away from the spotlight. Helps you remember to smile when doing everyday tasks because it’s true that it takes more muscles in your face to frown than smile!

  11. You showed this in class and I just had to leave a review about this because these people are awesome. All of them. The pumpcast for giving free gas to karaoke-rs, or anyone that sings, and the couple for being so happy and lively. Their expressions were real and seeing them happy is a bit contagious.

  12. I love this! This couple is just the cutest and its great to see them having such a great time and so happy.

  13. I thought this was a very entertaining video. The reactions on their faces were hilarious to watch, especially the woman who walked up and freaked out when she saw the man on the screen. I was also glad to see a couple go along with it and have some fun. This was a very cool video.

  14. This video was awesome and totally made my day, but I researched it and was kind of bummed to find out that both of these people are performers in real life, and the woman has even been on pump cast news before another time. It kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth that this video clearly makes them look like amateurs that just got picked randomly.

  15. i cant stop laughing the guy in the back pumping his gas still filling in the chorus for his wife, pretty awesome!

  16. I adore how they are both full of life! Oh man if this were to ever happen to me I would laugh so hard, although I am not a good singer at all.

  17. This video was very funny and interesting. You dont really see couples like them now a days. They have been married for 12 years and they still have that spark. Great couple i would say.

  18. this video was awesome! It is cool to see such an uplifting couple who enjoys their time with each other. Definitely put a smile on my face watching this video.

  19. I found this so funny! This couple is hilarious and to still have that bond for 12 years and probably continuing. They were actually really good singers too and that was suprising to find on the pump cameras to find a random couple that was good at singing.

  20. In these days filled with enraging news, I really appreciate these type of videos. I don’t need to get up in arms to defend my freedoms, I can sit back for a moment and giggle to man singing “living on a prayer” bringing a smile, and good feeling to me.
    Sometimes, you need to step back from “serious” and have a laugh to remember that life doesn’t need to be anchored down, killing all the small moments of joys and laughter.

  21. That is so funny and a free tank of gas to boot!

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