Pro football player leaves behind $37 million contract to become a farmer


11 responses to “Pro football player leaves behind $37 million contract to become a farmer

  1. Such an awesome story. I really like how humble he was. From having a career that gave him millions he gave it all up for farming. This guy is a true inspiration for everyone. Gave up a high paying job to go work and do a job where he can help others by giving away the products to help feed hunger.

  2. It is really interesting to see such a talented individual just drop something that he has worked so long and hard for. He had achieved something that so many people dream of, an NFL contract, but he gave it up to do something real and meaningful to him. He decided to use his life to make a difference in the lives of others.

  3. If the entire world worked like this imagine the cohesion and ingenuity that society would produce? Sadly enough the entire WORLD could be fed entirely alone on the crops grown in the USA yet we have starving people here in America. I wish greed would be put aside and more people become like this man.

  4. Here is an example of someone that was exposed to the believed “American Dream” and saw it for what they perceived it to be and decided against it. I truly hope one day I can make similarly wise choices when it comes to lifes endeavors. I have nothing but respect for this man from the bottom of my heart.

  5. I completely understand his way of thinking. Everyone wants the fame and the money but no one actually sees all that comes with it. No privacy, rumors, your peaceful life is gone, and the pressure of ALWAYS being pushed past your limits. The fear of not having a good season and he saw it all as being selfish he was being greedy. He can keep catching a ball and making absurd amount of money or he can go have a farm help himself and help others. Truly inspiring and makes me think that human nature is not completely dead.

  6. I think that this gentlemen has received so much in the past that he is just giving back now! I mean I probably would have played a few more years but I’m sure he had more than enough money to provide for himself in a farm lifestyle.

  7. Definitely give the guy huge props. Yes, most people want to live an extravagant life, but what better way to be happy just being happy with a simple life. And to leave his career to something, not to say that is less than anything else, but he is helping others.

  8. I commend Jason Brown. From being a professional football star to a, what i like to call, “Youtube Farmer”. He proves that he doesn’t need to live a fancy life style to be happy. Sometimes, a simply life can be a happy life. He also proves that people do not need to rely on the government to improve our society. If we help each other out with some generosity, i am pretty sure we can get ourselves out a situation.

  9. Such great story some people may say he is crazy for giving up his football career. I feel like he wanted to do more and help the people in his community which he is by Farming and donating all the food to people in need.

  10. This was an excellent story. Even though there is nothing wrong with palying pro ball. This man represents a true individual. I have alot of respect for people who, do what’s best for them, and not let society dictate how and where they should live. Two thumbs up.

  11. This is incredible…. This is what humility looks like. Can you imagine what America would be like if more people took it upon themselves, instead of relying on our Government, to make a difference in our society? Bravo, Jason Brown.

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