Presidential Comparison Data Charts

Charts on the Obama Years…

What part of this don’t you get?
Average rate over their term(s)

And he wonders why employment is down?

Look at Obama’s red line…..

Well, at least a few stats are up….Oops, this one would be better to be going down!

Wow, the Food Stamp king!!!!

And it shows, as they know little about the real world of business!!!

Ugly trend since the demsĀ  took over….

And Pelosi is ugly, too!

So, would Obama’s proposals help YOU?

22 responses to “Presidential Comparison Data Charts

  1. These statistics are interesting because they only show the faults in Obama and nothing positive.

  2. I never realized we had basically always been in so much debt. But it is really bad right now. Same with the unemployment rate, it is outrageous. And all the food stamps? Well that is where a lot of our money has gone.

  3. This is the first time I have seen all the bad things Obama has done to our country. There is just so many bad things. All of these charts really show the reality to what is going on on the economy. The US is in really bad conditions.

  4. Obama, or whoever will become the next president, should try using the Laffer Curve! Then maybe we can see some improvements in the economy and not worry about there being another Great Depression.

  5. It is crazy to see these statistics and charts that I, personally, have never payed any attention to before. Some might think that Obama just needs more time to get things done, but I think it’s time to get someone else in office

  6. Although the statistics shown above make Obama look like he is increasing our debt and the state of our economy is becoming worst, Obama has also done many things to try and stimulate our economy such as “cash for clunkers”

  7. If the people re-elect Obama they are just asking for our country to be ran into the ground. I would hope that we can learn from our mistakes.

  8. All these graphs make Obama look horrible. I really hope the majority of the population sees all the things that he has done horribly and makes sure he is not president for four more years. I do not think America can handle four more years because he will drive the whole country into the ground.

  9. add this to the pictures

    i know its not nice. but its funny and true. :/

  10. I cant believe my eyes. I feel like most people such as myself are blinded by all the “good” things that he says are coming but in reality he isnt helping at all.

  11. This is just flat out said. Kevin, I couldn’t agree more hahaha. As Americans, we need to start having our voices and opinions heard. Obama thinks he’s making the right choices for the country but obviously isn’t! He needs to listen to the people!!!

  12. I realize the president Obama became president under some tough circumstances, but the things he are doing to “help” are just making things worse. These charts and graphs show it perfectly. Obama is costing this country a lot more money, money that we don’t have to spend. It needs to stop.

  13. Wow…just seriously wow. This just shows pretty much how horrible things have become since Obama has become president. In my opinion, no good has come of it. Everyone said change was coming, change definitely came because now our country is doing horrible.

  14. Every time I hear President Obama taking credit for things that were not initiated on his watch, yet taking credit for, and not taking responsibility for doing the job that he was elected to do, just reinforces that he is not the leadership that this country needs.

  15. There have been many options for Obama to save this country billions of dallors but he choose not to take action and this election will be much tougher on him because the American people will be very angry come election time if he keeps is current path.

  16. To only seek change for America is not enough any more for Obama. Now action has to start coming behind his words because if not his re election is going right out the door. our country is in for a big surprise rather Obama wins or this other guy…sorry to say it!

  17. It seems like everybody is heavily showing Obama’s flaws now that election is around the corner. I wish this was posted nationwide, not just for the English classes. This would make most americans wake up and come back to reality. This is proven facts and numbers simply showing what he has done to our country.

  18. I appreciate Christian Luna’s comments. Don’t ever believe what you hear until you check it out for yourself. These happen to be the actual numbers gathered by the government and are accurate. I check out all of my sources before posting them. However, if you find an inaccuracy, you should complain loudly–that is how we keep this country free.

  19. I’m really interested to see what the President does once his campaign for the next term really starts up. I look forward to the debates where he has to defend his actions and what were his goals. These statistics would hurt him so I’m sure he will really have to try and defend what he has done and not just promise change.

  20. Wow I never thought about this but i will not vote for Obama. This is just sad Obama said he was going to bring change and this is true but for the worst. I can not believe things have gotten so bad.

  21. This is definately an eye opener. To be honest, i thought when Obama was elected president he woulld really make a difference. Unfortunately his poor dicisions have only hurt my generation and our younger generation as well.

  22. I think it might be a one and done for Obama. The facts are there, hopefully people can understand them and make decisions based on what our nation needs and not what is cool and new this time around.

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