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  1. I agree with cesar…WOW….hey you know what they say.. “the tongue is a powerful weapon so use it wisely”!

  2. wow, that all I can say is wow! that woman is amazing.

  3. The power of word is a strong statement, and very true. I believe there are many way to say something, but throughout the different way there are more effective ways then others. In this short clip a prime example was shown how to beg as a blind man it is better to touch peoples emotions by appealing to something they can do.

  4. I am so glad I watched this video because it reminds me how influential words are. The words you speak or write have a greater effect than we think. A few nice words can go such a long way. A lot of times I find that I really only take the time to choose what words I will use when I’m writing a paper however, it is so important to always take the time to choose the right words because what you say or write may never be forgotten.

  5. Two minutes which are truly powerful! This has probably set the tone for my day today. How rewording could alter the impact of a message it is truly amazing!

  6. It’s always a great thing to see others help those in need. Just by changing the words people were able to value their ability to see and it derived them to help the man out. The way the women helped this man was great.

  7. This video is great. This kind of relates to the saying “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” I was always taught to help the less fortunate so i would have probably gave a poor man some change if i had some. But it’s crazy how she says the same thing but in different words it changes peoples perspective on him. It’s the power of diction.

  8. Katarina Ponomaroff

    Wow this video was very touching! It made me so happy to see this woman stop and take the time to creatively help out this blind man. What she did was change the wording of his sign and the words were powerful enough to get the attention of so many bystanders. He remembered the woman by the touch of her shoes and that is a memory her would never forget! “Please help Im blind” is very blunt and sadly not eye catching enough in the eye of a stranger. The re wording of his sign greatly helped him.

  9. words are very powerful and people underestimate how strong words can be. words can be very hurtful and it is worse to hurt people with words than violence. what a strong message.

  10. What a powerful message, it made me a little teary eyed! Words aren’t just words. They carry emotion. They evoke feelings. Words can tear someone down or lift someone up. In this case, words were used to help this blind man on the street asking for change. We see the homeless out on the corner of our busy streets asking for a bit of change or food. Something that can make their day better. Homeless or blind, whatever the situation, I always have to help those in need. Even if it’s a little change, $5 or $10 or food and water. Whatever I can offer. I know that a lot of people’s circumstances are out of their hands and so that’s why we see them out there with their little signs asking for whatever help they can get. So this video reminds me just how powerful words are. They can change a person’s day or life. We shouldn’t take things for granted and we should be thankful for what have. I know that I do what I can, I volunteer and help out in my community. I just wish there were more caring people out there like the lady in this video. You never know, you could turn another person’s life around with just a few kind words.

  11. Words can be more powerful than thought to be, it can leave an impact, or like what happen to this man. His simple words didn’t allow him to make as much money until those words were given life and brought him more.

  12. I thought this video was great, it truly shows how the power of words can work. Everyone has a different way of speaking and some may take your words wrong while others know what you mean to say.

  13. I enjoyed this video because it’s true, simply by putting words differently or just switching a word around can change everything. It was a very touching video to me.

  14. Words can vary depending on the way there put about and this expresses that virtue.This reminds an individual the initial approach will ultimately effect the outcome. This is true as for example the first impression goes along way on categorization.

  15. That just goes to show how powerful words can be, and how changing the words around differently but meaning the same thing can have such a bigger impact on the message they are trying to give.

  16. It is definitely interesting how saying things in a different way can have a different affect on people. I would love every sentence that a say to be intelligent.

  17. i saw this video a few months ago i thought it was amazing.

  18. Insane to see the power that words have on the world!

  19. Such a powerful video and message. The simplicity of some things can make all the difference. Reading the sign at the end makes me realize how lucky I am and I wonder what life would be like without the ability to see or hear.

  20. It’s as simple as that! Changing the way you articulate something can make all the difference.

  21. It was really nice that some people still have the kindness to help out someone who cant help themselves.

  22. I’ve seen this video on Facebook before, but as I watched it again I thought about how there is more than one way to help out someone like this blind man than just giving him some spare change. It’s also nice to know that people do care.

  23. It’s amazing how you can say the same thing in different words and it just makes such a different. When it said “please help, i’m blind” it seemed to seek pity, and try to get change that way. But when she changed the sign, it got people thinking about how blessed they are just being they can see. It’s amazing how people react to different words.

  24. this video shows how many people can take the simplest blessings in their own lives for granted but when they are reminded of these blessings or how it would be to not have them, they are more appreciative of the blessings in their lives.

  25. The power that words have can simply change the world. It even made me stop and think about the blessings in my life.

  26. Its amazing how a simple change of words can make such an impact on people. They do say that words are the most powerful thing a person has, and it shows here.

  27. This video certainly could impact alot of peoples lives. I think so many people get consumed in their own busy lives and dont take the time to see those around them who are struggling much more then they are. But imagine if those people couldnt even SEE their struggles. Life is certainly not easy but if you take the time to see the world from someone elses shoes you will see that it may be a whole lot easier. Give back and help those who are in need, in the end it is so much more rewarding then anything you could ever receive.

  28. This video was so touching and it helps to remind us that sometimes your wording can change the whole meaning of something and be all the difference.

  29. This was such a moving video. I couldn’t imagine being blind and not being able to see the world. I have awful eyesight without my glasses but it isn’t the same as being blind. The words that the woman wrote would stop me also to give the man change.

  30. This is awesome because this shows how a simple rearrangement of words can produce powerful results.

  31. Wow this is beautiful, I really enjoyed watching how the girl helped the blind man by changing the sign. It’s true how words can make a difference.

  32. It is very humbling to see how the rearrangement of words can effect others in a positive way. Make a difference to others in a positive way for a change. So much hate and pain in the world is unneeded.

  33. I am speechless because that was a beautiful ending. We may see indiviuals holding their “I need” signs and then walking away because it is a norm. However, the one who is on the recieving end is living that life daily and is crying for help. People started to give a bit more because the lady arranged the words to allow others not to take life for granted because know one knows how they will react.

  34. Im taking several communications classes this semester and one things we have learned is that communication habits are learned and aren’t innate. People need interaction and acknowledgement. Most homeless citizens report feeling invisible by people who do not acknowledge their existence.

  35. I love this. In our society we are used to seeing signs everyday saying “homeless” or similar things and we ignore it because we have turned phrases like that off in our hearts and minds but when you phrase something in a way that makes people take notice and think it makes a huge difference.

  36. It’s amazing how words can change a saying into having more effect on people.

  37. By that lady going out her way with a helping hand she help the blind man a lot just with a saying. Never really put thought into the change of words to get a different and better outcome.

  38. This video was super cool. I never really thought that changing the words could have such a dramatic affect. Chivalry is still in this world.

  39. It’s funny how changing the words but saying the same thing makes a huge difference to people. It was nice of the girl to help him out and change his sign for the better. People feel more compelled to help when you send them patho, etho, and logo messages.

  40. I have seen this before! It is absolutely breathtaking. I love the kindness in her heart to stop and help the man out.

  41. This video made me really sad. Seeing that man sitting on the street being blind and not knowing what’s really going on around him just saddens me. I really like how that women changed the sign and just by putting those words, made people want to give the man money. If I saw a blind man on the street needing money, I would definitely see what I had and give him some.

  42. The power of her words has a way of really making you appreciate the little things in life.The words the lady writes have a greater impact on people than the blind mans and made them think differently instead of walking by. This video was a good reminder that there are nice people out in the world.

  43. This video is great! A lot of people don’t realize what they say can be offensive, even if you don’t mean it. With the lady rewording the sign, it became more meaningful versus before. It was a really good video and I like it a lot.

  44. This made me want to cry. The simple kindness and the fact she wanted to help this man is remarkable. The words she used have a stronger impact then the ones that are simple. This makes me think twice about the usage of my own words.

  45. Words really are an amazing thing that some people don’t seem to appreciate. So much of today’s music isn’t even about the words anymore and it makes me sad because a good set of lyrics can change a person’s day. When one feels all alone and sad, maybe turning on the radio to a Bob Marley song will change that. “Don’y worry..about a thing..cause every little thing, is gonna be alright!” Now those are words being used to their greatest potential right there.

  46. The power that words have is amazing. By changing the words on his sign she made others realize to be thankful for what they have. One cannot understand how difficult life would be without sight until it is taken away.

  47. This video is graet. Just after the womwn reworte the new phrase. It really touched people and you were able to see that how some words can mean the same but it can change how people think. This also shows that there are still some nice people outthere.

  48. The mans sign initially etched at people’s emotions in a way of self pity, but when the woman had simply changed the words on the sign it had reached to a more grateful side and urged people to bless a man in need. very touching video.

  49. This video is so amazing. It touched me when the woman took the time to reworded his sign and especially how after he began to receive even more money. The way you say things can really make a difference in the way people respond.

  50. This was so beautiful. It goes to show how powerful words can be. When finding out what that lady had written on that mans sign it was so touching and inspiring. Both messages that had been written on that piece of cardboard had the same message, but the lady’s words were much more touching.

  51. This is such an inspiring video. That is why the phrase, “it’s not what you say it’s how you say it” is extremely crucial in our everyday life.

  52. That was touching to see and i know how powerful words can be. Just for a single person or a group of people. The phrase the women wrote on the mans sign obviously touched people. And when the blind guy noticed it was the girl again was nice.

  53. amazing how just a few words can mean the same thing, but can change the way people can think.

  54. i found this video very touching and inpiring. i also like how the women went out of here way to help him too.

  55. At first I thought the lady was taking advantage of the blind man but then I saw the other people giving him more change. I absolutely love videos like these honestly. That was such a genuine and sweet video and I just hope people are more considerate throughout our future.

  56. It should be obvious that words have a great amount of power to those who understand them, especially when those words are directed at your emotions.

  57. This video is incredible. It is so sad that he can not see. What the lady wrote defiantly reminds me to enjoy all the little things in life.

  58. wow, i am very impressive that lady change to words for blind to get help.

  59. Amazing video I had to share it on my Facebook wall. Words can change the world just like a smile can change some ones world.

  60. wow that was very beautiful video . the women in the video was a very nice person, its people like that that make this a beautiful world . she didn’t know the man but she help him anyways.

  61. When I read what she had written on the sign, my heart sank. We do not realize and appreciate the things in our lives. We should be thankful for everything, our eyes, nose, hands, fingers, legs, feet, being healthy, and the list goes on. We take everything for granted and we do not consider what the person next to us may be going through. What the lady wrote on the sign made people stop and actually think for a moment and realize.

  62. It’s people like that lady that make this world better. I know I would have helped him either way but her sign would have taken more of my attention. What I thought was really cool is that he knew it was her just by her shoes. I still cans believe how strong the power of words are.

  63. Oh aww. That lady was really nice to change his sign to something more powerful than “Please help I’m blind.” Her words must have made passerbys think about leaving change instead of walking away.

  64. Words sure can change things. This poor blind man got help by a lady, not with money but with words. Depending on how you say things can change the meaning.

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