Pot smoking mother drives off with baby on car roof

A young cannabis plant at grows at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle, Washington January 27, 2012. REUTERS/Cliff DesPeaux
 The following news is quoted from a Reuters News agency webpost  article and reported by by David Schwartz

“PHOENIX | Sat Jun 2, 2012 10:58pm EDT

(Reuters) – A marijuana-smoking woman was arrested on Saturday in Phoenix after she accidentally drove away with her five-week-old son in a child safety seat on the roof of her vehicle, police said.

The baby fell off the car in the middle of an intersection and was found unharmed and strapped into the seat, said Phoenix police spokesman James Holmes.

The mother Catalina Clouser, 19, was booked into jail on child abuse and aggravated assault charges, he said. The infant was taken to a local hospital as a precaution and is in the custody of state Child Protective Services.

“It appears the suspect put the baby on the roof of the car and drove off, forgetting he was still on the roof,” Holmes said in a written statement.

Police said Clouser and her boyfriend had been smoking marijuana in a park and left with the toddler to buy beer late on Friday night. Officers stopped the car and the boyfriend was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence while driving with the baby in the 2000 Ford Focus.

Police learned that Clouser was so upset about the arrest that she drove to a friend’s home and “admittedly smoked one or two additional bowls of marijuana,” Holmes said.

She left at about midnight with the baby asleep in the car seat, placing the child on top of the vehicle, he said. Clouser apparently did not realize that the baby was missing until she arrived home.

Holmes said witnesses who were friends of the mother advised officers that the child belonged to Clouser. The mother then arrived at the scene and “made admissions to what had occurred.”

(Reporting by David Schwartz; Editing by Greg McCune)”


46 responses to “Pot smoking mother drives off with baby on car roof

  1. Id have to agree with some comments the video seems over fetched on marijuana she seemed like she was on the influence of something much stronger. You see a trend where many people notice the marijuana alot more than the alcohol which is alot more worse in my opinion. I was very glad to see the child safe and sound.

  2. I personally think that the mother was not high on marijuana. I believe she was under the influence of a more damaging drug but lied because she was afraid of more legal charges. The chances that a person, high in marijuana, will forget her child and still keeping on driving are very small. I am also really happy that her baby was saved and hopefully her mother learned her lesson.

  3. This is terrible, i am so glad this child is safe and was not harmed by the incident, but his mother is very iresponsable. She is a very young mother but that is no excuze for what she did. It looks like she is making very bad choices in her life. It is sad to see that the person who is being hurt by her choices is her baby.

  4. I am so glad that this child was not harmed!!! Poor little baby was only 1 month old. Those that support or smoke marijuana say it’s natural, that it’s not harmful, or addictive. BULL!!! It affects your senses and perception. This couple is irresponsible and just plain dumb. Why are you going to be smoking and drinking around your children?!? And why would she take her baby along on a “beer run”?!! It’s not about you anymore! Your child comes first. She should have given up pot and alcohol, or at least not do those things around or in the care of her child. I stopped drinking alcohol when I found out I was having my daughter. I get teased for not drinking anymore but I don’t care. My daughter’s now 4 years old and she has never seen me drink or will she ever. I want to set a good example and be a good role model. This mother is young, still a teen. She is not mature or responsible enough to care for another life. I’m glad CPS took him away from her. He is better off than being with a irresponsible so called mother. I’m sure he’s in a loving happy drug free family.

  5. This just proves that drugs are bad. Not only that but, Marijuana is illegal for a reason. Thank God it was’t worse. “A” plus for the car seat.

  6. Christopher Rodriguez

    Some people just aren’t fit for parenting. Why have a kid if you’re still irresponsible, it makes no sense.

  7. Wow luckily the baby is okay. If the mother was smoking she shouldn’t of even got into the car let alone with a baby under the influence. This just shows that some of her priorities are more important than her child and she doesn’t deserve to care for a child. Who doesn’t realize their kid is on the roof of their car? I make sure my kid is in the car safe and buckled before going anywhere and before I buckle myself in.

  8. People like this don’t deserve kids and this isn’t just one time thing it happens every where and it’s sad because the children suffer makes me mad!

  9. She deserves everything she got and more!

  10. Why do people like her have kids? This just really pisses me off. I hope she never gets to see the child again in her life.

  11. How about, we try giving up the kush when we become parents? Just until they’re older, how about that? And if you’re really close to your Mary Jane friend, why don’t you just….not have kids?? I mean this may be a crazy idea, but hear me out. If you like to be a kid and do that kind of stuff, be a kid; don’t have more kids, because you’re obviously not mature enough to be starting a family.

  12. Thank God that child was okay. As for the mother, I hope she never gets to see that child again, or until she cleans herself up. That is absolutely ridiculous. How can a mother be so irresponsible, she obviously can’t care. Even if someone is high, HOW DO THEY LEAVE A ONE MONTH OLD ON A CAR ROOF?!

  13. Good she needs to be arrested. she is clearly not ready to be a mother and does not have the responsibility of a parent. Who leaves their baby on top of a car!! so glad to hear that the baby was okay.

  14. Smoke your weed, but take care of your damn kid. What is wrong with that mother. If you’re going to do that, don’t even drive in the first place. And definitely don’t do it near your kid. Sigh, bad parenting.

  15. Parents are supposed to be leading role models for their kids. This is why kids aren’t supposed to have kids, she was clearly wasn’t ready for the mother role.

  16. Generally I hate CPA, but this is a time where they take the child and I don’t feel bad for the kid, they did that child a favor, with out a doubt, did him a really big favor! technically did a favor for the mom too, she clearly wasn’t ready for any personal responsibility.

  17. Wow this mom is just crazy!!!! How could anyone forget their baby on the roof of their car? I know this isn’t the first time something crazy like this has happened but we can sure see how drugs truly affect people’s actions.

  18. This post is funny as it depicts an irresponsible mother who decided to smoke marijuana with her boyfriend and forgot her toddler on top of her car. It is also just as sad that she forgot her own offspring and chose to smoke rather then choosing her responsibility as a mother to the son.

  19. This is completely ridiculous. I’m very glad that the baby was okay though, but it misses me off that people are going to blame marijuana on this. I understand that she was under the influence but seriously? This is EXTREME circumstances and most human beings (I would hope) are not this stupid and irresponsible. I wish people had to pass some sort of test in order to reproduce.

  20. I seen worst things than this happen but this is still ridiculous haha. I believe that there should be some kind of parenting exam that should require a person(s) to pass in order to raise a child.

  21. wow! i cannot believe that this actually happened, Im glad that the baby is safe. I hope that he ends up in a great home. I mean how many chances did she have to stop acting dumb that day? how many houses do you need to go to to smoke, and to bring you baby along? That is just crazy.

  22. Unbelievable, the mother and the father are both irresponsible parents. The child could have been killed. Child protective services should just take away their child because the parents are far too reckless.

  23. Hahah I’m sorry but the moment I saw this girls face, I knew something just has to be wrong with her. What kind of mother takes her child at midnight to go buy beer? A person can smoke weed and still be a normal functioning person in society, there is nothing wrong with it. But when dumb, irresponsible people smoke, things like this happen. That baby really desires better.

  24. I think what is important to note here is the irresponsible mother, not the pot smoking mother. Before she forgot about her child on the roof of the car police report that the baby was in the vehicle operated by the intoxicated boy friend. This is a fine example of an irresponsible person, rather than an example of marijuana effects, focus on te source I say. Whether mother, father, son, daughter, or green martian from another planet, this person should not be allowed to be responsible for the life of any living creature. It astonished me how the title read ” Pot smoking mother […]” in actuallity it should read ” Terrible person” Do not get hung up on the weed.

  25. This is crazy ridiculous! I don’t understand how you can be able to watch a baby when you are doing drugs and drinking alcohol. You should not be in care of a baby if you are under the influence. She should be arrested because she could have killed her child when she drove off. Obviously she doesn’t care about the child because she even took the child on a beer run with her boyfriend and then the boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence. People like that should be arrested and never have custody of the child.

  26. Drugs will make you do some crazy things. I personally do not think marijuana should be legal, specifically for reasons like this, it would just be an excuse for idiotic things that people do. I also have seen the result of drugs in children, and it is so unfair and an unjust life for kids.

  27. These people, these people, these people. I wish each and everyone of us could be a fine upstanding citizen who is responsible and kind. Drugs have influenced my family heavily. My uncle lived his life only for drugs. He abandoned his child, who is now a fine man living in San Diego with his wife who is a school teacher, and he died as a drug addict. It is not entirely the drugs fault, but the life style they had grown accustomed to. It seems that she and her boyfriend are what I would consider to be a trash lifestyle. Their responsibilities do not lie in their family, but in their personal gratification. I hope this kid has a chance in life to make something of himself because he will have the world against him if he stays with his family.

  28. This is hard to watch. This woman disgusts me and i feel bad for her child. She isn’t a mom and i hope that child gets a better life.

  29. Unbelievable, this lady is such a disaster. I feel Bradford the baby, I can just imagine how his future is going to end up due to the kind of mother he has.

  30. I find hard to believe that she is “mother” should not forget her baby. This is very precious to the baby. This mother is ridiculous! Because she having fun with a marijuana smoking. Why she put the baby with the car seat on the top roof by the car, it is not safety! Also, how she could forget about her baby. It is obvious not ready to be responsibility. I am very curious about what she is right now since been happen to her when she was in 19 years old. I wonder she is regretted for her lifetime?

  31. This woman is pathetic and deserves all she will get where she is going. How can someone just leave a baby on the roof of their car?

  32. Whoa, that was sad.. Mother learn her lesson put in jail. . I never heard to put the child top on roof of car ? Thank god that baby was alive. Wonder how she just got in the car and drove, not even check make sure baby is already in the back seat before you drive off .

  33. Oh man, this woman is crazy.
    Take care of your kid lady.

  34. The first issue is bringing your child along with you knowing your about to be around people who are smoking and/or drinking, let alone when your going to be doing it as well. She is clearly not ready for the responsibilities of being a mother. She is lucky that someone saw the baby after it had fallen. The minute that she got pregnant she needed to realize it was no longer about her wants anymore.

  35. this women is ridiculous! she deserves everything that is coming her way ! there are no excuse for leaving your baby on top of the roof . that baby is better off with out her mother.

  36. This is horrible. How could a mother forget that kid is not in the car. I really don’t know why people like her have kids. I am glad that she is being put in jail.

  37. This is really pathetic. This lady does not deserve to be a mother. I cannot get over how upsetting this is. This irresponsible girl does not deserve to ever get to have children again. She is obviously not mature enough to handle kids.

  38. Yes, this is sure hard to believe. I don’t know how so could have not realized her baby was not in the car. The baby was only a month old, just recently born. Instead of worrying about smoking pot she should be spending time with her newly born child. I could say so much about this. The only good thing about about this incident is that the baby is alive and well.

  39. It’s so sad hearing about an innocent baby being mistreated by an irresponsible girl. She deserved being put in jail! I really hope people start to think more about the consequences before they do anything stupid.

  40. This is just horrible. Someone like that should not of even had a child in the first place. It is a good thing she is being put in jail and hopefully the baby is given to a good family.

  41. I do not even know how to express my words. This girl is very reckless, stupid, and irresponsible. I feel very sorry for children that are treated this way and have undeserving mothers. I am glad the baby is alright and hope the mother does not see him again.

  42. How could a mom be so forgetfull an not even remember her own hild. Someone of that idiodicy should have never even thought of having a child if they were not responsible enough to make sure that it was safe. It just goes to show how drugs and alcohal can make a person lose their mind and that it is a very dangerous thing to use.

  43. I belive that people like her should not have children or even be around young influnces. Even if someones high on pot they should still remember there own liveing child is on the roof of there car.

  44. Lots of people say “marijuana” is not a drug but here is an example of the terrible things that can happen because of marijuana. I hope the mom goes to parenting classes and not only her but her boyfriend too.

  45. The worst part of this story, is it’s not the first time something like this has happened as a result of drug use. Furthermore, you have people throughout the country debating and fighting over the legalization of such drugs, and using these drugs regularly with their “cards”. These people have the nerve to say its safer than smoking a cigarette? I’ve never seen someone forget a baby because of a cigarette.

  46. This situation is absolutely horrifying! This woman had to be smoking something other than “pot” to be able to forget her child IS NOT IN THE CAR WHEN SHE DRIVES AWAY!!! As a mother there is nothing I value more than the safety of my child. I am very thankful the baby is ok. I think this woman needs some type of rehab, parenting course, and a bunch of other things I do not think is appropriate to put on this website, before she is able to have custody of her child again.

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