Portraits of Valor: Roy Benavide

A true American Hero…
Oh, my, what a story. If only our young people would learn love of country and fellow men.

A nine minute video worth every moment!

6 responses to “Portraits of Valor: Roy Benavide

  1. Veterans don’t get enough credit. I always thank every veteran I meet for serving our country. I feel like they care about us more than the government. Risk their lives for our freedom.

  2. I can ever express my gratitude to individuals like this. I especially loved when he said it’s not about the color of our skin, and the only colors that matter are the ones on the flag. Something that I used to struggle with when I was a little girl. I attended a private school where it is safe to say that there was not a lot of a diversity. I never understood why people used to make fun for the color of my skin when we were all american? We are meant to be the same and equal. It is because of individuals like him that fight for my freedom why I do not care for racial remarks because in the end we are all american and we are all free.

  3. I have always enjoyed stories from a war hero. My father is Vet, so i have an idea of how difficult and mesmerizing war can be. Roy was a true soldier because of his actions. He is truly blessed to still be walking after stepping on a land mind. Most people already know what a land mind is capable of, and this man was told he would never walk again. Well look at him now standing up telling his story. Very inspirational!

  4. I love stories like this one. my hat is down for him. when you see veteran please thank him and shake his hand, make him feel important, if it was not for people like him, we would not enjoy the freedom that we have.

  5. Wow. A true war hero. He most certainly deserved that Medal of Honor. People like him are what America is all about. Like he said at the end, it’s not about the color of our skin, and the only colors that matter are the ones on the flag.

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