Pope Resigns



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  1. Honestly, I do not think it is a big deal that the Pope resigned. Many people in the Catholic Church and in many other churches and religions have resigned. The Pope Benedict was not prepared enough to handle certain hard responsibilities. I remembering hearing this in the news and this only convey joy in me. I was not happy that he resigns but the fact that he showed the world that he was as weak as everyone else. He opens the gate to the public to let everyone know that they are just normal people with the decision of following God at its fullest.

  2. This was such a controversial event in the catholic church. Although it was a big deal i am happy that he resigned because i am catholic, and the new pope that we have is much better he is really trying to make changes in the Vatican.

  3. I am not catholic when I found out about the story it seemed kind of shocking because this has not happened in hundreds of years. I did not really like the guy because I heard he was a ex Nazi.

  4. Personally, I think there is more to the pope resigning then produced via media. There has been people complaining about the pope and sexual molestation that he had to get out quick before anymore controversity could start.

  5. The fact that the next pope who will be chosen will be the last pope is something that I cannot completely understand. This idea of no longer having a pope within the churcg is something that does not seem to be possible. Without a pope then there is no leader and I feel as though the church needs to have a leader within the religion.

  6. This is very interesting I really don’t know much about this I had no idea that the next pope will be the last pope and this one was the first one to resign in 600 years.

  7. I have also heard the next pope will be our last. But I’m not worried about it too much. I believe the pope did what was best for him, and it is very interesting that he was the first pope in 600 years to resign.

  8. I have heard that the next pope will be our last as well, but I do not think much of that, I believed it at one time but not anymore. I just think it is so crazy this is the first pope in about 600 years to resign. Being a pope is a big deal, an his resignation affects more people than we know. It is devastating to most religious people.

  9. I’m a little bit worried because there’s a prophecy from Malachy that says the next pope will be the last. I’m not one for superstition, but it’s nice to keep one’s guard up.

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