Police State: A Student Sent This

Bill Maher is pictured. | AP Photo

Bill Maher is pictured. | AP Photo

Police State: a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs of the government according to publicly known legal procedures – from Merriam-Webster

Mr. Bill Maher claims that America is becoming a police state, on a recent show. Although people were enthralled by the recent capture of the bombing suspect, the actions taken by our police have gone too far. They shut down the entire city of Boston which cost them approximately 333 million dollars to capture one unarmed, wounded, 19-year-old suspect. If the public were to remain silent of these ‘lock downs’, they will be become even more common. We the citizen still have rights, and they can not be superseded by a policemen with itchy trigger fingers.  Maher called them ‘unprofessional’ for shooting at the boat.

The following is posted on PoliticoBy KEVIN CIRILLI | 4/27/13 1:25 PM EDT.
Bill Maher called Boston police officers “unprofessional” on Friday for shooting at the boat where Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was hiding even though it turned out he was unarmed.

“I agree that we shouldn’t have given the kid his Miranda rights because he probably had information. We wanted to take him alive. We all agree with that.… there could’ve been bombs out there, there could’ve been an accomplice. So we wanted to take him alive. If you agree with that then what the cops did there was unprofessional. That’s called contagious fire,” Maher said on HBO’s “Real Time.”

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  1. I also agree that the Boston police took this to far. Yes, they are driven by anger not by justice so this is completely unprofessional. If the suspect was no harm to them they had no right to fire at him with that force.

  2. That sounds pretty crazy that the police would do that, to shut down a whole city to capture one suspect is pretty ridiculous. Especially considering the amount of money that was lost in the process. Bill Maher is right when saying that the police were unprofessional, their actions weren’t based off of knowledge, they were based off of anger. They are lucky that they didn’t set off another explosion with their gunshots.

  3. Boston Police went to far, 333 million dollars, shutting down Boston, to look for a kid. This is becoming a Police State, and some people just seem fucking dandy with that, I will never understand those people.

  4. By the way, I’ve been thinking about Michael’s comment. I replied to his comment by mentioning how the LAPD quietly paid the two women shot by the LAPD for the officers shooting them when they thought the women were Dormer. I’ve haven’t heard on the news or read in the papers about the people who applied for the reward money for helping the police. Did they get rewards as promised? After he was caught Mayor Tony Vilar of LA said he though maybe these people who helped wouldn’t get the rewards. Does anyone know the answer to this? Since Michael’s home is in the mountains, maybe he can find out for us.

  5. The police did the same thing in Big Bear when they were searching for Christopher Dorner. They pretty much shut down the areas in Big Bear that were near where Dorner’s truck was found, and they went door to door searching peoples homes for him. Also, they shot innocent people who they said they believed to be Dorner.

    • The LA police settled with the women they shot randomly were simply minding their own business delivering newspapers when they were shot. The LAPD quietly settled with them for a new vehicle and a few million dollars. The police were rash in this case.

  6. It is crazy how people are scared guns but the people who are suppose to protect us from the bad are the one shooting up the place. How many times have you heard about teens or unarmed people being shot because an officer just opens fire? it is ridiculous this needs to come to an and and quick.

  7. I dont belive you can take force to far on a FREAKING TERRORIST!!! police acted appropriately people are always quick to say the police were wrong but once you are in a gun battle having bullets flying pasted your head then you can tell me they “overreacted or were unprofessional, or did a bit too much”

  8. I’ve watched many videos previously about police taking their ability to fire at someone for granted, some police do that just because the consequences won’t be so hard on them. However, some police do it out of fear for their lives. I believe in this case force upon the suspect was not right.

  9. The police departments throughout the United States all take extra precautions and most of the time do acutally take things too far. The entire city being shut down to find one 19 year old teenager was extremely irrational and over compensated for the condition of the matter. I completely agree with the student who submitted this letter because he is correct in believing that the Boston PD used more money and hostile force then was needed. The police department should be able to track down poeople with minimal force and the least amount of violence.

  10. I agree with Gerin. I think the police abused their power in this situation. The suspect was not threatening the lifes of the officers that were after them. They had no right to fire at him the way they did.

  11. I agree that the Boston Police took force too far. The suspect was not firing at them so there was no need to fire at him. Their acts were very unprofessional and to shut down an entire city was a bit too much. I think they could have handled that situation in a different manner.

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