To make the best use of your time,
You don’t need to make your words rhyme,
Just do your own work,
And don’t cheat or shirk,
For plagiarized work is a crime!

Copyright © 2011 Richard Hollenbeck

108 responses to “Plagiarism

  1. I do not understand the reason that people plagiarize. It is not only a crime to others, but also a behavior will hurt yourself. It is a double edge sword that has no benefits any one. I suggest the college create a more strict punishment on plagiarism.

  2. There is no excuse for plagiarism. Plagiarism is a reflection of laziness. Far from robbing some else’s work, a person is robbing themselves from the ability to think and possibly creating something great. The consequences from plagiarizing are simply not worth it.

  3. This poem is so short but means so much. I don’t understand why people plagiarize especially in this era where it is easily traced. Plagiarizing will only get you so far then it will all come tumbling down. Just do your own work.

  4. I love this poem. Its short and straight to the point. Just do your own work!

  5. Plagiarism may seem like the easy way out but it simply is dishonest.

  6. Katarina Ponomaroff

    We get the freedom to speak our minds and yet we still have some people who would rather take the words and works of others. We each have the ability to put our brain to work and get our assignments done with our own knowledge and sometimes people are too lazy or unmotivated to get it done themselves. People who let others copy their work are only doing something negative to the person because it limits that person from actually trying to do the best they can do. How can ones knowledge be properly tested if they are copying the work from another source. Also, plagiarizing essays by copying and pasting others words will get you absolutely no where but a zero on assignment. Do your own work, it is worth it! Speak your mind!

  7. doing your own work is not hard it is pretty easy if you have determination then it is really easy! it is just getting started that takes me a while.

  8. Doing your own work isn’t hard the hardest part is finding motivation. All it takes after that is a little effort and elbow grease haha.

  9. Want to know something that really upsets me? We are given FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PEOPLE CHOOSE TO COPY OTHER PEOPLE’S THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS. Yes, you may copy because you “agree” and are “too lazy” to write your own words… but the way I see it is; God gave you a beautiful brain. He provided you with an able mind- use it.

  10. I actually like this poem gives a twist on something everyone should never really do! Like others have said you don’t learn and you would proabalby be as mad too if someone copied and didn’t give you the credit back. Just do your own work it’s not really hard and if you do use someone’s work make sure you give them thier credit where it’s due!

  11. It is important to give credit, you would want credit if someone used your words so give them credit for theirs. Also you never learn anything by cheating. The grade of a cheater does not reflect his actual intelligence. Take pride in your work and let your grade define you and your efforts, not the words of others.

  12. Nice poem, however plagiarism isn’t worth your time. Even if you do get credit there is nothing learned. So why waste time plagiarizing, I mean we’re all here to learn right?. Mrs. Kollitz offers revisions so do your own work and you actually learn from own person mistakes.

  13. Ive never understood how someone can be lazy enough to actually steal someones work and take credit for it.

  14. Ive never understood how someone can be lazy enough to actually steal someones work and take credit for it. Have some morals!

  15. No one wins when things are plagarized. Not in the long run, things will catch up and it is just better to do the work upfront and honestly, or not at all.

  16. Although this poem is short, it’s meaning and implication go beyond what is directly seen. Plagiarism isn’t fair to the person who actually did the work and isn’t something that should be taken lightly. This poem was catchy and gets the point across.

  17. People are very lazy and they need to stop. Plagerising is such a waste of time. It does nothing good to our knowledege its simply an easy way out for everyone.

  18. Plagirism is simply a waste of time if your lazy to do your own work atleast fix whatever it is you are borrowwing. It astinishes me how easily a person can plagerise and how they dont caere to get caught.

  19. I feel like anyone can simply plagiarize something and call it theirs, but to create something of originality from your own thoughts, that is showing true courage and intelligence which sadly, a large number of people in today’s society
    do not have.

  20. There have been so many times where my tests and papers have been copied or plagiarized without my knowledge. It’s really sad that it’s becoming so hard for people to think for themselves.

  21. I think plagiarism just shows laziness. I feel that it is very important for our generation to have their own opinions and be self righteous in their beliefs because with the way that technology has advanced it makes it extremely easy for kids to cheat not only their assignments, but also themselves. Assignments have a bigger purpose then just a deadline and a grade. Its a part of a curriculum that was created to prepare our minds for the future so we can succeed. Students need to focus on enhancing their skills, maintaining their integrity, and putting in the effort so that way when they are finished it is actually rewarding to receive a good grade.

  22. To really learn, Plagiarism can not be in the picture. It is a crime because it is not your own knowledge, it is false. It also shows a lack of effort which is Frustrating because there is no way to learn which means there is no progress with Someone’s education.

  23. Plagiarism is indeed a crime and a big one at that. It is nice to see a warning displayed in a more creative way than the boring not plagiarism students so often see.

  24. Plagiarizing is a crime. People learn better when they can summarize the research in their own words then quote it. Besides it builds their vocabulary up.

  25. A very simple way of reminding me about how bad plagiarizing is. and also I think cheating on a paper like that is pointless why would you want to go through the embarrassment of no one ever wanting to believe what you write.

  26. I like this poem a lot because it is simple, and it is true. Make the best of your time and dont cheat yourself out of a great oppurtunity to learn something knew.

  27. I like this poem because it is simple and to the point! Don’t take someone else’s work and claim it as your own. It is rude and disrespectful to do such a thing, so buck up and do it yourself.

  28. Plagiarism doesn’t help anyone. The person who cheats also cheats themselves out of the opportunity to gain knowledge that may help them in the long run.

    • People who plagiarize should realize if they have to do that they should just quite school. It is easier to plagiarize in high school than college . I f someone gets away with it in college and “earns” a degree they will be in a world of hurt when they get a career. They may get one but they have to keep it.

  29. This poem is cute but it is a serious offense to plagergize someone elses work.! He uses little words but very powerful points.

  30. I do agree that plagiarism is a crime, but I can kind of see why some students cheat. To them its fast and easy little do they know it isn’t that east once they get caught. Its best if students just start off doing their own work because in the end it will save them a lot of problems.

  31. I can’t people who plagiarize since they are taking the easy way out. Truly it is not that hard to write about a subject in your own words.

  32. I can’t stand when students cheat! It really shows what kind of character people that cheat have. I think it is not worth being kicked out of a class or school for cheating so you should just do your own work!

  33. Plagiarism and cheating is not worth being kicked out of a class. Laziness won’t get anyone far in life. I think if feels so much better when you actually do the work yourself and earn a good grade on it. I really enjoyed this poem.

  34. This was a very well explained poem. I believe that many people find it easier to copy someone else’s work just because they are lazy to do their own. It is funny how people end up getting caught for cheating. Like for example, leaving someone else’s name on the work they turn in.

  35. This poem was a cute way to get the point across that plagiarism is the wrong thing to do. I don’t understand anyone who would risk getting kicked out of a university just to have an easy way out of writing a paper!

  36. This poem is cute. I believe the saying goes honesty is the best policy and this poem reminds me of it.

  37. Plagiarism is taking someone’s work and using it as though it was their own. Hence, when someone is studying something or writing a report, they cite the work from official websites (blogs are not official websites, no one cares what Bob Joe thinks on the subject.) We want to know what you think with the VALID information you have, not to simply just copy paste and say “I agree” at the end of the paragraph. After reading some of the “Smith vs Marx” essays I have to say most of the papers I read simply repeated what either said and followed with a simply blind “I agree”, which is incredibly enraging because they don’t explain why they agreed, why the evidence that was given to them made them form their opinion.

  38. Plagiarism is wrong. Only lazy people do this. Everyone has an opinion which can be expressed or interpreted differently.

  39. I see what you’re saying,
    But I would beg to differ,
    Because I borrowed your lines,
    To make my own rhyme,
    So I don’t believe this is plagiarized!

  40. A lot of people are always looking for the easy way. Stealing credit from someone elses hard work because they were to lazy is not an excuse. In fact there is no excuse to plagiarize.

  41. Why cheat when you have a better chance by doing it yourself. Then maybe you’ll learn something.

  42. It really grinds my gears when people decide to plagiarise. People put time and effort into writing a paper and one should not take the easy way out, and just copy what one had written. All you have to do is elaborate on your thoughts. In the end they only end up hurting themselves and defeat the purpose of them getting an education.

  43. Plagiarism shouldn’t be done at all, I don’t understand what is so hard on putting your own thoughts into something. People shouldn’t take credit for other students hard work, it’s just wrong.

  44. Its a bigger waste of time to plagiargise

  45. Nice poem, you can tell much about a persons character when you catch a person plagiarizing. Laziness will never take you anywhere you will only fool your self and lead your self to failure and embarrassing moments.

  46. I have never plagiarized anything in my life and do not plan on doing so. I do not cheat or copy other peoples work because I know if I get an “A”, I did not deserve it. I like to earn my grades and the feeling that I did my best to earn the grade i recieved is much better then recieving a grade I did not work for. Great poem.

  47. I love this because it is so true. People that plagerise are just to lazy to do anything themselves. Everyone needs to learn how to make something their own otherwise everything would sound the same. It is also a crime because they are copying someone elses published work.

  48. I love this poem, it is really catchy. As for plagiarism, I do not understand why people would rather use another persons work than their own. What is the point of taking someone else credit? Do your own work or give the other person their well earned credit; it really is not very hard.

  49. I completely agree with this. Everyone has the capability to come up with their own material, so why copy and paste and claim it as your own?

  50. this is a very true statement . it feels so much better to do somthing your self . it makes you proud and plagiarism is never worth gettting kicked out of school

  51. “Thoughts of words expressing a feeling”
    My adopted parents knew that I was deaf, when I was only three, and since then 33 years ago, have been never signed to me.
    I knew when I’m around the house, I tried and used my voice, It makes them feel more comfortable; for me, I have no choice.
    I tried, communicating their way-Uncomfortable for me. My adopted parents wouldn’t learn sign language “Ashamed or Apathy?”
    I never cared about the sound of radios and bands; what hurts me most is, I never vision in my eye “heard” my parents’ sign language in the hands.
    Diana Sanchez – August 2012

  52. “Signs are to eyes what words are to ears”
    Diana Sanchez – August 2012

  53. I feel that this poem says a lot even though it is fairly short. There is really no need to plagiarize anyone’s work, it just means that you were basically to lazy to think for yourself, or that you are just trying to find an easy way out/ taking shortcuts. If you are going to plagiarize, the least you could do is cite your work.

  54. I really enjoyed this poem. As much as I would like to say ” why would anyone plagiarize” I’m sure I’ve done it more than once. It’s so easy to accidentally plagiarize, sometimes it just happens.

  55. It’s pretty pathetic when people plagiarize. It’s not that hard to do your own work.

  56. Plagiarism is not only against the law, but it defeats the very purpose for writing a piece of literature. It needs to come from one’s own mind and heart in order for it to be worth the time put into it

  57. I really don’t understand why people plagiarized d if the whole point of doing the work is to learn and understand a concept. In the end the only person cheating is the person who cheated because that person will not know anything. Work is not hard the person who plagiarizes is just lazy and does not care for school.

  58. I really enjoy how fun that was to read. The poem almost had a lecturing tone to it. Very clever and witty.

  59. Yeah the time people spend to plagiarize can be used for actually learning. As time goes, people do not appreciate education and just want good grades. Plagiarism against good purpose of education..

  60. I don’t understand why people can’t just do their own work. Students that cheat are just being lazy and are only hurting themselves.

  61. I agree with Emily, plagiarism is just another way of identifying a lazy person. And I think that people who do plagiarize don’t realize why it is such a big deal. Stealing someone’s intellectual property is relatable to stealing items from their house.

  62. it drives me nuts to hear about the plagiarizing that people do. what the point of starting something if you can’t do it yourself? LLAAZZZYYY!
    It may be hard and hard to understand how to get a jump start but even if you use other information its not that hard to write a few more words of where you got your information.

  63. Plagiarism is just dumb. I do not see how so many people can be that lazy and not do their own work. They will never improve if they never try and get critiqued on their work. The internet is a very big contributer to plagiarism because there are many websites with whatever kind of work the person is doing and all they have to do is type the subject into a search engine and they can copy and paste.

  64. It’s true how will you know what you can write if you have never learned to write yourself. If you plagiarize your just cheating yourself out of your education if your going to spend the time in the class you might as well learn from it. You have to write your work if you plan to learn anything.

  65. How will you know how good your work is if it isnt yours. There is no point in cheating because in the end where are you going to get in life. You wont always be able to copy someone when you get a job which requires ones own skills not anyone elses.

  66. I would have to agree with this poem. It would feel much better to get a good grade from doing your own work instead of someone else’s. I don’t know how people wouldn’t feel guilty about not giving someone else credit for their work.

  67. I agree with Sean Shanahan. People who plagiarize just cheat themselves. The purpose of education is to learn and think for yourself, not mimic others because you didn’t allow enough time for thinking or because you wish to be politically correct. People will respect you if you say, “sorry, I didn’t understand” or “I failed to manage my time wisely.” However, people will not have faith in your integrity. Making excuses for your failures and blaming others is much easier than taking responsibility for your actions.

  68. Plagiarism shows a complete lack of conviction and effort. The worst part is the people who work hard to do things the right way and come up with their own original thoughts can still receive worse grades than a plagiarist if the plagiarism is not caught. However in the long run plagiarism will only hurt you because the time spent plagiarising could’ve been spent learning so the next time you will actually know what you are talking about.

  69. Plagiarism is terrible! Only cheaters do it and they don’t get anything good out of it. They may get away with it, but not learn anything from it.

  70. Quick and simple and to the point. I liked it 🙂 I don’t believe in Plagiarism either.

  71. I never understood how someone could get away with plagiarism. Chances areif you got it from someone else, then other people must have seen it.

  72. haha do your own work its not too hard haha, i do it all the time, all you need is time and effort and your good. great poem though.

  73. I love the poem, students should not plagiarize in any way! Plagiarizing is very shameful, and students should put in a lot of effort into their own work!

  74. This was really clever. I dont understand why people plagiarize, it doesnt make the cheater get better at all.

  75. Aw I like this. This is a very clever peom for plagarism! Then it is funny how he says that you do not need to make your words rhyme and he rhymes his words.

  76. Plagiarism shows no intelligence. Many people who use the work of others are either lazy or have not received the right education. You have to stay true to yourself and not cheat yourself. Intelligence can go a long way in the world and when you have to opportunity to receive it you should make the most of it.

  77. plagiarism is ridiculous and it shouldn’t be done. how will you ever learn if all you do is cheat of of someone else its not smart and its not the way to go.

  78. I think it’s just laziness that cause people to cheat and use someone else’s work. Or they might use it because they think their work will get them an A and even sound better than what they can come up with. It happens and there are consequences.

  79. Students are so lazy these days that they use the easy access of the internet to do their work for them. Plagiarism is a terrible thing to do and I do not see how one can get any satisfaction from claiming someone else’s work to be their own. In the amount of time a student will spend attempting to plagiarize they probably could have come up with their own thoughts for their work.

  80. Everyone should just do their own thing! It’s a simple concept and that’s how you gain your own knowledge!

  81. Why even show up to class if you aren’t even going to think for yourself or do your own work. Its such a waste of time to plagiarize and its not even satisfying so why do it.

  82. I don’t see why poeple plagiarize, why wouldn’t you want to express your own ideas and your own knowledge. Personally, I like to be able to be my own person and do my own work so I know I get the grade I deserve.

  83. I really like how fun that was to read. The poem almost had a lecturing tone to it. Very clever.

  84. That sums it up. Do not allow anything or anyone have you compromise your integrity.

  85. Only a few words yet a very powerful message sent by this poem. I like it, short and to the point.

  86. Short and to the point, hopefully it sinks in to the minds of the students that read it that coping someone else’s work is actually a waste of their time.

  87. You would think students would stop plagiarizing now that their is all this fancy technology that gets them eventually caught up. Not only that but the consequences of plagiarism can be life changing.

  88. As a writer, I find it despicable to use someone’s work without giving them credit. I also find it sad that I have witnessed many people plagiarize in classes I have taken.

  89. My view is that you read another persons view to spark your own. The motive behind any idea on paper is for it to be a one of a kind work that derives solely on being a person’s own view on a subject.

  90. Why would you ever want to use someone else’s work. I would think people would want the self satisfaction of getting a grade that they worked for, not copy and pasted.

  91. if somebody plagiarize why even bother doing the assignment, take the class or even go to school if you are not prepared to share your own thoughts and ideas?

  92. Plagiarizing is a crime. There should be no reason why one person should steal another ones work. It isn’t that hard to work and come up with your own ideas and get the grade you earned.

  93. Plagarism is just a form of laziness. People dont want to put in the work because they have to take the TIME to do it. Ultimately, people who plagarize are only hurting themselves; they’re taking shortcuts in their education, and that will hurt them in the end. I also think procrastination has a lot to do with it… people wait until the last minute to complete assignments, and realize they’ve run out of time, so obviously plagarism is the answer?

  94. I really do not get why people plagiarize. It only causes you to worry more and then get a bad grade or worse.

  95. Express your own thoughts. Show your intelligence in your writing. Do not make a fool of yourself and make excuses of why you have to copy other works. Show the best of yourself and do your own work.

  96. I enjoyed reading that little poem. I really don’t see the point of plagiarism it’s simple the individule is lazy. Plagiarism comes from those students who wait till the day before to due their essay. I believe any student can write a great essay on their own

  97. This is a good saying and funny because i just overheard some people saying “If you are not cheating, you are not trying”.

  98. I agree with this saying. For those who plagiarize, they never are going to learn anything in life nor are they going to be successful. All those people are going to learn is how to cheat their way thourgh life. Their not going to be educated nor maybe get a job. ALL THEY KNOW IS HOW TO CHEAT THEIR WAY THROUGH SYSTEMS AND NOT LEARN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

  99. Cheaters never prosper.
    Thats all I have to say.

  100. Why would people want to plajiarize? It is just taking the easy way out, and you wont learn anything if you copy another individuals paper and use their words.

  101. This is so true plagiarizing just makes you have to work double time because if you get caught, it will become bigger then you ever imagine. It will go on the permit school record and you will be looked like a cheater to everyone.

  102. I personally don’t understand why students STILL plagiarize even though they know it’s a crime! Do they think they won’t get caught? You’d think that students would realize that teachers and professors have so many ways to tell whether it is your work or not. If you don’t take the time and effort to complete an assignment, you do not deserve the grade you receive on it.

  103. This just shows how lazy people are getting. Especially when they have the internet right in front of them to find the answers they need. Sure it can be a lot of work to go to the library and find the exact book you need with the correct answer you are looking for, but when you have a tool such as the internet there should be no reason to copy someone elses answer when you can easily find it for yourself.

  104. Terrell Mauldin “gets it.” Serious students shouldn’t need to compete for grades with cheaters!!!!!!!!!

  105. Terrell Mauldin says,

    “Mr. Hollenbeck states plagiarizing is a crime,
    Some students just say they don’t have the time,
    When the work is due, and they don’t have a clue,
    They have no problem with being a slime!”

    Very good Terrell!

  106. Mr. Hollenbeck states plagiarizing is a crime,
    Some students just say they don’t have the time,
    When the work is due, and they don’t have a clue,
    They have no problem with being a slime!

    Terrell Mauldin
    August 2011

    A poem for fun.

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