The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, in the U.S. Senate, and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, or PIPA, in the U.S. House of Representatives, are two controversial bills that are currently making their way through Congress. They took a hit earlier this week when hundreds of websites went dark to protest the bills under consideration. See the next two videos to learn more.

It looks to me a lot like Atlas Shrugged coming true before our eyes.

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14 responses to “PIPA/SOPA

  1. SOPA will never pass. The whole internet takes shoots it down every time it comes up.

  2. PIPA and SOPA were a joke, in my opinion. There was no way it would pass, and if it did it wouldn’t have lasted very wrong. We must beware of future bills that have learned from the PIPA and SOPA mistake, because they could very well be veiled versions of the same thing that slip through.

  3. I remember first heating about this through the activist group “Anonymous”. I’m glad that it did not pass because it was the power of the people and millions of users on the internet that helped decline the bill.

  4. I am so glad that PIPA and SOPA did not pass. This would have violated our freedom of speech right. I think if it were to have been passed it would have just been overturned.

  5. If SOPA and PIPA had passed, it would have created a huge freedom of speech dispute. It is not up to the House of Representatives or U.S. Senate to regulate the internet. Not only would they have been shutting down sites, they wouldn’t have due process.

  6. I believe that SOPA and PIPA will do more harm than good. They are taking away are freedom of speech and are trying to control it. I think the government isn’t trying to protect us; they are just trying to protect themselves.

  7. These issues are the worst laws I have heard that wanted to pass but thank goodness they didnt pass. Because the government is trying to get too much into our buisness and controling just like in Altas Shurgged. But there is always going to be government wanted to take control.

  8. Thank goodness PIPA and SOPA didn’t pass! It would have caused more problems, and we have enough to deal with. However, it has made me realize how dependent we are of the internet. We use it for just about everything! Even if it did pass, I’m sure there would be many people finding ways around the extra regulations. That would put more problems on top of problems.

  9. The internet is our last source of true, uncensored, restricted media and for the government to take control of it would result in chaos, in my opinion.

  10. I actually don’t think PIPA/SOPA is a bad idea, I think it should be regulated in moderation to what should or should not be accessed. I think that by regulation the amount of piracy and illegal downloading of music, movies etc, would be decreased. People would then buy more of what should be bought instead of stealing.

  11. When I first heard about this topic, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many prominent public figures spoke up in opposition. For this generation, the internet is almost a necessity – probably too much of a necessity, but that is just how it is. It would be vey interesting to see what would have happened if SOPA would have passed.

  12. I’m so glad that SOPA didn’t end up passing. All the media would be either blocked or removed. And and we are generation that relies on the internet. What would’ve happened if it was passed?!

  13. These two acts are going to cause a lot of problems for the many of us Internet users. I highly doubt that the bill will get through.

  14. PIPA and SOPA would cause nothing but problems..endless problems. Everyone would eventually figure out how to get around any blocks, and this would really cause a lot of problems for companies that get much of their profit from the internet. I highly doubt this will ever pass..

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