Watch This Video Now! You Might Be Shocked . . .

Thought of Buying a GM Car Lately?

This should be an eye-opener!!

This link was sent to me from a childhood friend.  The situation is worse than I thought.


10 responses to “Watch This Video Now! You Might Be Shocked . . .

  1. I think this is not good at all we can’t be buying products we can’t afford and even not from the state were most in debt with I think America should make there own products .

  2. I just think that America isn’t making any good choices. I don’t see why they just don’t use our own country to make “American” products. They are wasting their money going to China to have thing made.

  3. what is the point of helping if they are not doing it here? We are helping out other countries when we still need help ourselves! this is ridiculous.

  4. This is terrible! People are working so hard in China and America is taking the credit. Then again it said China is investing in America’s energy resources and key industrial plants. Maybe that will help America pay of its debt? This video is sort of confusing to me.

  5. This was discussed in class, and I had no idea this was even going on until it was brought up. I can’t wrap my head around why they would do this when we need jobs here. It would only benefit us to have the cars made here, instead of giving jobs to other countries. Especially sine so money was given to this company for assembly of the cars.

  6. This is incredible slide of hand balougne. It’s hard to believe that Romney was really against this when his own close officialls profited. Silent partner? Perhaps. Is Obama a benifactor of this Chinese venture? Perhaps. I have a remedy for this. Government should seize the assists of gm. Those that are owed to the government at least. Including interest. Furthermore, they should let china have the brand and instead establish a new automotive brand funded and monitored by the government and ran by college graduates in physics, engineering, design, business, and economists…this will ensure that the interst of the people are being upheld and that we continue to advance technology to better fuel efficiency, or produce alternative energy. Isn’t this what we did during the space race? Wasn’t government highly involved in motivating education and scientists. Investments could be kept within the United States to ensure that there are no lobbyists tying to outsource for greedy profits.

  7. Why did we bailout a car company that’s not even operating out of America!? This simply makes no sense to me. I thought the bailout would keep GM afloat and allow some of that money to come back around to be reflected in the economy right here at home. Instead we invested into outsourcing, thus losing even more money to China. All this has done is weaken the general view on our government and businessmen even further.

  8. Akerson keeps bringing up words like success. It is success but to himself. General Motors, one of our few car producers that was bailed a couple years ago. It was suppose to help them raise from their financial problems not be transferred to China. I wonder how long will it take for China to take over the US completely.

  9. This Chinese venture is part of Obama’s stinulus package of 2009 that went to Obama’s crony capitalists–not capitalism at all. The reason I’m having all of you learn about our economy is because we will be reading the wealth section in A World of Ideas for our next assignment. The more you understand before we start, the better you will succeed on the next assignment. I’m trying to present all sides of issues so we can have a good discussion in class before you write Assignment #3.

  10. This is incredible! We are just giving other countries our money to rack up an even higher debt. Is this another situation leberals can say Obama had nothing to do with? I can’t believe we are giving these people who are hacking our systems our companies. What is wrong with America!?

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