Pay Me More Money Than This Job Will Ever Deserve

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It seems that people would like a little bit more money in their pockets, so they are protesting across the country for it. However, these people who are protesting are in the fast food industry. Before anyone gets all uppity and agrees with their demands, let me persuade you with a few simple questions: You are currently enrolled in college, correct? Why did you decide to enroll into college? Did you decide to get an education because you know that jobs like McDonalds was not going to satisfy your earthly desires?

    Did I persuade you yet? These people are performing menial labor jobs that anyone can do. Why would a company pay more than the minimum wage to these people? The point of business is to maximize profits, and if they ever need the best and the brightest of people, then they are willing to pay a higher wage. McDonalds isn’t interested in having top tier people, they just want someone to hand out fries. If these people truly want to be handed more money that is enforced by the federal minimum wage, then they must appeal to congress to raise the minimum wage, because no one is going to pay more than they have to, and that $7.25 is already pushing it.


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  1. What! Now i know that l.a times did not write this. What a bunch of crock. My 28 yr. old daughter azpplied to Mc. Donalds. And sorry for the rude awakeing but, she was denied the job. She has a High School diploma and an AA degree, and Mc. Donald would not hire her. And yes you do need an education to work for fast food places, they automaticly want a high school diploma and some form of experience. And if you have that and more, they feel you should be working somewhere else. This article set my blood pressure off. UUgh.. -_-

  2. The reason these jobs are considered low skill jobs, is because they are low skill. Why would we pay two people the same amount of money when, say, one went to college and specialized in a field and then got a job in the skilled working environment, and the other took a fifteen burger flipping course at le cordon bleu?

  3. These people need to take into account whether the government is focusing on fighting unemployment or inflation at the moment. Cause I would agree the if their cost of living is increasing in their area, then they should have a slight raise in wages. But if that is not the case, and they’re just getting greedy, then they should go back to school to get a higher education which will then lead to higher wages.

  4. It isn’t the job of the employer to ensure that you can “survive” off of your paycheck, they are not responsible their employees life and lifestyle. Its unreasonable for people to think that they can feed a family and sustain them by working at McDonald or any other entry-level job.

  5. This is the most ridiculous thing i have heard in a while. If people wanted more money they shouldn’t work at McDonalds.

  6. If fast food places gave their employees more money the cost of the food at these places would dramatically increase.

  7. If the immigeration reform passes, in few minutes these people protesting will lose their jobs to the new immigrants.

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