Pay it Forward!

Pay it Forward!

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  1. This video was so touching! Kudos to the mom and family for raising him well, teaching him at such a young age to give back. I’ve herd of “paying it forward” before but nothing has been as touching as this story.

  2. These are my favorite videos to watch. And its even better witnessing it in person. This is a very touching story indeed.

  3. Great story, great kid! I have a hate/love relationship with these kind of stories. I love hearing how people are so kind to our soldiers, mostly because my brother is one as well. It also makes me sad to hear Myles story because I think about how not all of us are lucky to have our soldiers come home to us. People forget that these soldiers are not just soldiers, they are someone’s brother, father, sister, or just a really closed loved one. Kudos to Myles for being such an amazing child.

  4. This story reminds me of a quote. I was once read, “I think a Man with a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football”. Comes to show there is people out there who support the troops and believe they deserve more then what they get.

  5. This is so inspiring. The little boy’s positive attitude and giving spirit is not common in this day and age. More people should follow suit in an effort to make the world a better place. We should treat our heroes as they are, our heroes. They fight for us and we should fight for them in iut own way. Everyone can learn from this little boy.

  6. This story is amazing. To know that this young child paid it forward is awesome. This brought tears to my eyes knowing that he could have kept the money to buy a video game but instead gave it to a solider in the restaurant in memory of his dad.

  7. Seeing stories like this really does touch my heart. To think that a little boy would do this almost brings a tear to my eye.

  8. This was an extremely touching story. It’s great to see him respect and think about others before himself at such a young age. I’m glad he decided to pay it forward because through this video I’m sure he’s encouraged others to do the same especially for those who fight for our country.

  9. This was cute, “my dad was a soldier, he’s in heaven now.” That made me throat go into a knot.

  10. This was cute, “my dad was a soldier, hes in heaven now.” That made me throat go into a knot.

  11. Wow it’s really great to see a kid like this. Growing up without a father probably is hard but this kid is making his father proud.

  12. Wow, not many would do this. What a great kid with a very thoughtful mind.

  13. This is Amazing that an eight year old kid could do such a great deed. Also, in doing this deed he has inspired other.

  14. Christopher Rodriguez

    Very touching story. More people should follow this kind boy’s footsteps.

  15. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    This story is so touching. It reminded me of my little niece, her father passed away in Iraq, and she never met him therefore only has pictures of him and imagines how he was like. Every time she see’s a soldier in uniform, she goes up to them and thanks them for their service, without us telling her to do so, she automatically does it. It’s very beautiful how such little things can become such big impacts in ones life. I will also admit, I did cry. My mother came in while I was watching the video and crying, it was embarrassing.

  16. Wow! What an incredible story. I got a little emotional hearing about how he imagines his father would be with him. This little boy surely showed us what real human kindness is. We don’t hear a lot about good deeds in the news like this one. I personally believe that this little kid was raised right. Money isn’t everything and almost any person would have kept the money, but this little kid was selfless and did what was right in his heart. I’m sure he’s making his father proud in heaven 🙂

  17. Sweet kid! Good for all the people involved.

  18. Wow this is the type of behavior we need to see in the younger generation alot of kids wouldve kept the money including myself. It would be great to see more giving and caring persons on earth; i bow down to the little man as he is setting a better example for myself and the world. It is always better to think of others.

  19. This story really touched me how this kid at such a young age could give and not be greedy about the money like other kids would be. The kid saw his father with in that other soldier man and he knew with in his heart that his dad was watching. It must be hard for him to not have his dad around I couldn’t imagine not being able to have one. This story can inspire others to do the same and change another persons lives whether he’s a soldier or just an ordinary person.

  20. wow! this story is really amazing!! he’s eight years old and never ever really met his father but understands what he has done for him and others. Its remarkable because there are adults that don’t even have that type of mentality to share, give, or even respect in that way. I believe that we should all keep this in mind the next time we encounter with someone less fortunate of just when we stumble across something we don’t need that someone else may actually need.

  21. This is just beautiful! I’m glad the news is willing to spend time on these types of stories. With all the negative in the world it is comforting to see the good.

  22. This was a really good story. I can’t imagine loosing my dad in a war. This kid has the best attitude that one can possibly have, and i hope he has much success growing up.

  23. I’ll admit, I cried. Children are so beautiful, and the worldly adult has something to learn from these little mystical beings. They are intuitive and spiritually guided. when I’m feeling defeated, my mother reminds me of my childhood self knelt down at the quarter machine praying for one simple prize or another. After dropping the quarter in and turning the dial, I would usually retrieve the gift I had asked for. This child wont get his father back, but I am sure he’ll receive many more gifts for sharing his golden heart. I hope his mother is able to love again as well; it must be hard to lose a spouse, especially after the birth of her first child!

  24. I’ve always like the concept of paying it forward, this story is a very touching story, the kind of stories needed to show human kind that they are capable of acting in kind way and helping others. Hopefully more stories like this one will encourage more people to pay it forward whenever they have the chance.

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