Patrick Moore: Imperative to Watch

Today, May 6th, 2014, President Obama called a news conference on  to make the most important issue in the 2014 election by having the weather reporters from his crony news media friends to proclaim how we must go to SOLAR POWER.  These reporters are not scientists and coundn’t expain the scientifc method to anyone.  Wake up and smell the coffee.  Many scientists now working in the field argue that because we are carbon, as are all animals and plants we are dependent on carbon to live; therefore carbon is not the problem.  Watch the other scientific films and understand the scientific method.  This will help all of society in the future, if you can help young people “get the message.”

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  1. “Policies that make energy more expensive make food more expensive.” It seems that people in power want to use “global warming” to push their own agendas, but also to provide a scapegoat for catastrophes, distracting people from the true cause of natural disasters and moral decay. Yes, I believe “human activity” is the issue, but not in the way we are told. The bad choices we all make on a daily basis are the real pollutants to the earth – they are what’s really killing us and poisoning our land. If we want to be self-sustaining and clean, we have to nurture the earth and cultivate good habits that reflect how much life matters to us. I believe if we make it clear how much we value our planet (if, for example, it shows in our yards/ gardens, in our bodies) then policies will change for the better, and not only for energy but for food and all living conditions. If we have a vision of a better life and put that vision into action we can do our part.

  2. Over a long period of time fossil fuels will eventually, run out and what kind of resources would we use next? I was surprised to hear that solar power is soo expensive and nuclear energy and hydroelectric are the best replacement for fossil fuels.

  3. Learning about nuclear power is awesome but I believe the reason why America is not using so many nuclear energy is because look what happen to Japan. Japan used a lot of nuclear energy but when there was a nature disaster it left harmful chemical and toxins that even occurred cancer. Also there is no way to dispose nuclear plant after you do not need them. So personally, I believe America should invest in renewable energy other ways.

  4. Nathalie S Gallardo

    This makes so much sense. What I don’t understand is why if America is the country that is trying to be the best most advanced country, then why aren’t we becoming a part of this “nuclear renaissance”? America should do their research and realize that nuclear energy is the way to go.

  5. I learned that some many companies say their product is green but it really isn’t. they continue to tell buyers this just so they can get their money. There are few products that are actually “green.” Make sure to do your research before you waste your money.

  6. After watching this video I understood more than ever how important our resources are to our well being. I do not believe climate change is a crisis but i think fossil fuels are the biggest problem.

  7. This is the first video that I have seen that defends that green house gases are not the problem and that global warming is a natural process. Up until this video all I ever heard was “Global warming simply does not exist”. They never backed it up with any evidence.

  8. I really liked this video because it was very informative, it gave a lot of points and use a lot data to back up his claims. Maybe if more people became informed about the topic, they would realize that america is falling behind when it comes to what energy source their country uses.

  9. I remember watching this in class so I skimmed over this video as another refresher as what I previously learned. Global warming has to be the most talked about issue in science. I have a hard time believing the fact that CO2 is deemed bad. Where are all the scientists and chemists who studied this? Every living being is made up of some carbon so why are people not understanding this? I think the entire nation should take a research on class on science and current issues. If only it could become something mandatory as part of the test for driving at the DMV. Like how we are given the option to vote when getting our license, we should have an extra little part of education added to the mix. Virtually the majority of the nation would receive this knowledge and it would help better us as a whole.

  10. I always thought that global warming was real, but as my education develops I see the truth. I like that Mr. Moore uses evidence to back up his claims and he also tell his audience that they can see it for themselves.

  11. I think Patrick was correct when he said it was not a good idea to put policies that are going to waste a lot of money on something that we are not sure of. Wasting a bunch of money on new ways of getting energy just because of the false understanding of global warming is wrong.

  12. Apparently Germany has had excellent success with installing solar panels. But the united states like to excessively tax everyone on “newer” things. I think that solar panel based energy can be progressed into a better source of energy. But, nuclear energy and power plants ALWAYS leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

  13. Katarina Ponomaroff

    The message to be conveyed in the scientific method. In this video I have learned the opposite of what I thought to be true. I have always been under the impression that solar panels are a highly recommended and efficient way of getting power a cheap and environmental friendly way. From this video I saw that solar panels are in fact not as satisfactory as we are told to believe. This video makes me want to be more aware of people who are tying to take my money.

  14. Fossil fuels are polluting our world, but how and who is going to initiate the start of a new? People now days are motivated by money.

  15. William J. Gonzales

    I truly found this video to be quite interesting and informing. I was aware of the solar panel not being really efficient, which is why I informed my folks not to fall for that bs. it is a ploy! Furthermore, I agree we should keep looking into other sources of power/fuel to depend on. Maybe we could find more efficient ways to use our resources. For instance, we could have them work together simultaneously in someway to produce energy.

  16. I liked the contents of this video. I myself had wandered from time to time about gas and these other sources of energy to run our way of life. I believe by utilizing all of these different assets at our disposal, may bring all of the high prices on these items down to more affordable means. Keep inventing.

  17. Elise G. Richardson

    I learned a lot watching this video! Patrick Moore gives a lot of informative information on our environment. Americans tend to be misinformed from our leaders and this video helps inform those on true evidence

  18. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    This was such an informative video, and so interesting. I enjoyed watching it in class and I shared this video with my aunt since she has solar panels, she felt a little foolish after watching this.

  19. I never knew how important fossil fuel was. I really liked how he said all we need is just sustainable and clean technology. It’s important because people think technology has to also be renewable when it really doesn’t. People always talk about how great solar panels are and how going green is. I’ll keep this video in mind when the solar panel people come knocking on my door.

  20. This video was a good summary on global warming. I use to believe human actions of industralized factories caused a lot of harm to the atmosphere by admitting excessive CO2 into the atmosphere. Now that I’m older and looking more into the topic I’m starting to believe that human activities have not caused very much harm to the atmosphere by surplus CO2 admissions. But this video taught me to look at both sides of the argument before I take a side.

  21. From this video I learned, how Americans are so dependent on fossil fuels making up 80 percent of United State’s energy. On the contary other countries are looking into producing alternative ways to produce energy.These foreign Countries are even going overboard by building power plants on our U.S lands.

  22. I liked what he said. it made sense. Fossil fuels are polluting our world. Why continue using them when we know of other resources we can use. There were many interesting facts I did not know. I think that clean energy is the way to go!

  23. This was a very interesting and insightful video. Glad we watched it in class. Finding out about the solar panels and how they’re not a good idea as everyone else seems to think. Also, it was interesting to learn about how nuclear energy is the best form of electricity to replace fossil fuels. I will definitely share this video.

  24. Watching this movie I feel like I really learned allot. I think that more people should watch it so that they have a batter understanding. I always thought that we were damaging our planet and when I heard the war nuclear I always though of bad things like the nuclear war. Who would have though that our planet isn’t really in the middle of global warming air that nuclear things could be helpful and not always harmful

  25. After watching this video I have realized the importance of our resources. If other countries can be fossil fuel free why can’t America.

  26. More people need to watch videos like these because they need to realize that we can’t continue living the way we are. People don’t realize that if we continue abusing our resources, eventually we will no longer have them.

  27. Finding out that solar panels aren’t as money saving as I thought, was a shock. Solar panels always seemed like such a good idea. Green not being as fantastic is another shock. Everyone is always saying go green to help the environment but in reality its just propaganda. This video really opened my eyes that you can’t always trust what people say because there’s always two sides to a story.

  28. I learned a lot from this video and will definitely share for others to see. Very informative and interesting.

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