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  1. This video is very informational people should always change up there passwords and not make them so obvious and weak.

  2. Ive seen something similar to this before but had not put too much thought into it. Of course you should not use the same password for everything, that is a no brainer but people can get lazy and or forget passwords easily. I would simply out different phrases as passwords and add that number each website requires.
    Now i learned some more tips in password security.

  3. Finally a clear video of how to protect yourself via internet! I loved the way she examined every single detail of why we need so many characters and numbers and symbols. I also loved her subtle tone and humor. Thanks for this video. Now I know I will be a step ahead in all my passwords!

  4. I never realized how important password safety was until seeing how many people are constantly hacked. Not only are people hacked on a daily basis, but even school systems can be hacked nowadays, including the government. Scary stuff… I will be sure to change all of my passwords!

  5. I never put to much thought on my passwords and i must say that i dint have the hardest password to figure out. This video got me thinking that we should be in control of our security and not let computer’s tell us what to put as our passwords. From now on i will definitely make very hard passwords for all of my accounts.

  6. I feel confused after watching this. I am happy to learn how to construct a strong password. However, why are so many banks and other large corporations teaching us to use week passwords?

  7. This video is very informing while still being entertaining and enjoyable. I did not realize how easy it is for someone to hack my password, and this video will definitely come to mind the next time I am asked to create a password.

  8. Very great information, but i already know about it. i’m a gamer, so i have like 10 different passwords. I only input information where i trust the website. other than that, I make fake identity. I also make sure i change my password once in a while and go to website that i don’t trust on my phone.

  9. I found this video very helpful and educating because i wasn’t aware how easy it was for hackers to figure out someone’s password with the restrictions that are enforced by companies who own certain websites. From now on, I will be using her advice when i create new passwords.

  10. I had no clue how important it is to have a complex password. Even when we think our password is secure sometimes it isn’t. I will always be sure to have a secure password now because i don’t want my information to be stolen. I hate how careful we have to be. Its annoying having to live with the worry of people stealing from us.

  11. This video was pretty fun to watch, but also very interesting. Very helpful indeed. I am now considering of changing some of my passwords.

  12. This video is very helpful when wanting to create a password. I think that the guidelines websites use to “help” us create our passwords is ineffective and puts our privacy at a higher risk. Learning how to create an efffective password will definitely prevent a lot of hardships in the future.

  13. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    So watching this video in class was actually helpful and as soon as I was able I changed all my passwords. I used the same password for everything which probably wasn’t the smartest idea in the first place. This video helped me out a lot with the amazing information.

  14. After watching this video two times it class it reminded me of another video I watched in another class last semester which also talk about password security. It mentioned similar point about how to create a password but also mentioned how using number as letters within names are always hacked and this was maybe on point which Nixie Pixel could of mentioned. I thought it was very interesting how Nixie Pixel explained how password systems limit password security by the regulation on the password. It also help me understand that a strong password is easy three random words.

  15. People should take her advice and beware of password protection. It’s becoming easier to hack passwords and we need to take all procedures necessary to prevent this issue. This video is great for making the public better aware of these issues.

  16. Watching this two times in class was really helpful to get everything she was saying, especially the second time around. It’s funny how websites try to tell you what will be the “safest and most secure password” to use by including a capital letter, a symbol, and a certain number of characters. However, it’s not true! That’s probably the easiest way to get hacked.

  17. Very interesting and great information! I’m glad this video was posted up on here. I will definitely be changing my passwords.

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