Organized Chaos

This is organized confusion at its finest. Pedestrians, walk with
care! LOOK AT THE PEDESTRIANS! Organized chaos–the new scientific worldview beyond Postmodernism…Tell me it isn’t true!

3 responses to “Organized Chaos

  1. This seems so odd to me, so unsafe too. I cannot picture that in America, people already seem to drive so crazy, just taking the stop signs away I think would make things worse. Personally I would be scared myself to be driving like that. Just imagine yourself when your first learning how to drive in you go through such a big intersection like in the first video! That would be horrific.

  2. These are definitely very different transportation processes than we have in America however, these “organized” traffic pathways seems to function very well. Especially when you consider the streets of California to be one of the most unsafe roads on the planet. Just look at the number of accidents on the roads by drivers in California.

  3. It could be worse, you could be going through this instead.

    I doubt by removing all the roadsigns really made it safer long term. Figure that the signs/lights were at first carefully used and then people starting getting used to the signs and then stretch the limits. By limits I mean people going even though its a red light, or not really paying attention etc.

    Now that they removed everything everyone is on alert but how long until people start getting used to the no lights and turn to the mindset of the paragraph above? What if a few punks speed down it because they know they won’t get in trouble? I’m waiting for it to become like the youtube I linked above.

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