Awesome One Man A Capella Choir

Wow! This must have taken a lot of work to produce and keep the various tracks in synch with each other.

and this. . .

I wonder what kind of software he used to compile and synchronize the tracks.  I wonder how many years of classical training it took for him to understand all these parts he sings.

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  1. People have the most creative minds like who would think about synchronizing all these notes perfectly just to make one video? It definitely amused me. I’m sure this video took him forever to film and edit because it does not look easy.

  2. Wow, he is amazing. It was so creative of him to come up with this. This was unique and makes him stick out not only that but it showcases his talent really well.

  3. wow I wonder how he did this video with just himself. The way he sycronized his voice to match each other was really good. I just watched pitch perfect for the first time a few weeks ago and now I’m hooked on capelle videos.

  4. this was wonderfully edited. such amazing talent he has some amazing talent.

  5. Amazing use of his talent. His must have a remarkable sense of patience and dedication to sing all these songs over and over again and edit them together.

  6. Wonderfully edited. This kid has some real talent. Both as a singer and a producer. I wonder how long it took him to put this clip together.

  7. Technology and the will power of humans is amazing. Such a cool thing to be able to do, wish i had that kind of talent!

  8. Amazing! This also reminds me of Natalie Cole being able to sing a duet with her father Nat Cole after his death. Technology is amazing but not without the talent that it takes to put something like this together!

  9. All I know is that it must have taken him a lot of time to get these videos perfect, and that must have taken a lot of patience but it’s amazing to see what people are capable of doing when they really are passionate about something. He was really good!

  10. This is so good! I bet it took awhile to put this together.

  11. This guy is pretty talented, he put in a lot of time and effort just to make a couple short videos. It’s cool to see how he integrated his singing abilities with modern technology to create something that is very interesting to watch.

  12. I’ve seen this guy before, he’s extremely talented. I don’t think a lot of people realize how hard it is for someone to reach all these different tones (and do it very well). Bravo, this was extremely enjoyable.

  13. Wow, such a talented man! Not just vocally, but technologically as well! can you imagine how many hours it took him to sing each part? And then how many hours after that to put them all together…unbelievable. his range is truly amazing.

  14. These videos were so cool to watch! He is a very creative and talented young man and it is interesting to see the things you can do with technology now days.

  15. What a fun video and a unique video for sure! My sister did a performance to this song so it was funny that this song came up in my life again, but i do like this song for some reason. Very great video and nice job of being creative.

  16. I love videos like this! People can be so creative and that is one reason why I love YouTube because it gives artists a platform to perform. I know this video took such a long time to make and edit and I applaud his performance.

  17. The human voice is truly amazing. The overtones that are created through harmonies are beautiful. The extra notes that are created by the binging of vocal lines sound amazing. Performing in a 500 person choir had granted me the opportunity to experience the effect of proper sounding vocal harmonies. It truly makes the voice seem as an instrument.

    • More than the fact this guy can sing beautifully i think it is amazing how creative it is. The amount of time and effort it took to make a one man a capella is even more amazing . Props to this guy for using his talent to the max.

  18. That must have taken a lot of time to put together and it is genius! He is talented vocally and pretty amazing with this video.

  19. I enjoyed both videos, the guy sounded great. This shows great talent, along the with amount of time it must have taken him to do this especially on the first one.

  20. This video is pretty amazing and this guy is pretty talented with his voice.

  21. This takes true talent, both in singing as well as video editing. I have seen a lot of things in the internet like this and only wish that I could do it myself. A Capella is a special kind of singing that (in my opinion) is more difficult than playing with accompaniment.

  22. This sounds good however, I not really a big fan of acapella . I like instruments in music.

  23. I enjoyed this video a lot. I love music in general and the fact that he can sing! Amazing in this time since a lot of people use auto-tune.

  24. This video was interesting. I can see many hours were put into making this video. He obviously has too much time on his hands. It was a good video though.

  25. wow! lost art! singing. its been a while since ive heard a good voice. Now a days everybody uses a synthesizer to alter their voice in the music industry.

  26. I love listening to A Capella! It must have taken a lot of time and effort to put that together. I like the second video better because that song is from my child hood the movie Hercules and it was one of my favorite movies. I give him a lot of credit for putting this together and being a really good singer.

  27. This guy is a pretty talented singer and I dig his arrangement of the second song. I remember that song from the Hercules cartoon movie from when I was little. He must also have a lot of time on his hands to be able to record and mix together all of these different tones and find the right blend for a strong harmony.

  28. Facinating that this young man has such an interesting skill to manipulate his voice into different harmonies. I too have been singing since I was little and not once have I heard an a capella like this. Pure talent.

  29. These reminds me of the movie Pitch Perfect. He is a good singer but has amazing talent to be able to sing different parts and combine them into a song. He must have a lot of time on his hands.

  30. I love this video!!!! I am also a singer which is why this video really caught my attention. Its fascinating how one person can use different tones of voices to create harmonies by themselves. These boys are very talented in how they use their voices and also by how they edit themselves into a video.

  31. I think this video was awesome! I really like watching these types of things when people actually have the talent to do something special. I really like how he made himself appear in differnt places and made it sound like there were so many people there. You can tell he put a lot of time and effort into this.

  32. This video is incredible!! I love the virtuosity of his voice and how many things he has to accomplish for this to actually sound good! This is very interesting.

  33. This is amazing. His vocal range and voice are incredible. You could never tell that this was just one man if you just heard it.

  34. very talented . it sounds really good ! the video put a smile on my face.

  35. To amazing talents put together to form this, sound beautiful.

  36. It is amazing the talents that people have, and this is a talent!

  37. Whoa! It must have taken a lot of work and commitment to put all that together.

  38. This is a great talent with the skills of editing made useful.

  39. i like the second video a little better because he had a good acapella, and it sounded better.

  40. Wow!!!! That was amazing, when I listened to the song and how he do this.. i mean have great voice balance. It can’t be.

  41. This was fun to lesson to. It truly must have taken hours to create these videos by only one person. I wonder if he did this for fun or a for a school project?

  42. I would love to hear other acapella’s this talet man has done. I couldn’t even keep track on how he did different sets of tones all together and it came out to something really great. This must have taken a long while but he truly showed the great talent he has.

  43. That is incredible because the timing had to be perfect every time. I wonder how many times they had to re-due it.

  44. Wow both guys voices are really good. I wonders how did they make their video. Its really good. Everything was perfectly put together.

  45. Very talented and he seems to be full of personality. It is crazy how much time people put into perfecting their talents and carrying out their hobbies. Amazing.

  46. Wow this videos are great. It shows us how much time he put in them to make them perfect. He also did an amazing job with videos and the technology we have today.

  47. I find A Capella interesting to listen to. It shows how truly talented someone is and at times it amazes me that it is just their voice without instruments. These videos must have took so much time and effort, but worth the end result.

  48. He has some serious chops. With the technology we have today though, that might not be his actual voice. If I had a sound board I could probably make myself sound good. His voice just seemed too automated and well too perfectly in pitch. Not even opera singers can stay in perfect pitch through a whole song.

  49. oh my gosh what did he use to create this video. This boy has got tallent he can sing and make an acapella just with himself. Never have I seen this before in my life and he outstands me.

  50. That’s pretty crazy.. I couldn’t even imagine the work put into it..

  51. WOW! i can not believe this! this is amazing and sounds incredible! this guy must have put a lot of time into these videos in order to get them perfectly in sync.

  52. I wish I could do something cool like this! The only songs I can sing is “twinkle twinkle little star” and ” the itsy bitsy spider.” this guy is truly patient.

  53. So much time on his hands! However, the extra effort has paid off since his video was worthy enough to be included in Professor Kollitz’s website. It was very entertaining. His effort was not in vain.

  54. This is very impressive and makes me think of what one can accomplish when they use their brain and have lots of time on their hands. Strangely, it made me think of how prison inmates make ingenious weapons and ways of smuggling and communicating because the only thing they have is time and the only thing they can do is escape inside their minds while in their cells.

  55. This guy has so much range and vocal variety. I thought it was pretty smart of him to showcase his talents in such a different way. I would have never thought of making a video like this if i was ever musically inclined.

  56. I wonder how many times he had to sing that first song to get it just right. He must of had a lot of free time because it takes a long time to edit videos especially when audio has to line up perfectly. I definitely would not have the patience to line up all the different videos so the audio would line up.

  57. I love watching videos like this on Youtube! They are so amazing!

  58. Wow, these videos were really cool to watch. It’s crazy to sit back and think how much time and effort he probably put into making these videos.

  59. This is awesome. Singing a capella is very difficult. The fact that he has so much range is amazing!

  60. Wow that was amzing! He has a unique voice. I know it took a long time and close attention to detail to get the right note with the right pitch. He truly have talent!

  61. This was done very good I haven’t seen anything done this well. it must have been challenging to put together all 32 parts like that, it came together very well. This must have taken sometime to put all those sences together like that.

  62. Wow, that is so crazy! I didn’t expect them to all turn their heads at the same time in that first one, and it kind of caught me off guard. They all turned perfectly at the same time. That must have taken forever to get perfect!

  63. This video really put smile on my face. He really has beautiful voice.. And with technology, he even raised his talent to upper level! I can’t wait to see another amazing development in 10 years.

  64. That was really good, shows what can happen if you put a lot practice into something. Great things happen for those who put in the effort for it. He has a really amazing voice.

  65. There is diffrent talent in everything anyone can imagine!! He can definitely sing and work with computers to produce a unique talent.

  66. It is crazy how technology is transforming and one man can turn into a whole choir. This guy has a very nice voice and has a great harmony also.

  67. Oh my goodness, I absolutely loved this! Not only because I love singing, but because it takes a lot of talent to do all of those different parts. I wonder how he was able to put it all together. This is great.

  68. This is different, I found myself looking around at every face trying to see if any were duplicates and I failed to find one. But this is incredible, imagine if you could perform something like this live. So many people would be like, “What? Woah?” Also, that last song is from Hurcules! I love that song.

  69. Wow, again, wow. What technology can do this days it truly blows my mind to see the many different ways people can create something. And it makes me wonder what technology is going to be like in another 50 years. Technology is improving everyday.

  70. Wow! He is in true harmony with himself! The range of tones he is able to express is amazing. I wonder how he thought to put this together. Very interesting!

  71. This is amazing. There is a lot of people worldwide who take out the time to make some amazing video. People like this man should be able to go into film school and help with some new films. Talents like these should not be wasted

  72. Pretty cool! I definitely think he has too much time on his hands but vocally he’s very talented to be able to have such range. The video with all the square pictures of him reminds me of the Brady Bunch intro.

  73. The depth of natural talent is just amazing! Especially when you see all these celebrities; if you can make it in the entertainment industry, you’ll make bank!

  74. This video brought me a huge sense of nostalgia. Although I am not classically trained like this guy, i was in high school choir, and this was AMAZING to hear! He has genuine talent, and the harmonies are exquisite!

  75. It is just amazing all the technology we all have nowadays. It gives us the opportunity to let us basically almost do anything. These guys did any amazing job with there video and i would love to be able to do something like this.

  76. Not to bad at all. That is something that seems fun to do. And his voices are crazy and all frames are in sync with each other. Haha very nice.

  77. This is so cool! There really is some great talent out there that would probably never be noticed if it weren’t for websites like YouTube.

  78. It is crazy how he is talented enough to be able to sing in all those different tones. It is cool how far we have come in technology for him to be able to create that video. I wonder how long he must have spent working on it and putting it together. It was a cool video.

  79. Really good!! its amazing how he got all of the voices together at the right time. he has a really good voice and it takes a lot of talent to be able to do this.

  80. These kind of videos are really popular now a days. It kind of sheds light on a new type of experimental music. It also shows how far technology has gone!

  81. Now this what I like to see young adults doing with technology, not video games. He is exceptionally talented and I will be watching for him in the future. OOOHHHHRRRAAH!

  82. Wow, this is impressive. Either this kid has a lot of talent, or he has too much time in his hands to computerize everything and make his voice sound good and synchronize the video perfectly. It is possible.

  83. Holy cow! Now that is an incredible voice. I heard almost every little tone in both of those videos. I wonder how long it took for him to finally get it right. He has a beautiful voice and tone. I wish I had that voice and much time on my hands!

  84. wow this is great, it must have taken a long time to get all the parts right in the correct place. He sounds amazing though.

  85. He has such a beautiful voice and can use it in many different tones which is incredible and how in sync it all is creates such nice harmony.It must have taken a very long time to create this.

  86. Wow, that was pretty good! It must have taken a long time to get all the parts where they needed to be. I bet there was a lot of fine tuning. Its amazing how every frame was in sync with all the others. Someone had a lot of time on their hands.

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