Oil and Natural Gas Drilling in America






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  1. I don’t really see why not, but alternatives for gasoline would probably be better. Depending on where natural gas and oil is located, it may risk destroying national parks and the like. But, who knows

  2. While I do think that the US should move away from oil dependency, drilling for oil is relatively safe. There are rarely environmental problems that arise from drilling and there are precautions for them. Almost all forms of energy have their drawbacks, even hydro power has environmental issues.

  3. About 6 months of perpetration for 20 to 40 of natural gas, doesn’t sound to bad to me.

  4. Based on the information that this video shows us, it makes it seem that fraking is pretty harm to the the earth and its crust. I do agree that america needs to stop relaying so much on oil though.

  5. In the video, “Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking)” one of the first things mentioned was about safety. The narrator explains how safe this process is now. He says, “steel pipes called casing cemented in place provide a multi-layer barrier to protect fresh water aquifers” that very important in my opinion. I believe that a lot of the time some of the safety procedures in any project aren’t taken too cautiously. I also really found the animation helpful in my understanding of whats really going on beneath the surface. Clear step by step images were shown and connected well with what was being said.

  6. These were all very good explanations of “fracking”. I would love nothing more than to get America off it’s dependence on foreign oil, but this does not look like the way to do that. The “fracking” process seems far too destructive to our earth’s crust.

  7. I find it amazing how far technology has come. These videos not only enhanced my previous knowledge of natural gas, but I feel that I have a better understanding on the process behind gas, instead of an unknown perception.

  8. These films have given me a new understanding about how politicians, big business and the media continue to use their platforms to make themselves look good and line their pockets, while John Q. Public gets taken for a ride. Granted there are other fuel sources and sure we can get them overseas. But the questions that need to be answered are are these other fuels sources better or worst than what we have and why are we still importing it from outside. And from our enemies nonetheless. We need “pumped from the USA” on billboards and gas stations all across this country so we can be the dominate again. Let world come to us again.

  9. I never knew what Fracking was until I finished seeing these videos. It is very extraordinary what it takes to set up oil rigs and how to properly maintain them. More importantly there needs to be a combination of our own drilled oil and alternative energy resources, so it can greatly benefit the U.S.. And also stop our dependency on foreign resources.

  10. Lots of conflicting data with these videos. I watched them last week and again this morning. I just find it hard to believe that the drilling and fracking are supposed to be good but I have read they are bad too. It created a lot of confusion for people and it makes it hard to tell what is beneficial. Fracking seems good because four or five months of hard drilling and horizontal work creates 20 to thirty years of product. And then it end up resulting with little or no evidence that there was ever actually something there. I think the guy in the keystone video is quite funny when he pointed out that Obama lied about diminishing our dependency on foreign oil. Politics literally drive everything in our country. The last video we watched in class about the drilling for gas in Pennsylvania seems beneficial to the community. It help create employment and save the environment.

  11. Miranda B. Barragan

    While watching this video in class it made me think about the actual process of oil drilling. I always thought it was good for society. I never realized how harmful it could be on the environment. However, I do think that it is necessary despite the environmental factors.

  12. William J. Gonzales

    As i have watched this the other day, it made me think whether if it was good or bad that we drill for oil or Natural Gas. Its good because we use these resources to survive. However, there are some issues in drilling such as infecting our environment with oil or natural gases if we do it wrong. so it feels kind of 50/50 to me.

  13. There are pros and cons to everything. Drilling seems like it has a lot of benefits for the country but the environment is an issue. Plus, I can’t blame the people for being skeptical of how trustworthy these companies will be.

  14. Today we watched a video in class on oil drilling. I have never been too familiar with the process of it so this list of videos was a great way for be to better my understanding on oil drills. Although it seems like a good idea to drill our own oil and save money and avoid buying our oil from other countries, drilling our own oil is very complex and could easily cause problems.

  15. It does seem like drilling our own oil makes more sense and makes us a even more dependent country, but on the other hand it can also create many issues.

  16. I agree with the video when it says we should use our own resources to save money instead of buying it from other countries. If we drilled our own oil we could save a lot of money. The process of drilling can be very difficult and if it isn’t paid attention to then it can cause quite a problem.

  17. I like how these videos explained how we extract oil. I also like how this video explains how we utilize oil rigs. I have seen the oil rigs in the long beach harbor and I use to think they were apartments, hotels, or a resort. Now I know they are oil rigs I would have nevered guessed just by looking at them. I do not like that the United States buys oil from our enemies. I think we should use some of our own oil reserves for a few years to save us money and lower gas prices.

  18. I never understood how fracking was implemented , however the first video 3-d annimation gave me an outstanding visual that helped me better comprehend all the following videos. At first i was very skeptical as the narrator kept ensuring the videos how safe this process was. I liked how it also shows the process on how to deactivate an abandoned mine. I agree with the man on the latter video;why does obama want to be a client to our worst enemy? I most likely would go to Canada , however could venezuela really have put that great of an offer that obama couldn’t refuse?

  19. That is one of the main reasons that they are having earthquakes in places that they never had them before.

  20. That is really dumb to buy oil from other country’s then our closest neighbors Canada.

  21. The process of oil is a troubled subject but I agree we should do it.

  22. In the US we have enough oil to last us for a couple of years. So why not use our own resources instead of buying it off from other countries that hate us? Using our own resources will most definitely make us much stronger and might in fact help our economy.

  23. after watching these clips im quite compelled to use this topic in my final exam essay paper. after watching the video with the Canadian gentlemen I really realized a lot about how ridiculous it is that we purchase oil from our enemies and waste money on what is alive and well right beneath our feet. by drilling for oil in america we will help the economic system, create more jobs, and have to deal less with foreign affairs. I believe that it is an incredible benefit to our society to dig in america rather than in the middle east and it will create immense economic growth and stability for our future.

  24. It is honestly frustrating to find the truth of the matter here. Ive spent hours and hours trying to find scientific studies that definitively prove beyond doubt that fracking is dangerous or harmless to the environment. Every page I come across either says fracking is the devil or that it does not hurt anyone, and right after that I find another essay that seemingly disproves the first. All the counterarguments I see are just semantic attacks on other people’s work, looking at the fine print and attacking small grammatical errors and then triumphantly decide that they have disproved the finding. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SCIENCE, how can so many scientists have conflicting data? Science has become much too politicized to be practical anymore. Scientists are supposed to be unbiased and simply report the finding that they have, but now they are willing to change the data to suit their political interests. Honestly, finding the truth really is as simple as testing the groundwater away from and next to hydraulic fracturing wells, but for some reason no one wants to tell the truth of the matter. What a shame.

  25. I just feel like all of this drilling for oil will be the end of our world, we need to find alternative resources to live off rather than the natural resources we are using now. Especially when it comes to the toxic chemicals going into the other water pipelines that go into homes.

    • This final exam will be based on facts, not feelings. Get the facts. For instance: if we use thealternate source “corn” for gasoline, we now know when we put toic fumes in the air, much worse than from petroleum and we diminish the food production and food cost increases across the world.

  26. A combination of using our own drilled for oil and alternative energy resources would greatly benefit the US and stop our dependency on foreign resources.

  27. This seems efficient enough. I wonder if there are any lasting affects on those cracks they are causing in the rock layers where they are fracking. We should still continue to look for other alternatives to satisfy our “needs”.

  28. In my humble opinion, I think we need to stop importing gas, and use our own resources. from Canada our ally, and drilling in Alaska ( the hell with the Carabbow). we will be self sufficient for sixty or seventy years, and by that time we would have invented other stuff to fuel our vehivles, factories, etc.

  29. Its a lot of money being put into making this happen which might be the reason why gas prices are changing like they are. the drilling process can be difficult especially if not paid attention to which could cause an explosion

  30. I think, we should invest in research on how to use other things such as “Salt Water” to run a car instead of gas, or even corn stalks. We are, slowly but surely we are, but their are some powerful ass mother fuckers investing a lot of time and money to counter act this (Al Gore, ironically being one of them). We are fighting a losing battle over this oil in countries that Americans can’t even find on the god damn map. It’s pathetic.

  31. It seems to me that the process of drilling oil is complicated. The amount of money and time spent into making oil is really unfortunate. think about it ,we have natural organic products that we could use instead that will in turn give us the same type of fuel to generate a car. Our environment is being destroyed and our animal life is becoming extinct, and one of the reasons is due to oil drilling and waste just sitting their.

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