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  1. I do not really sure what is behind those people’s request. I do not know what happened that cause them so angry. But I do know one thing that sacrifice others’ benefit to achieve their goals in to a viable way to conduct things. It will enrage other people.

  2. 7) Disappointment and injustice is what made this people on into a strike. This are people that are out there in the battle field defending their rights. They do not care about how long it is going to take, they just go. They are a real inspiration that should make us think about us and our willing to fight for justice.

  3. I like the fact that groups like this can unite and go on strike. I think it’s also great that they practice their constitutional rights. I’m for any kind of movement that seeks change.

  4. It’s always great when a group of people can excercise their constituional rights. I must say i am so happy i didn’t have to be in that traffic jam. 🙂 Their protest was a long shot and evn though it didn’t suceed they definately stood up for what they believed in.

  5. Sometimes people need to go to these extremes to be heard. The “ride for the constitution” was a good implement because they desired a change.

  6. It makes me happy that people do stand up for what they think is right. They are protesting in a different and creative way that is kind of powerful and doesn’t hurt anybody.

  7. I agree, it’s very good to see that people are standing up for what they believe in. It was definitely a good strategy they used to get some attention and recognition.

  8. If the good people keep their mouth close you than can only hear from the bad! it about time that people stood up for the things that they believe in and stop people from walking all over their rights.

  9. Many do not realize the government is for the people and led by the people. We dictate who represents us and should be able to voice our opinion on their actions.

  10. Very cleaver way to get attention for a protest. A legal traffic jam!

  11. I’m glad protesters took a stand for what they believe in.

  12. This is a pretty ridiculous “protest” to me. I mean, they are demanding that the President of the United States step down from office, that’s practically what the terrorists do! They’re priorities are completely diluted, I mean lower gas prices? Come on. There are much bigger problems in the world than the gas prices in the country that has some of the cheapest gas in the world. There could have actually been some good to come out of this if the so called protesters would have actually thought a little bit about what they were asking for.

  13. Wow I wonder what happened that Friday afternoon. I’m pretty sure law enforcement had to get involved since that’s how it is around these parts with CHP, DOT and all those traffic departments. They don’t even let Fire engines stay a second longer than they have to at an accident on a highway for the sake of traffic build-up.

  14. good for these protestors to take a stand. government does so many things without understanding how it effects society. i appreciate people taking advantage of their rights. i doubt that Obama will resign, but it would be nice. lol

  15. People actively defending their rights is always a good thing to see.

  16. Oh, oh! That is so interesting. They do everything for their rights.

  17. Yeah I highly doubt Obama is going to resign, but I do admire these people for standing up for what they believe, and what is right in the constitution. I am very interested to see how this plays out.

  18. Well, I highly doubt that President Obama will resign, but this does not really surprise me. The people of the United States are going to fight for their rights in the constitution. In fact the government should have already known some type of retaliation was going to happen because it happened back when America was dependent upon Great Britain, it happened when African Americans boycotted and walked the streets for freedom and its happening again. Obama needs a solution fast because history is about to repeat itself.

  19. Wish am close by, I will definetly join.

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