Obama’s former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Obamacare



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  1. I just don’t understand how these problems went undetected. They had years to figure this out and fix them, if Facebook can handle millions of people throughout the world why cant our government, who spies on the entire world, properly run a website.

  2. I just read this comment on the internet from R. Priesbus about Gibb’s comment:

    The ObamaCare rollout was “excruciatingly embarrassing… bungled badly.” That searing indictment came from Robert Gibbs, Obama’s former Spokesman, of all people.

    He added: Obama needs to “fire some people that were in charge of making sure this thing was supposed to work.”

    I agree. And the first person fired should be Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

    ObamaCare is an undeniable disaster and its website is a waste of $400 million in taxpayer dollars.

    Despite Sebelius’ confident predictions that the site would be accessible on October 1st, millions of Americans are still struggling to enroll online since then. Sebelius tried to label the fundamental flaws as “glitches.”

    This is more than just a glitch – this is systemic failure.

    Despite three years to prepare, Sebelius ignored red flags and repeated warnings that ObamaCare wasn’t ready for primetime. These requests for an ObamaCare delay didn’t just come from Republicans – they came from Obama’s own staff and supporters.

    Senior HHS officials raised concerns about the implementation deadline but were told: “failure was not an option.” ObamaCare’s chief digital architect worried the site would be a “third-world experience.” And the chief author of ObamaCare, Democrat Senator Max Baucus, feared it would be a “train wreck.”

    Sebelius needs to be held accountable for this rollout malpractice.

  3. It’s about time, I guess since he got fired, now he can speak up, without been afraid of ramification.

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