Obama’s Dream from His Father

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  1. Everyone should be inform by doing their own research and not by relying on other people.

  2. This video is very informatitve. That fact that some many people vote for things and they don’t even understand what they are voting for is kind of scary.

  3. I have sat in one of Dinesh D’souza’s sermons at Harvest church and he is an amazing speaker! The movie 2016 is definitely one of the most important movies a voter of 2012 could see. Now that the election is over and Obama has been re-elected we are now going to see the truth of the movie revealed. Obama’s history is very mysterious and it is important to know about our president’s history, same as knowing the past of a boyfriend/girlfriend. The president does not have the slightest care for America because his plan is not of Martin Luter King Jr. or the American Dream, but his father’s dream! His father was an anti-colonialist, and because it is his 2nd and final time in the white house, he is “free to do whatever he wants” just as D’souza said. Obama’s goal is to turn America into a 3rd world country, and so far Obama has gotten everything he has wanted so why wouldn’t it happen?

  4. Maybe obama isn’t so bad after all.

  5. i hope this country can get better in the next 4 years . i don’t care if your republican or democrat i hope everyone can support and make this country stronger.

  6. we just hope his dream will be improved next 4 years.

  7. This video is really helpful to me because it show us how Obama is. This video made me think that we should always know all the information on a present or been a candidate before voting for them. This video makes me take a double look on Barrack Obama in what he gas done for us and that he is following his fathers dream.

  8. The public need to be worry about the President Obama what is his plan for other four years of terms. We don’t know, what is his plan, why, we should vote him? Without that we don’t know what his information for the plan is. We need to be more carefully to make the decision vote for Obama or Romney? We need to be take care of the Security, Economy, Jobs, and extremely the debts. We need to be worry about his plan, it will effect to all the America. Think about your families, children, friends, and many more to the people are important for the safety and Economy. The debts are extremely to take care of this matter. Otherwise can be in the worse for the future, I don’t want that. This is not important about his personal life according to this candidate. Which is mean Candidate should be ask what are doing to do plan, for the running as a president. Before, you make the decision. The candidate is here what the definition is. Candidate is a person seeking or nominated for election to a position of authority or honor or selection for a job, promotion, etc.

  9. Why should we have to know everything about a candidate? The only thing I’m interested in is if he or she has what it takes to run. I don’t care about their scandals, family problems, or “deficiencies”. If people put too much credit on that, then there whould be no one running.

  10. Everyone is open to have their own opinion, but at some point we need to know what is true and what is not. Especially when it is about the person who is ruling the united states.

  11. So many things could be said about Obama’s personal life, but we will not know if what is said is true, unless it comes from him personally. But would that change the opinions of people? It could or it could not.

  12. It is so easy for us to criticize others when we really don’t truly know the people thankfully we are in america where we have the right to have our own opinion.

  13. This video shows how little the population knows about the people they vote for to run their country. Although people can never know everything about a candidate but there should be some way to find out more information about the candidates before they are allowed to run for office.

  14. Caroline has a point. Who cares about his personal we should not focus on that but on what he is doing for our nation. He knows how to keep his personal life away from his work life. I feel it is good to know some history so we can understand him a little more as a person and where he makes his decision but other than that why press on.

  15. I feel like we as Americans need to know so much more about our president than we do now. I can tell by these comments that many people question Obama and quite frankly So do I now.

  16. It is always a nice thing to fully be able to understand the background to our president and it is a very inspiring story. As a person President Obama seems to be very successful and praiseworthy, however, as a president he is failing in many ways.

  17. Anyone can make an inspriring video about Obama’s background and his dream and some people will buy it and feel good about him. But most people are not going to care unless they actually see a difference, and right now the only difference I see is that the country is much worse off than it was before he became president.

  18. I think it is very easy for all of us to sit here, hiding behind our computer screens and criticize people that we really don’t know anything about. The beautiful thing about the United States of America is that is that we are allowed to disagree on topics like this. D’Souza makes a point that President Obama is a mystery to us. He brings up a story that Obama had lived with a young woman, but that women has never been names. WHO CARES? I think that it has been smart of Obama to ignore all of the ridiculous questions and criticisms about his personal life. It is none of our business and we should be thankful that he is focusing more on the problems of our country. For some reason, society’s focus is extremely misguided.

  19. These issues had been brought up during the 2008 election champagne, and the news stations, the ones that I do not watch, attached any other news station or major papers that even hinted at not supporting Barack Obama was attached as being racist. It is not racist to call a socialist a socialist when he or she is one.

  20. I have always been an Obama supporter there are things that he has done that I do not agree with, but my reason that I like him so much is that he is compassionate ahe he speaks and considers the public. I hear his heart when he speaks. His is the voice for the common person, for the average joe or becky. His background and upbringing makes me love him even more…

  21. I feel like everybody should watch this. Many people judge Obama without knowing the true history behind him.

  22. I found it very interesting that so much of Obama’s personal history was missing. The most interesting point that I thought D’Souza made was that in his second term Obama would be pretty free to do e wants and i guess I never thought of it that way although it is very true he would not be hindered by public opinion.

  23. A lot of people are questioning Obama and this video does question his abilities and him as a President but the thing people have to question is would things be better or worse if McCain was in office? and Obama is a big upgrade from Bush.

  24. This video seems very interesting and make me reconsider about Obama’s ability. I think everyone in America should watch this video before they just blame Obama

  25. This video does make me question our president Barack Obama. If no one knows his past, how trustworthy can he really be? I do see Obama winning a second election and in a second term but many rumors have come to the surface of all sorts about Obama and have not heard him dismiss one.

  26. Obama seems to confuse me more and more as time passes. I don’t seem to be for him or against him nowadays. But I do feel as though he leaves many unanswered questions. This video sheds a bit of light on Obama’s way of thinking and leads me to question Obama’s actions. I ask myself, if he is really trying to live HIS FATHER’S DREAM for our country then how is one supposed to know what decisions are being made because those will truly benifit the country as a whole or because they are a list of things Obama’s father hoped to see come through. It will be interesting to see how the film takes play.

  27. Obama did come out of no where last election and I had never heard of him before 2008. His past is keep pretty hush hush. His plans from the beginning where never really any good and I don’t know how he got elected with a socialist agenda. Maybe this movie will have real facts for America on President Obama. But we still have no real choice for president this 2012 election.

  28. This video is very persuasive. It makes viewers question who is leading their country. The man in the video made several points about the mysterious Barrack Obama, One in particular caught my attention. How would 2016 look if Obama was elected for a second term? Would he help build a plan to help pick up Americas economic system?Probably not. He strives to fulfill the dreams of his father, not the dreams of the American people.

  29. I struggle to agree with people like this. Some of his points were good but remember our country was already in the dumps. I don’t worry about 2016 because we gotta make it threw 2012 as the mynas think. Live day by day because Jesus could come soon.

  30. This guy is very logical. I think anybody who watched this video had to take a double look on Barrack Obama. He completely explains the black holes that Obama has. I never knew that he was following his father’s dream. I thought he was going with America’s Dream. This video definitely educated me more on our current president and has me questioning who I want to vote for in order to benefit our country.

  31. The film sounds like it will be interesting. I wonder if there will be any effect on the coming election, usually I see films about presidents that are made after their terms. What I’m really interested in is what would the President’s response would be for the film if it attacks him a lot.

  32. The was very interesting and now I question Obama. Lately Obama has said that he now supports gays but he really does not. I can tell because why didn’t he say this from the beginning. Now that he is going for reelection why would he say something like this.

  33. Many people have been questioning President Obama a lot. Our economy is in the dumps so of course we want something done now. Of course we worry how his reelection will effect us. The truth is that we need something to get done to move in a positive dirrection. In order for that to happen, all of us need to get involved in politics in order to voice our opinion. The truth is, not very many people vote for these controversial issues that come about. If we all had an oppinion and knew exactly what we wanted, maybe something could get done.

  34. This video is crazy! It has made me question President Obama alot. Now am not against him or for him but he does seem to have alot of mystery behind him and I think he should not be re elected for a second term because if he gets a second term he has nothing to lose, so then he will follow his fathers dreams and who know where America will be in 2016. I definitely going to see that movie in the summer.

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