Obamacare in Court: The Anti-Injunction Act Question

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  1. Welcome to the world of politics. So they’re pretty much giving a tax a the name of a penalty so they can tax. Nothing new the government finds ways to lie legally.

  2. Most of what the video talked about made little sense to me. I have little knowledge on health care but I will say that it is wrong for the government to tax people for it.

  3. Fderal government is just trying to take over the people by making them pay for medical care. This is doing no good to our country obama is simpliy takeing advantage of his power.

  4. According to the Anti- injection act, technically, a tax can’t be challenged until after it’s in effect. One thing i am still personally a little confused on is whether or not Obamacare is actually a tax or rather a penalty.

  5. The issue involving the Anti-Injunction Act appears to make it clear that Obamacare is hurting more Americans economically rather than helping them. By calling it anything other than a tax, the government thinks that they will trick us or what…? It seems as if people say, “YAY! Obamacare!” right away instead of realizing that they are in fact the ones that would paying for it.

  6. I think it is kind of strange that there are these political loopholes that they are trying to find, to make it look like the Obamacare tax is really a “penalty” and not a tax. A penalty doesn’t sound better than a tax. I think it makes it sound worse, but I guess the government has more of a chance of making us pay a “penalty” than a tax for our healthcare.

  7. Health care should not be taxed, it should be something an individual pays for, for themselves and respectively their families. Acting as if the goverment should/could balance such a thing is down right getting stupid. Health care is and should always be a personal responsibility, not the goverments.

  8. Although I am a democrat I do see obamacare as unconstitutional. It is stating that all citizens need to have health care, but we must pay for it in taxes. Why would we subject ourselves to paying more in taxes. Obama has the right idea but it is not executed properly.

  9. The federal government is slowly trying to control the people by forcing each person to pay for medical care for themselves. With buisnesses being forced to provide health insurance for their employees, we the consumers pay more for the items we purchase in order for the employer to afford the healthcare.

    • In all honesty what was being said sounded like another language. It was hard for me to understand why Obamacare has been implemented. I am one of the many who do not even understand the concepts let alone the basis of the policy. All I am aware of is that our generation is being taxed the most and wont even benefit for it .

  10. It is unfair how people voted for ObamaCare without knowing they would be taxed. It is also unfair that the poor and the middle class have to pay taxes because of this new law, which they are not even for it.

  11. Alejandro asks a good question, “So, they can’t rule on or against a tax that still technically doesn’t exist in implementation?” Well this was voted into law in 2010 when the Democrats still controlled both houses of congress and was signed into law by President Obama–this is now federal law. The taxes on this law went into effect on January 1st 2013, but the benefits don’t begin until 2014. Not one Republican voted for Obamacare. Now the poor and the middle class are bearing the burden. The general public is now opposed when they find out the hidden taxes in it like “taxing cell phones.” In 2011, when the Reublicans lead by the Tea Party activists took over the House of Representatives and 30 of the 50 states’ governorships, the politics changed and people are now fighting these excessive taxes. There are presently many states suing the federal government on violation of states rights and violations of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th amendments to the constitution *see bill of rights).

  12. I think that Obamacare is only going to cost us more and put us into even more debt. Americans are clearly upset with this bill and should be unconstitutional. It feels like Obamacare isn’t really trying to help anyone.

  13. I believe that this is big deal to most people, but they don’t really know that much about Obamacare in the first place. They are just blowing it out of proportion. This isn’t a just decision to make and isn’t fair to the people. Obama and the government should just make the bill unconstitutional. There are no need for anymore discussions about the subject and should just be thrown away and never looked at again.

  14. So, they can’t rule on or against a tax that still technically doesn’t exist in implementation?

  15. This is disturbing. We will be working to pay for our taxes or penalties, what ever they decide to call it?

  16. So they are employing an old law to cover their hindquarters. Judging from the current status of Obama care I’d say that it was an effective strategy. However, people are still fighting this law, and I support their fight. This country does not need more programs to fund in their already astonishing debt.

  17. That is great that they are fighting against it. Still the bill should have been stated as unconstitutional.

  18. Oh come on who are they trying to fool, by saying it is not a tax but just kind of like one. They don’t know what to say unordered for people to be with it.

  19. Obama care doesn’t really care too much about us as a nation it seems.

  20. They are making it seem way too complicated than its supposed to be. By the way he describes it, the people will be charged to pay for Obamacare like a tax, which sounds unconstitutional to me. We shouldn’t be made to pay for something like this.

  21. Obamacare is just ridiculous. It will do nothing but take away our rights as citizens in America and cost our county billions of dollars. Money that we don’t have to spend and that our generation will be paying for.

  22. Clearly a majority of American are unsatisfied with the bill. It conflicts with their natural rights and should be declared unconstitutional.

  23. The thing that caught my eye is that people would have to pay to vote whether their for or against it. The man said that that would cause for a one sided affair where there are not any opposers.

  24. this is not a big case its very simple all they need to do is make this unconstitutional. theirs no need to discuss this in the court.

  25. This doesn’t need to be as big of a deal everyone is making it out to be. Just claim this bill unconstitutional and get it done with. There are no need for disputes, discutions, or anything. Just throw it away.

  26. Jurisdiction issue eh?? It wouldn’t be such an issue if they just deem the health care bill unconstitutional! It’s way too much of a controversy.

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