Obama Successes


Obama Successes

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  1. Really really good picture. It really says alot. My personal opinion is, I really had faith in Obama. Especiallly because of the problems that had occured with George Bush. I know that Obama had to do alot of cleaning up after the Bush Adm. but still he seems unsure of how to concur present and past issues. Not all but alot. Hopefully we can regain our confidence with the next person that comes into office.

  2. I think almost all politicians are like this. They say they are going to do a lot of good things, but they never do. Its just to get the vote.

  3. Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing he just says a bunch of lies to get what he wants. And when something goes wrong he tries to find an excuse or a lie to cover it up to and not blame him, when he is the one to blame. Our generation is a disaster Obama hasn’t done anything he said he would do he made us all believe he would by voting on him but has only caused issues to are world.

  4. I think America was more worried about getting the first black president rather than listening to his views and plans. Our generation needs to not vote if they don’t understand the veiw points of the running man.

  5. this shows Propaganda set out to try to demoralize Obama. This was obviously a republican ad using satire along with irony to bring about a point of view. Then later trying to implement a frame of mind to the observer.

  6. Interesting, so your calling a man a crook because he didn’t complete 100% of the things he WANTED to do. Very interesting.

  7. This video opened my eyes up to a lot of things that I did not know. I mean it kind of made me angry. I did not enjoying learning that the main person, ahead of our country is so crooked and untruthful.

  8. What a horrible video made me see more than I already knew.

  9. Its a scandal and I did not enjoy this video what so ever.

  10. Oh I get it! He’s done none of those things that he said he would do! Geeze America is doomed if we keep electing frauds like him

  11. What a crook.

  12. Appearing more to be the biggest liar, crook, and deceptive president we’ve ever had…what a mistake

  13. I was not born in Kenya, Iran still enriching uranium, Solendra is not a scandal,
    I did not know about fast and furious, and on and on….

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