NSA snooping on private Citizens Email and Social Media Messages–Ouch!

NSA snooping on private Citizens Email and Social Media Messages–Ouch

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let me catch you up on the situation with the National Security Agency, a.k.a. the N.S.A. The NSA has been granted powers to seize your information without a warrant. In case you don’t know, that goes against your 4th amendment. Thanks to the martyr Snowden, we are discussing this gross power in our government. Lead by Congressman Amash, they voted on a bill that would gut the NSA. As expected, it failed. But it failed due to a few votes. Congress was divided in half on this issue. Here’s the point that I’m trying to get at: People in our government are human. Since they are human, they tend to make mistakes, which would then lead to having a few skeletons in their closets. Usually, this embarrassing information within reach because of the internet, and the NSA has access to that information. I don’t think that it’s above the government to blackmail its own people. This could also lead to our politicians being manipulated by the Government. As any wise tactician would say, information is power, and the NSA has unprecedented access to that power. If your only argument to this is I don’t have anything to hide, then I suggest that you live inside a glass house. Privacy is one of the fundamental privileges of freedom, and I enjoy my freedom.



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  1. Freedom is probably the most important here in America, and by having the government spy on your privacy kind of takes a part of your freedom away.

  2. Of course I want the government spying on everything I do! I mean, if it doesn’t do that, then what DOES the American government do?

  3. ….”we’re humans and we make mistakes”…..I mean I’ve gotten F’s on tests before, and I was caught in a lie once or twice in my younger days but I don’t think anyone has made a mistake….of spying on the whole country and listening in on every one’s phone calls. That isn’t a mistake, that’s an “Oopsie I got caught.” The government obviously knew what they were doing and they probably wouldn’t have stopped unless they were caught.

  4. I respect privacy myself. But I don’t quite understand what was being refered to exactly when he said that we’re humans and we make mistakes. I agree with this statement, but I’m not sure what mistake he was talking about.

  5. All of this is stupid. I mean we all like to have privacy, and for the NSA to be doing this is pathetic. I mean if they want to go through my e-mails then ok. Let me just do this to you (NSA). Would that be ok? Hahaha, no I dont think so hu? The more we advance in technology, it gives us less privacy. I also don’t understand how these types of things are not said out loud to citizens. We all have the right to know what is going on, especially if it has anything to do with our personal lifes.

  6. It is unconstitutional for the government to seize information without a warrant, this and the fact that it creates many other issues such as blackmailing politicians is a major cause for concern. Why is this power even granted to the NSA? I would agree with this only if they were to seize information of people who were a threat to national security, i think only then is this power justified.

  7. It makes me feel weird knowing that no conversation i have nor any of my information is 100% private. Isnt America suppose to be all about freedom? I dont believe anyone should have access to your information unless they have a valid reason or permission to do so.

  8. It’s no question that this is unconstitutional and it exposes us, but this information is open to the National Security Agency, not your worst enemies to embarrass you. These laws are put in place to protect us. For example, if you are searching “how to make a bomb” a few to many times, you’re going to have someone knocking on your door. This isn’t to make a scene, but if this person is a student planning to bomb there school, think about how many lives that saves. And if you just researched it for fun or a project and someone has to have a word with you, it’s just a small inconvenience for everyones safety.

  9. The NSA job is not to be snooping on american citizens, I have nothing to hide, but my freedom is one thing that I enjoy here in the US.

  10. Bravo for bringing this serious affront to the constitution to everyone’s attention. I was appalled when the court reprimanded N.S.A. for lying to congress under oath about what they are doing to eradicate out freedoms.

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