North Korea on Obama


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  1. When Kim Jong-un became the leader of North Korea, every expects him to be a different leader because he used to study in Swiss and have received Western thoughts. Nonetheless, it turns out he is the same as his father or grandfather. He may be a joke for other people; at the same time, he keeps North Korea in tragedy.

  2. I trully do feel bad for the people of N. Korea, their leader is making ridiculous racial remarks rather than focusing on his own people who are suffering. It is sad that even in 21st century we still have racists in leadership positions.

  3. Anything that the North Korean has no weight or power behind it. There government is a joke to the world. They all bark and no bite. That is what i think about them.

  4. I am confused at why he would take the time to make racist comments. He has a country to run, and it is weird that he is concerned about our president.

  5. I find this immature for a political leader of the world to publicly make a racist slur like this. This doesn’t make him more powerful rather it makes him lose credibility and respect from other political leaders.

  6. Recently, I just watched a documentary about North Korea and learned about the struggles and harsh condition these people live in. Overall, the fact that Kim Jong is making racist slurs means he is simple jealous of Obama. The documentary was long but very interesting for me personally because I like learning about the world.

  7. I find this funny overall. I mean this country treats its own people like garbage, but they do have an elitist complex, even though Kin Jong Un loves western films and the like

  8. I dont think North Korea should be talking bad about other leaders. They hide the world to their people and then manipulate their thoughts that will be in convenience to the government of North Korea.

  9. I wonder why the tyrants at North Korea haven’t been overthrown yet

  10. North Korea is acting childish to call Obama a racist slur. They should act a bit more professional.

  11. North Korea is an isolationist country that is manipulated by their leader. He doesn’t let his own people open their eyes to the world as internet and all cell phones are banned. Americans are also not allowed in North Korea.

  12. I could not get this to come up on the computer.

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