North Dakota/Montana Bakken Oil Fields and the Keystone Pipeline

Drill Baby Drill!!!!!  This project should be passed by Congress–the House of Representatives is for it and the Senate and President Obama are against it.  Why is there opposition???  Most of the land and oil rights are owned by individuals–not the government.  The owners have rights to their own property (called imminent domain)  Private companies and private land owners are backing this project.  Why does the Obama administration take credit for these jobs, low unemployment rate for the area, and the boom?  The constitution does not give the right to the government to seize private property.  Doesn’t the United States need to be energy independent?  Don’t we need to have less expensive gasoline for our cars?

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  1. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    I believe that this would benefit everyone. Even though there are both negative and positive effects of this, both of us could benefit. Although, it would be nicer to be more independent.

  2. This would make everything better. Gas would be cheaper and we wouldn’t have to relie on others for our gas and pay so much money for gas. I pay 100$ a WEEK on gas! My founds are going down. If there is a way for not only me to save money but everyone else to I would think it was a good idea.

  3. So we have the land to drill for oil, with the man power, and know where to drill for oil to finally make gas cheaper for Americans and there is opposition in the government against doing so. Why? If we can finally bring down the gas prices and even sell some of it, that would be a ton of revenue coming in from our own soil. Not to mention a boost in the employment rate for that area of the country. We as a nation need to stop spending so much money on foreign goods and get back to making it work on our own, right here at home.

  4. i believe that we could be a power house for natural resources , but for some reason we want to wait . i understand the logic of it , but we need to think about today not 50 years from now

  5. If an individual purchased a property, it belongs to him or her and he or she has the right to do whatever they want with that land, the government should not be allowed to influence that. One of the main topics of today is regarding oil! We went to war to gain control of oil supplies from foreign countries but we have oil of our own, that doesn’t sound right. Gas prices are ridiculously high and nothing is being done about that when the federal government clearly has the power to change that.

  6. I have the same beliefs as other that have posted people are allowed to do whatever they want on there own property but once you force yourself to some elses property you have went to far and that is not correct. But with laws nowadays everything is just getting worse.

  7. why don’t we use our own resources! it makes no sense we have the oil right under our own feet. But we insist on relying on other countries to help support us.

  8. I believe if it is your land, then you have the right to do with it as you please. Once we start forcing people to give up their land we are taking away their rights.

  9. I can’t believe we are not taking our own resources!…..I was re-watching Generation Zero, and I remembered what Sarah Palin said about how the market would rather trade….I used to dislike the woman, but this class has opened my eyes so much!

  10. This is one topic that clearly splits hairs. It is the battle of kowledge on what is true or false. The scientists exclaim back and forth arguments about the quantity of oil in any given location. But, money is the key element that proves it to be ideal or something else. Another problem is with cars, only now that we see more fuel efficient cars. The automobile has been around for over a century. If you follow some of their advancements to making such fuel efficient, can only leave one to ponder why. Henry Ford made several prototype automobiles, in the early 1940’s plastic type material vehicles. Also, products made today use oil, Plastics. Can there be means to find a solution(s) on both sides?

  11. I’m at a loss with this issue. There are so many negative and positive effects going both ways. What I don’t understand is if the United States has the largest amount of oil, why are we so dependent on oil from other countries? But at the same time, what would the effects be if we drilled our own oil? Most of it is located underneath the ocean floor, so many environementalists would argue against it. I really feel like there’s a lot more issues coming out from it than just our dependency on other countries.

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