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  1. I really liked this video. It’s interesting all the info she gave. I didn’t realize how much easier it is to get hacked when you do what sites want you to have in your passwords. The one thing that I dislike about so many different characters in a password is that I tend to forget. Especially since not all sites require a capital latter and a symbol and a number, I usually end up resetting my password multiple times till I can remember which sites have all the special characters.

  2. I know how hard it is to crack a real good password. I am no hacker, but i once forgot a password that i set up a while back and i had a program that try every single possible combination to crack the password. The program ran on average 500 possible passwords per second. There was also options to put words from the dictionary. It is virtually impossible to crack a really good password.

  3. Wow! Really informative!! So cool!! I need to change all my passwords now.

  4. I work on website and software development and there are many ways to protect ourselves from hacking. Password guessing, phishing, or brute force guessing is how most systems and website are hacked. Secure yourself with a firewall, make a password from this site, learn to use 2 factor authentication, or use password managing software will be your best bet. In our security audits we ask a company to send us their login on by email directly to us and if they do they already failed the security audit. Be safe!

  5. I do believe a password shouldnt be so complicated you need to change it everytime you log in. I also think alot of companies are spreading fear of breaches to sell products on protecting your password. I enjoy how nixie gives her information very clearly and is very relatable. P.s I really hate using “special characters” in my password &,*,#, $,@ I really do hate those

  6. Nixie gives lots of valuable information about passwords in this video. The fact that choosing only four random words make it difficult to hack a password is amazing. Iā€™m going to start to use this method from now on.

  7. Watching this video made me go to all my accounts and change them. Very useful, thanks Nixie Pixel!

  8. This video is very eye opening. With so many companies asking for our information, and so many passwords its just exhausting. Why does every company have website that can’t be access (without) a password. Why can’t we get sale items unless we are logged into their website. And yes, it is very easy to get hacked from these companies when they just don’t have secure features. They don’t tell you that their websites are not secure, it is only revealed when your debit or credit card is used to be the most expensive or the most hideous items. And who can really keep up with all those passwords and user Id’s. this video has a real point

  9. It’s amazing to think how much computer software can do in a minimal amount of time, but it can take thousands of years to to hack a two to four word pass phrase. I wonder how much longer we’ll be able to out smart computers?

  10. Makes one wonder why websites fool you in to thinking your password is strong. It reminds me of the tv show X-files with how the government cons people in to thinking they are secure when they are actually not. No wonder we have a hacking epidemic.

  11. I do agree that we need to make easy passwords to remember but hard to crack. when i started surfing the web or using sites that required me to create an account, i would just make up a ridiculous sounding password that was easy to remember that most people wouldn’t even think of.

  12. I agree with Nixie Pixel on the idea that we should make the passwords easy to remember for ourselves but hard to crack. However, I also recall a computer hacking method “dictionary attack” which hackers use to hack into a password protected computer by trying every word in a dictionary as a password. Even if her suggestion works, any computer is as secure as the weakest link. That is, if one person does choose with a easy to remember and hard to guess password, but he or she later writes the password on a post-it note and stick it to the side of the computer screen, it will just be a matter of time before someone finds out the password without any hacking.

  13. Hacking has been dominating the news recently. And with so many websites having restrictions on passwords, I’ve found myself being forced to create numerous passwords. How do I remember all of these? Do I write them down? What if someone finds them? They would have basically hit the jackpot and had access to numerous accounts. This video was helpful by giving such a simple solution that works with almost any website.

  14. Her video is very insightful, but with today’s companies even if we try to do these three random words they still require certain keys. For certain websites even if you try to follow your advice you still have to add a number and capitalization in order for that website to let you make one. Good advice but it does not work for all websites.

  15. I think I will go change a couple of passwords now……

  16. This video was definitely helpful for creating passwords because I had no idea some hackers would even want our passwords to our email and other social websites. It was really great how she explained step by step on how to create a password.

  17. This video was really informational on passwords. I would have never guessed to choose three random words for my passwords. If you really think about it, trying to crack someones password is a lot harder if it is three random words instead of one meaningful word that someone can easily find out. I have to go change as all my passwords now because, this is a smart strategy.

  18. When it comes to choosing passwords I am very terrible at choosing them! However, after watching this informative video I am now confident that I will never struggle to choose a password for the rest of my life. Thank you very much!

  19. I agree that passwords are hard to remember, and websites do make us have a narrow choice in choosing a password, such as using a certain amount of capital letters, numbers, etc. I’m defiantly going to take her advice and start using random words for passwords!! šŸ˜€

  20. ahhh this was very insightful
    thankyou šŸ™‚

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